Thursday, 26 November 2015  
A Patriot's Thanksgiving

Sterling, VA -- At the Trump National Golf Club Donald Trump installed a monument to America's battles for freedom fought on the Potomac River. Some take exception to the exact placement of this monument. We don't. We see a patriot giving thanks to those that fought our freedoms. Thank you Mr. Trump. Happy Thanksgiving.

Pope Francis: Churches Should Keep Doors Open Despite Terror Threat; 'No Inhospitable Church'

Pope Francis has asked Catholic churches around the world to keep their doors open despite terror threats following the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, saying terror groups must not be allowed to influence "every aspect of our lives," and especially the hospitality of the church.


Syrian Church Leader: Christians Have No Support, West Has Betrayed Us

A Syrian Catholic Church leader recently condemned both U.S. foreign policy and Western media for ignoring Christian persecution and worsening the conflict in Iraq and Syria.


US Admits 'Tragic Mistake' in Bombing Afghan Hospital, Killing Patients
Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Rematch Rumors Surface after Win over Miguel Cotto
Russia Open to International Anti-IS Coalition Even with Turkey
11-year-old: "I bought scissors and looked for Jews to stab"
Switzerland overwhelmingly votes for burqa ban with £6,500 fine
Russian pilot vows 'pay back' for lost co-pilot after Turkey shot him down
Eagles of Death Metal pay tribute to Bataclan theatre victim Nick Alexander
ISIS Fighters From 'Christian Families' Are 'The Fiercest We Find,' Terror Expert Tells UN
Canadians Protest Toronto's Ban on Christian Music
Pope declares he is ‘more worried about mosquitoes’ than terrorists as he arrives for his first ever visit to Africa amid fears of Islamist attack 
Swedish village where locals and refugees throw stones and set fire to cars
Jean-Claude Juncker warns the migrant crisis could destroy the euro if Schengen zone fails
Molenbeek mayor was given a list of jihadists a month before Paris attacks
French PM Manuel Valls says Europe can’t take any more migrants
German migrant centre security guard fired over video of him spewing Nazi slogans
Russia accuses Turkey of 'provocation' and supporting ISIS over shot down jet
ISIS website is hacked and replaced with an advert for Viagra
Russian pilot killed when Turkey shot down jet over Syria pictured
Eagles Of Death Metal drummer will FINISH the Bataclan gig in Paris after ISIS shooting
'Blind' Italian pensioners claiming benefits in Sardinia are filmed running marathons
Nairobi photographs reveal the hardships of life in Kenya's capital
Pope Francis on African Mission to Bridge Christian-Muslim Hostilities
3 Churches Destroyed in 1 Month Amid Rampant Christian Persecution in Sudan
Russia launches air strikes in Syria's Latakia province after Turkey downed jet
Protests in Chicago as video shows Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald
Miss Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant contestants compete in Israel
Amazon ads for Nazi-themed TV show pulled from N.Y. subway

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Advertisements for a new Inc show featuring Nazi-inspired imagery have been pulled from a busy New York City subway line after Governor Andrew Cuomo intervened, a transit spokesman said late on Tuesday.


New York's Thanksgiving parade draws huge crowd amid tight security

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Spectators packed Manhattan sidewalks on Thursday to watch the marching bands, floats and giant balloons of Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, held under tight security two weeks after deadly attacks in Paris.


Hurricane Sandra strengthens to Category 4 as it nears Mexico
New York's Thanksgiving parade expected to draw huge crowd despite security jitters
Obama on Thanksgiving urges generosity to Syrian refugees
Mother who left baby in New York City church manger will not face charges
Ex-Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards hospitalized with pneumonia
Chicago cop's defense in murder case depends on his fears, extent of threat
Some entrances, exits to New York bus terminal briefly closed due to 'police activities'
Washington state student slams campus response to racist messages
Obama says U.S. is safe as millions set off on Thanksgiving travel
Jury convicts Connecticut man accused of running Ponzi scheme as teen
Man pleads guilty to stealing human brains from Indiana medical museum
U.S. military fighter jet crashes in New Mexico, pilot safe
Chicago calm a day after release of video of police shooting teenager
Former boxing champ shot to death during robbery in Atlanta
Gun that killed California muralist was stolen from U.S. agent: report
Ohio woman fined for damaging county office with glitter, 'silly string'
Sumner Redstone's lawyer denies claims challenging his competence
Bankrupt grocer Haggen receives court approval to sell 47 stores
Oregon patrolman reassigned after calling black activists 'fools'
Florida 'Facebook killer' found guilty of second-degree murder
Georgia sheriff declares his community 'politically incorrect'
GM, law firm can keep ignition switch documents secret: U.S. judge
Puerto Rico Governor loses support of mayors as debt crisis bites
Remains of Texas girl missing since 1990 may have been found
Three men held in connection with shooting of Minnesota demonstrators
Homeless man arrested in California encampment had machine guns: police
Politico: McConnell, GOP Pushing Campaign Funding Rider

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans are pushing for a provision in an upcoming government funding bill that would expand how much cash political parties will be able to spend on candidates, according to several sources.


Obama Signs $607 Billion Defense Bill into Law
Quinnipiac Poll Keeps Clinton on Top
Hillary: Trump Dealing in 'Prejudice and Paranoia'
Trump Lawyer Warns GOP About Super PAC Attack Ads
Kasich's Trump-Bashing Blitz is Far From Over
Gallup: Rubio, Cruz Battle Carson for Best-Liked GOP Candidate
Trump Posts Video of Clinton Laughing Over Flaming Images of Benghazi
Quinnipiac Poll: Cruz, Trump in Virtual Tie In Iowa
Rush Limbaugh: Ben Carson's Not 'Equipped' to Be President
Clinton: Pfizer-Allergan Deal Leaves Taxpayers 'Holding the Bag'
Poll: Trump and Clinton Most Likely to Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner
Peter King: Obama Showing 'Worst Example of Leadership' on ISIS
RNC Breaks Record, Raising $8.7M in October
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Foreign Policy 'Inept, Incompetent, Nonexistent'
Cruz Surpasses Carson in Iowa
Clinton Proposes $6,000 Tax Break for Caregivers
Trump up 10 Points but Rubio Best to Beat Hillary: Fox News Poll
Trump Ahead 10 Points in WaPost/ABC Poll
Democrat Edwards Wins Louisiana Governor's Race
Iowa Conservatives Abandoning Carson for Cruz
NBC Poll: Trump Still Leads, Cruz and Carson Tied for Second
Palin: Trump Becoming President Now 'Very Real Possibility'
Democrats Push to Prevent Gun Sales to Terror-list Suspects
Club for Growth Slams Trump for 'Pandering' to Voters
Trump Backs Off Muslim Registry Comments
CNN Announces GOP Debate Criteria, Using Iowa, New Hampshire Polls
Seth Meyers Reveals the Secret ’Alternative’ Thanksgiving Day Parade

Everyone knows about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but did you know there's a secret "alternative" parade? Nope, neither did I, but last night Seth Meyers revealed to us all just what this parade entails.


Obama Connects Pilgrims to Syrian Refugees in Thanksgiving Address
Turkey Releases Audio of Warnings to Russian Plane
How to Watch the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Live
‘It Just Didn’t Stop': Eagles of Death Metal Recall Horrific Details of Bataclan Attack
Rand Paul’s Campaign Accuses CNN of Coordinated Hit to Aid Hillary
New York Times Slams Trump’s ‘Outrageous’ Mocking of Reporter With Congenital Condition
Rand Paul’s Campaign Accuses CNN of Coordinated Hit on Him to Aid Hillary
WATCH LIVE: Protests Continue in Chicago for Laquan McDonald
Obama Thanks His Hometown for Keeping the Laquan McDonald Protests Peaceful
Pentagon: ‘Avoidable’ Human Error Led to Doctors Without Borders Bombing
Apparently Our Immigration Service Only Accepts the Wrong Answer to ‘Who Is Speaker of the House?’
Hillary Calls for Justice for Laquan McDonald’s Death: ‘We Cannot Go On Like This’
Brian Kilmeade Asking Harris Faulkner About Kool-Aid Could Be Racist (But Isn’t)
We’re Hiring a New Copy Editor!
GA Sheriff Warns Visitors to His County: ‘We Say Merry Christmas,’ If You Don’t Like It: ‘LEAVE!’
NYC Postal Worker Charged With Hate Crime For Threatening, Spitting on Muslim Women
Armed Texas Mosque Protestor Posts Names, Addresses of Muslims on Facebook
‘That’ll Show ‘Em!’: Jeb Mocks Obama’s ‘Naive’ Climate Conference-ISIS Connection
President Obama Broke Out His Best Dad Jokes at Turkey Pardon
Officer Reassigned After Complaining About Having to ‘Babysit’ Black Lives Matter ‘Fools’
GOP Strategist: Trump Like a ‘Hangover and Then Herpes’ For Republican Party
Rudy Giuliani: I Heard (But Didn’t See) Reports of 9/11 Cheers In New Jersey
Washington Post Clumsily Gives Trump Easy Out on 9/11 Celebrations After Fact-Checker Gets Fact-Checked
President Urges Thanksgiving Normalcy: Security Works ‘Every Hour of Every Day’ to Keep You Safe
‘Phuc Dat': Of Course Viral Story About Facebook Profile Was a Hoax
CNN Analyst Compares Laquan McDonald Shooting to Fallujah
10 Things Americans Are Worried About More Than Global Warming
680,000 Green Cards for Muslim Immigrants Already...More to Come
Global Refugees Entering the US via Latin America Increasing
Ford Fires 3 Muslims Who Celebrated 9/11, Gets Sued, and Wins
Will Smith: "Everybody Is Prejudiced," But "Racism Is Actually Rare"
FULL EVENT: Donald Trump FIRES UP Myrtle Beach, SC (11-24-15)
Canada: Refugee Families, Women, Children Welcome: NO SINGLE MEN
Algae engineered to kill cancer cells, leave healthy cells unharmed
Explosives Found in DHL Packages Bound for U.S. at Cairo Airport
National Polling Results: Trump 37, Carson 15, Rubio 14, Cruz 12
Never Mind that Thanksgiving Gun Conversation, There Is No ‘Loophole’ That Allows Terrorists To Legally Buy Guns
Thousands of Cubans stuck after Nicaragua declines to open border
See something, say something... and get sued for $15M
48% of Americans Favor Closing Borders, Halting ALL Immigration
Everything is Fine until the Bombs Go Off
Staten Island Mall restores tree lighting after trying to cancel Christmas events, spurring protest
MSNBC's Islamophobia Poster Boy Arrested in Turkey for Being ISIS
Parties Reported in Jersey City When the World Trade Center Fell
COLD SUN RISING: New Model Flips Climate Change Upside Down
Bella dumps 16 inches of snow - heaviest recorded Nov snowstorm in 100 years
Trump: I Saw Arabs In NJ Cheering During 9/11 With My Own Eyes
MAP: Radical Mosques in the USA
Trump Clairifies His Position on Muslim Surveillance
2014 AEI Poll: 13% of Syrian refugees are ISIS sympathizers
Muslim Refugee Rapes 10 Year-Old Girl In Minneapolis, but this isn't about that -- this is about how the press covered up his status when reporting the crime
72 Cases of Terrorist Activity in the US by Muslim Immigrants IGNORED
Guy Who Threatened To Shoot Every Black Kid On Campus… Is Black
'Nearly impossible' to indentify jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn
Diamond & Silk: Legal American Residents Already Tracked on Databases
ISIS Threat Atlanta: WWE Sunday
Salem, Virginia VA Bans "Merry Christmas"
OFFENSIVE: Hillary's Fake Southern Accent is Back
Full Interview: Donald, Melania, and all the Kids on 20/20 with Barbara Walters
Step by Step: How the Media Smeared Donald Trump as a Nazi
Minnesota: Somali Men Try To Kidnap Woman Outside Of Store
VA Bans Christmas Trees as Holiday Decorations in Public Areas
Terminally ill Virginia schoolboy, 8, finds true love with 7-year-old classmate
Trump: Hillary is a criminal 'walking on eggs' trying not to offend Obama on terror
Utah School Under Fire for Having Students Create Pro ISIS Posters
The Obama Administration has a Big Syrian Refugee Problem
VA: 17-yr Old Girl Petending to be White Arrested for Terror Threat Against School
At least 27 dead after Islamists seize luxury hotel in Mali's capital
America Is Charlie Sheen: 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year
California Middle School Makes Kids Sing About Spreading Islam
FBI Director: It's Impossible To Vet Every Single Syrian Refugee
US Pilots: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes
Trump Rises Higher After Paris Attack, Drive-Bys and Beltway Establishment Stunned
Woman Calls on Worcester Gangsters to Kill Donald Trump
Of Course Senate Democrats Block Cruz Refugee Bills
Ted Cruz Like You’ve Never Seen. Throws Gauntlet on Obama and Refugees
Trump Runs Radio Ads Criticizing Obama on Paris Attacks
House Vote to Halt Syrian Refugees Passes with Veto-proof Margin
MASS: Trump Rally Protester is Convicted Bomber of Marine Facility
Syrian Ambassador: Over 20% Of Refugees May Have Links To ISIS
TERROR ON THE CHEAP: Paris Attack Likely Cost Less Than 10K
Trump’s Trojan Horse Prediction Comes True: Syrian 'Refugees' Blow-Up Paris
Attkisson: Obama Won’t Read Intelligence on Groups He Doesn’t Consider Terrorists
FULL VIDEO: Donald Trump YUUUUGE Rally in Worcester, MA 11-18-15
THIN SKIN: Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians
The US Has Granted Citizenship To 15 Terrorists We Know Of
Trump: US Has 'Absolutely no choice' But to Close Mosques
Putin: To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me
Honduras: 5 Syrians Headed to US Arrested with Fake Greek Passports
Only 30 of 224,000 Parisian Muslims Protest Bloody ISIS Attacks
Refugee Religious Test: Federal Law Requires It
VIDEO: What's not shown on US TV about the Muslim Refugees
Donald Trump's Policy Book: Crippled America

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