Sunday, 17 February 2019
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Crackdown 3 Review | Easy Allies

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Brandon Jones: "Crackdown 3 is partying like it's 2010, ignoring almost every advancement the open-world genre has made in the past decade. The attempts at humor and provocation are forgettable, and if it wasn't for Echo and Goodwin in your ear, there would be almost no real meaning to any of it. Crackdown 3 excels at almost nothing, especially in comparison to several of its recent groundbreaking competitors. No matter how strong your agent can get or how much demolition you can cause, there are simply better cities to save."


Novel electrocatalyst outperforms platinum in alkaline hydrogen production

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A novel ruthenium-based catalyst has shown markedly better performance than commercial platinum catalysts in alkaline water electrolysis for hydrogen production. The catalyst is a nanostructured composite material composed of carbon nanowires with ruthenium atoms bonded to nitrogen and carbon to form active sites within the carbon matrix.

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Loft Library / Arboreal Architecture

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Loft is an ingenious conversion of a trussed rafter roof through the insertion of plywood arches to form integrated structure and shelving for a large collection of books.

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Orangutans make complex economic decisions about tool use

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Flexible tool use is closely associated to higher mental processes such as the ability to plan actions. Now a group of cognitive biologists and comparative psychologists found out that the apes carefully weighed their options. To do so the apes considered the details such as differences in quality between the two food rewards and the functionality of the available tools in order to obtain a high quality food reward.

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Are These the Food Rules That Will Save Us All?

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An argument for eating meat once a week.

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Nestle's overhaul starts to pay off as growth accelerates

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Nestle put its Herta processed meats business on the block on Thursday, accelerating the food group's revamp as it reported an uptick in sales momentum for the first time in seven years.

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AI created images of food just by reading the recipes

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AI can read a recipe and guess what the food will look like. Some of the results look like food you might cook at home, others look like inedible mush

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Our neighbouring galaxy is dying as it leaks gas at an alarming rate

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The Small Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy orbiting our own, is leaking a huge amount of gas. In a billion years it may not be able to form new stars anymore

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5 Startup Branding Trends to Watch for in 2019

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Illustrations, minimalism and millennials are among the trends you should be paying attention to for your branding strategy.

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My Dad’s Tip for Anyone Carrying Cash

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These days I rarely carry cash on me because I almost always pay with a credit card or Apple Pay. However, I know a lot...

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