Monday, 31 August 2015  
Nothing Terrifies the Elite More than Donald Trump's Embrace of American Nationalism

Donald Trump seeks to speak for Americans--for their interests. He does not apologize for having interests as an American. He does not apologize for demanding that the American government vigorously prosecute those interests. His slogan is “Make America Great Again,” and he is not ashamed that this means making America better than other places, perhaps even at their expense...

ISIS Fighters Hoist Iraqi Prisoners Over Flames and Burn Them Alive in Barbaric New Video

The Islamic State terrorist organization has released a heinous execution video purporting to show another one of the group's sick new execution methods in which four Iraqi prisoners were burned to death by being suspended by their hands and feet over roaring flames.


Deaf Bible Society Takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Deaf Communities Manipulated by ISIS

The Deaf Bible Society has started a movement to bring the story of Jesus in sign language to the deaf community in the Middle East for the first time ever as a way to combat the Islamic State terrorist organization's efforts of recruiting the overlooked deaf populations with promises of a "false hope."


ISIS Beheads 91 People, Including 39 of Its Own Fighters, for Sorcery and Sodomy in 1 Month
ISIS news: Forces continue clash with rival militants in Damascus; terror group bombs another Palmyra temple
11-year-old Palestinian boy head-locked by Israeli soldier, images go viral
Chinese lawyer advocating for Christians amid cross takedowns arrested
ISIS news: Dozens detained in Iraqi town for street protest against terror group
Satellite images confirms ISIS destroyed Syrian temple of Baal Shamin
Thai police arrest Bangkok bombing suspect
Dozens killed in crash on their way to festival where Swaziland king chooses wives
Nazi gold train could contain ornate £250m 'Amber Room' given by Tsar Peter the Great to the King of Prussia - and missing since it was looted during WWII 
Christian Mother Asia Bibi on Death Row for Blasphemy Must Be Allowed to See Her Family in Jail, Court Says
Police say 71 migrants died of suffocation in food truck; 3 suspects detained
Pope Francis sends letter praising gay children's book
Space debris around Earth is a major hazard.
Migrant death toll in truck in Austria rises to 71
Austrian Horror Discovery: 71 Migrants, Including Four Children, Found Dead in Abandoned Truck
Nazi gold train is FOUND: Deathbed confession leads treasure hunters to secret location as Polish officials claim they have seen proof on radar
'We will cut you like shawarma': Gruesome video shows 'Angel of Death' Iraqi fighter carving flesh off the charred body of an 'ISIS fighter he burned to death'
Indian sisters sentenced to be raped then paraded naked through streets because brother eloped with married woman
Pope Francis Asked to Clarify 'Widespread Confusion' on Catholic Stance on Gay Marriage
Iraqi Officials to Document Abuse of Persecuted Christians Amid Rise of ISIS
Maps show how a Tsunami in the Mediterranean would endanger 130 million lives
Persecuted Christians Walk 10 Hours in Dark of Night to Escape ISIS, Praise God for Still Being Alive
Christian Man Killed by Muslim In-Laws After Wife Gives Her Life to Jesus
Alison Parker used inoffensive phrases that angered gunman Vester Lee Flanagan
Retired Bishop Says Pope John Paul II 'Couldn't Deal' With Child Sex Abuse Scandal, Criticizes Pope Francis' Leadership
Google Street View car is pelted with tomatoes at Spain's La Tomatina festival
North Korea's fleet of submarines which vanished from radar is still a mystery
Christians Arrested for Defending Church Crosses From Forceful Removal by Chinese Communist Authorities
Coptic Christian Imprisoned for Handing Out Bibles Inside a Mall in Egypt
How did they not see that coming? Google Street View car is pelted with tomatoes and trashed by thousands of half-naked revellers while trying to drive through Spain's Tomatina festival
Milwaukee mayor wants to outfit all patrol officers with body cameras

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Milwaukee may soon become one of the largest cities in the United States to outfit all of its patrol officers with body cameras under a proposal by Mayor Tom Barrett.


Obama to test wilderness skills on Bear Grylls TV show

NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will test his wilderness survival skills with an appearance on the television show "Running Wild" in an Alaska adventure that will air later this year, the network NBC said on Monday.


Investigators probe baseball fan's death from fall at Atlanta game
'Deflategate' judge to rule soon after Brady, NFL talks fail
U.S. judge to decide Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension within days
Ten years later, 'unbowed' New Orleans reflects on Hurricane Katrina disaster
Man faces capital murder charge in killing of Houston deputy
NFL's Brady back in court to fight 'Deflategate' suspension
Washington mayor backs police chief after union's no-confidence vote
Suspect in Houston deputy shooting to appear in court
Hurricane Fred forms, flooding in South Carolina from Erika's remnants
Fred becomes second hurricane of 2015 Atlantic season
Arizona mother accused of drowning twin sons in bathtub
Texas secessionists launch petition drive for vote to break away
Texas teen dies of rare brain-eating amoeba infection
Five more California inmates diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease
Obama changing name of Alaska's Mount McKinley to Denali
University of Texas moves statue of Confederate president Jefferson Davis
Obama to rename North America's highest peak as Denali on Alaska trip
Man falls 40 feet to death at Atlanta baseball stadium
Suspect in Houston officer shooting to appear in court Monday
Hurricane Ignacio strengthens but forecast to just miss Hawaii
Two dead, massive outages after windstorm slams Washington state
Sharper forecasts may help avert repeat of Katrina disaster
Houston police officer killed because of uniform: county sheriff
Baseball fan dies after fall in Atlanta stadium
Man arrested in killing of Houston deputy, faces capital murder charge
Suspect arrested in shooting death of Houston deputy
Suspect charged, arrested in shooting death of Houston deputy
Black Lives Matter marches on Minnesota State Fair
Construction accident closes down major San Francisco freeway
Ten years after Katrina, resilient New Orleans honors its victims
Hurricane Ignacio gains strength but expected to bypass Hawaii
Like New Orleans, second-line parades struggle but survive
Erika no longer a tropical storm, loses steam over Cuba
Police kill bystander when New York undercover gun buy goes bad
Suspect in custody in ambush of Houston sheriff's deputy
The Hill: Trump Leads GOP Rankings

Donald Trump has skyrocketed to the top of The Hill's rankings of 2016 GOP candidates, leaving former front-runner Jeb Bush in the dust.


Newt Gingrich: Trump is Electable; Won't Hurt GOP
Madeleine Albright: Iran Deal a 'Good Plan That Needs to Be Backed'
Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Trump's Campaign All About Tone, Not Substance
Quinnipiac: Most Americans Unhappy With How Things Are Going in the U.S.
31 Senators Back Iran Deal, 3 Short to Sustain Veto
Bruni: Kasich Strongest GOP Candidate
Pete King: I Oppose Cruz and Rand for Nomination
Jindal on CBS: 'Immigration Without Assimilation Is Invasion'
Christie on Hillary: 'She's a Disgrace'
Larry Kudlow: I'll Run Against Sen. Blumenthal If He Votes for Iran Deal
Ben Carson Edging Closer to Trump in Iowa Poll
Chris Christie: Track Illegals Like FedEx Packages
Iowa Poll: Bernie Sanders Just 7 Points Behind Hillary
Trump Wins Tea Party Group's 'Nashville Straw Poll'
3 Fundraisers Quit Bush Campaign
Biden Backers Seek Gay Support, Money for 2016 Bid
Biden Beloved by Top Democrats; His Candidacy, Not So Much
Rep. Black: Hillary 'Terrorists' Comment About GOP Is 'Despicable'
Trump Slams Bush, CNN, Others Before Event Near Boston
Rep. Black: Hillary Comparing GOP Candidates to 'Terrorists' is 'Despicable'
Lindsey Graham: If Hillary 'Can't Demonize Us, She Won't Win'
Ted Cruz to Newsmax: Conservative Values Resonate With Hispanics
Dick Morris: Trump Will Be GOP Nominee or 'Litmus Test' for Pick
WaPo: A Glimpse Into Huma Abedin's Life in the Clinton Bubble
Rand Paul: I'd Like to Keep Operating On Eyes If Elected
Walker and Rubio Bash China in Dueling Speeches
Fiorina: CNN 'Putting Thumb on Scale' of GOP's Next Debate
30 Senators Now Support Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama Needs 4 More
Donald Trump Allies Raising Money From Anonymous Donors
Rubio: Dems' Push for Gun Control Attempt to 'Erase 2nd Amendment'
Hulk Hogan: ‘I’m Not a Racist, but I Never Should Have Said What I Said’

Hulk Hogan sat down with ABC's Amy Robach for his first television interview since being fired by the WWE.


SNL Adds New Castmember for Season 41
Ben Carson Catches Up to Tie Trump in New Iowa Poll
#BlackLivesMatter Rejects DNC Resolution of Support
Blue Whale Sighting Causes BBC Presenter to Cut Interview, Go Nuts
Dick Cheney on Potential Biden Presidential Run: ‘Go For It, Joe’
Morning Joe Endorses Kanye 2020, Denounces ‘Repulsive’ Miley Cyrus
John Oliver Wants to Sell You a Book of Famous Lies About History
Hasselbeck: Why Hasn’t #BlackLivesMatter Been Classified as a Hate Group?
President Obama Will Go Running Wild with Bear Grylls in Alaska
CNN Guest Claims ‘Jesus Was an Undocumented Immigrant’ (No, He Really Wasn’t)
Iran and Israel Unite in Despising This Star Musician
New Iowa Poll Finds Bernie Sanders Within Striking Distance of Hillary Clinton
Scarborough: With Sanders Surging in New Poll, Dem Race is Finally Competitive
WSJ Tweets Horrible ‘Chink in the Armor’ Joke About Chinese President
WATCH: Miley Cyrus Let Her Left Nipple Slip During the MTV VMAs
WATCH: Actual Footage On Which HBO Series Show Me a Hero Is Based
Kanye Announces 2020 Presidential Run in Sprawling VMA Speech
#BlackLivesMatter’s DeRay McKesson Blasts Rebel Wilson for Police Violence ‘Mockery’ at VMA’s
WATCH: Nicki Minaj Calls Miley Cyrus ‘Bitch’ in Her MTV VMA Acceptance Speech
No More ‘Bad Blood': Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj Make Up on MTV VMA Stage
WATCH LIVE: Miley Cyrus Hosts 2015 MTV Video Music Awards
AP Under Fire for Tweet that Called Amal Clooney ‘Actor’s Wife’
Chrissie Hynde: Women ‘Entice’ Rapists with Provocative Clothing
Fox’s Juan Williams: Ramos No More Opinionated than O’Reilly, Hannity
WATCH LIVE: 2015 MTV VMA’s Red Carpet and Pre-Show
Scott Walker Calls Border Fence with Canada a ‘Legitimate Issue’
School's In and Lunches Are Just As Bad... See What School Lunches Look Like Around the World (we suck)
Illegal Alien Child Molester Caught... for the Fourth Time
DUMB: South Dakota Drops Study of Early U.S. History as a High School Requirement
Quinnipiac: 71% of Americans Unhappy With How Things Are Going in the U.S. (and no one trusts the government)
Annual $36,500 tax per worker for noncompliance with Obamacare
Israeli Company That Turns Breast Tumors Into Ice Balls Setting Its Sights On Lung Cancer
Report: GOP Elites Plan to Take Down Trump With Deluge of Anti-Trump Ads After Labor Day (they're playing checkers while he plays chess...)
Court Smacks Down Obama’s DOJ
Christian Film 'War Room' Makes $11 Million Debut
Madeline Albright: Illegal Immigrants Are A ‘Burden’ [VIDEO]
Study: Chicago Criminals Avoid Gun Shows, Internet Sales, Buy Guns On Street [duh...]
South Carolina: Son Shoots Man Trying to Rob His Mother
New York’s Craziest Custody Case: Four Parents, One Child
Donald Trump Success Story | Documentary | Biography of Famous People ( 59m video )
If You like Donald Trump This Story Will Make You Smile... If You Don't It Might Make You Rend Your Garments
Who in the World Would Want to Bring GITMO to Kansas and South Carolina?
There is an ACTUAL FIRE Near a Radioactive Dump... the EPA is 'thinking about it'
School Bans Little Girl's Lunchbox Because it's VIOLENT... It's Wonder Woman
Illegal Immigrant Violently Carjacks Woman Minutes After Jail Release
Social media erupts as Jorge Ramos calls Kate’s Law ‘unfair’ to illegals
White Students at Washington State Expected to “Defer” to Non-White Students ...
‘Racist’ Long Island Athletic Director Fired for Enforcing Eligibility Rules: Lawsuit
Muslim History Is Rife With ISIS-Style Executions
SWAT Team Raids Home, Kills Man Over $2 Worth of Pot – Informant Exposes Police Cover-Up
Over One Thousand Gather Where Deputy was Executed
Mysterious Russian Statue Is 11,000 Years Old - Twice As Old As The Pyramids
Keep Your Dogs out of Warm Lakes: Pythiosis Risk
Donald Trump Calls In To The Howard Stern Show - August 25, 2015
Thought Police: WA Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’
Black Lives Matter Boos D.C. Mayor for Saying She'll Put More Police on Street
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Started This War on Police – It’s Open Season Right Now
In 2008, Fewer Than 30 Million Used Food Stamps. Now 46 Million Do
Jindal on CBS: 'Immigration Without Assimilation Is Invasion'
Sanders: Too Often, Unarmed Black People Dragged from Cars and Shot (what the hell is he talking about?)
Less than 20 of the 177 Waco bikers arrested after shootout still face charges
Trump Bashes $4 Billion In IRS Refunds To Illegals
First-Time Voter, 92, Gets to Meet Her Savior: Donald Trump
Woman, 80, Trampled to Death in Venezuelan Supermarket Stampede
After SC Shooting, There Were Flag Bans. Now an Awkward Question About VA is Burning Up the Internet...
Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton Languish in Donald Trump’s Shadow
Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps
Arabic is the Most Common Language Among U.S. Refugees
UK: Brainwashed Muslim Children, Age Five, Think Christmas is Banned
The Supervolcano Under Yellowstone is Alive and Kicking
TEXAS DEPUTY Executed 2 Weeks After New Black Panthers Promised to “Off the Pigs” at Local Rally
Requesting Loved Ones Not Vote For Hillary in Obituaries Is Becoming A Thing
200 US Generals, Admirals and others Just Stepped Up to Obama
Trump: I’m winning because Americans are 'tired of being the patsies'
Calgary: Christian bus driver says he’ll quit if he has to drive Pride-themed rainbow bus
Dems are Down to FOUR Debates: O’Malley Says Debates Are ‘Rigged’ For Hillary, Gets Hit With DEATH STARE From DNC Chair
Trump Calls Out CNN Reporter at Presser for Bias
Ambassador Says Pope Francis Will Urge U.S. to ‘Open Doors’ for Immigrants (maybe he means open 'hearts', because the 'doors' are already open like a 24hr Walmart)
U.S. Taxpayers Bear Weight Of Anchor Babies
Texas Deputy Executed Days After Black Radical Group Calls for Killing Cops
Man Suspected of Killing Texas County Sheriff’s Deputy Reportedly Arrested
Here's what it looks like to get slapped by a baby grizzly bear
India Town Council Orders Two Girls Raped As Punishment For Brother's Elopement
VIDEO: Donald Trump Gives Wildly Entertaining Speech In Nashville, TN
Sheriff's deputy fatally shot in Houston while pumping gas
MEXICO SUING TEXAS: Birthright Citizenship Rights Head to Court
Kurdish Forces Free Seven Iraqi Villages From ISIS
GOP LEADERSHIP’S INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUMMER TOWNHALLS: Ignore Voters on Illegal Immigration and Trade
Never Forget that Democrat Super Delegtes 'Do Want They Want'
Virginia State Police officer ordered BBC reporter to delete video of Vester Flanagan crash scene
FULL Speech : Donald Trump Fires Up The Crowd At 'Ernie's Summer Bash' (8-28-15)
O’Malley blasts Democratic leaders for ‘rigged’ 2016 debate process
MICHIGAN: Alert about a possible freeway sniper on I-94, I-69 near Battle Creek
Illinois Not Paying Out Big Lottery Jackpots Amid Budget Standoff
Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops
Innocuous phrases Alison Parker used every day to describe her job may have led to her death, simply because Vester Lee Flanagan thought they were racist
Another ObamaCare Co-Op Bites The Dust, As Taxpayer Costs Mount
Yes, Those Shocking ObamaCare Rate Hikes Are For Real
Hillary: Planned Parenthood Defunders are Like ISIS (Video)
‘Dream ticket’ Trump, Cruz to announce ‘something very big over the next two weeks in Washington’
2 Dead, 1 Critically Injured, 4 Officers Hospitalized in Mysterious Suburban Hazmat Incident
Incredible: White, Disabled Man Denied Housing Because he’s ‘Not a Muslim’ [Canada]
Obama: Regulators will never approve those massive health premium increases; Regulators: APPROVED
Texas Supreme Court Smacks Down Lawless Lesbian Mayor… Again
Wyoming man files suit over massive EPA fines for building pond
Fed Judge Blocks EPA Water Rule; EPA Says They Will Defy Injunction [who do they think they are?]
Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack
US Concealed Carry

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