Wednesday, 27 July 2016  
White House Opens Border to Central American Refugees

Tuesday the Obama administration invited thousands more Central Americans to apply for refugee status, creating a new path for children, their parents, adult siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents or others “related” to the kids. Officials expect a “significant” surge...

ISIS Suicide Bomber Injures 12 in Germany 1 Day After Machete Attacker Kills Pregnant Woman

A 27-year-old Syrian man denied asylum in Germany a year ago blew himself up on Sunday outside a crowded music festival, injuring 12 people in the country's fourth violent attack on members of the public in less than a week.


Christian Law School Can't Be Denied Accreditation Over Opposition to Homosexuality, Nova Scotia Court Rules

A Christian university in Canada that requires its staff and students to abstain from sex outside of marriage and homosexual behavior cannot be banned from having its law school accredited, a Canadian court ruled on Tuesday.


US Navy sued over live-fire training plan in Pacific
Powerball Jackpot-Top 10 largest US Jackpots
Flood, landslides kill 33 after heavy rains in Nepal
Is Vladimir Putin colluding to put Donald Trump in the White House?
Emotional scenes as Bernie Sanders calls for vote by acclamation to unify party
'She's a change maker': Bill Clinton praises Hillary
Coast Guard: 46 people rescued from sinking boat off Alaska
Higher bond sought for man accused of shooting officer
47 people arrested at Guns N' Roses concerts in New Jersey
Watch: When lightening struck iconic Empire State building in USA
US reaffirms cooperation with India in fight against terrorism
Hillary a change-maker who will never quit, says Bill Clinton
Thieves steal four-year-old boy’s prosthetic leg during youngster’s first-ever visit to the beach
Japan police search home of suspect in stabbing spree
Indonesia appoints World Bank's Sri Mulyani as finance minister
Statoil earnings slump, cuts capital expenditure guidance
Boeing Wins Malaysia Airlines Order for 25 B737 Max Aircraft
UN Needs Extra $115 Million to Return Somali Refugees From Kenya
KPN Earnings Beat Estimates as Consumer Division Adds Customers
Indian activist to end her nearly 16-year hunger strike
46 people rescued from sinking vessel off Alaska
Harvard University endowment chief Stephen Blyth resigns

BOSTON (Reuters) - Stephen Blyth, who had been appointed to oversee Harvard University's $37.6 billion endowment only 18 months ago, has resigned, the Ivy League school said on Wednesday.


Leak forces partial evacuation of Marathon Galveston Bay: sources

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Workers have been evacuated from a portion of Marathon Petroleum Corp's 459,000 barrel per day (bpd) Galveston Bay refinery in Texas City, Texas on Wednesday morning due to a butane release, sources familiar with plant operations said.


Florida man shoots his two children, self after argument
U.S. consumer agency aims to tighten rules on debt collection
Baltimore prosecutor drops police charges in Freddie Gray case
Florida judge dismisses officer's manslaughter charge in shooting death
Transgender student asks U.S. high court to keep out of bathroom case
Ex-Virginia Tech students indicted in death of 13-year-old girl
Powerball jackpot grows to $422 million, eighth largest ever
U.S. opens door to a change in blood donation policy for gay men
California grid asks power companies to restrict work during heat wave
Judge frees President Reagan's would-be killer Hinckley
Charges dropped against remaining Baltimore officers in Freddie Gray case: media
Judge frees Reagan attacker John Hinckley
All 46 crew rescued after fishing vessel sinks off Alaskan coast: Coast Guard
U.S. court rules Beijing meetings helped Las Vegas Sands in Macau
California firefighters battling wildfires face hot, windy weather
UAW chief says Clinton told him she would renegotiate NAFTA
Climate change risk threatens 18 U.S. military sites: study
Gulf waterway traffic restrictions lifted: U.S. Coast Guard
Arizona mother, two kids found dead in apparent murder-suicide
Dozens of protesters arrested outside Minnesota governor's mansion
Crews battling California wildfire face renewed blast of heat
Clinton's 'Condemnation' of Cops Could Cost Her Votes

The platform given to Black Lives Matter at this week's Democratic convention and Hillary Clinton's "repeated condemnation" of cops could cost her the support of the law enforcement community in November, the founder of Serve Protect said.


Senate Cafeteria Workers To Get $1 Million in Back Pay
Trump to Russia: 'I'd Love to See' Clinton's Missing Emails
NY Times: Assange Timed Email Leaks to Hurt Clinton Campaign
Eric Trump: Founding Fathers 'Rolling in Their Graves'
Gov. Terry McAuliffe Hints at Clinton Flip-Flop on TPP
Huge LA Times Poll: Trump Takes 7-Point Lead
Manafort: Trump Not Releasing Taxes, 'Nothing to Do With Russia'
Fiorina: Hillary Used Bill's 'Name, Fame, Charisma to Get Ahead'
Trump Supports $10 Minimum Wage
Biden: I Do Not Regret Staying Out of Presidential Race
Huckabee: 'Hard Leftist' Susan Sarandon Right About Hillary
Hacked Emails, Recordings Show DNC Officials Controlling Donor Access
Ann Coulter on Sanders Supporters: 'Did Hillary Have Them Gassed?'
Trump Torches Hillary in Early Morning Twitter Storm
Joe Biden: Sanders Supporters Are Angry, But Will Vote for Hillary
Priebus: Hillary Is 'Most Disliked' Dem Nominee Ever
Fox News Wins With GOP Coverage; NBC Is Most-Watched Overall
After VP Selection, Kaine Endorses Repeal of Hyde Amendment on Abortion
Sanders Loyalists Warn of Party Split After Clinton Victory
Bill Clinton Burnishes Hillary's Liberal Credentials in DNC Speech
David Axelrod: Widows of Dead Cops Should Have Been Invited to DNC Too
Donald Trump: Geneva Conventions Are ‘Out of Date’

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Donald Trump agreed with the statement that the Geneva Conventions outlawing war crimes were "out of date," and reiterated his support for "enhanced interrogation" of terror suspects.


CNN’s David Gregory: ‘I’ve Run Out of Words to Express My Shock’ Over Trump
WikiLeaks’ Assange in February: ‘War Hawk’ Clinton Should Not Become President
Aaron Rodgers Finally Speaks Out on Bachelorette Brother
Watch Bernie Sanders Fans Rail Against Hillary From Their Lonely DNC Free Speech Cage
Donald Trump Doesn’t Know Who the Dems’ VP Nominee Is
CNN Commentator: Trump Asking Russia to Release Hillary Emails ‘Almost Treasonous’
Chess Champ Kasparov Fingers Kremlin in Killing of Vocal Putin Critic
Trump Snaps at Female Journalist: ‘Be Quiet,’ ‘I Know You Want to Save’ Hillary
Trump Blasts Freddie Gray Prosecutor: ‘She Should Prosecute Herself’
Trump Invites Russia to Find Hillary’s Deleted Emails: ‘You’ll Be Rewarded’ by the Press
Planned Parenthood Gave Out Donald Trump Condoms as Party Favors at DNC
Scott Nell Hughes Says Hillary Is Tearing Down Men, Declares That There Is No Glass Ceiling
Sarah Silverman’s Twitter Is Hacked, Posts Anti-Hillary Message
Watch This Philadelphia Eagle Player Perform a Mind-Blowing Magic Trick on America’s Got Talent
Donald Trump Jr. Gets Lambasted For Calling Black Supporter ‘Articulate’
Where Are the #StumpForTrump Ladies? Well, They Got a New Gig!
How and Why the Conservative Media Sold Its Soul To Facilitate Trump’s Nomination
University Disinvites Journalist Who Published Danish Muhammad Cartoons
Exclusive Video: Rising Hip-Hop Star Lizzo Performs at Planned Parenthood’s Private DNC Bash
It’s Official: Trump ‘Will Not Be Releasing’ His Tax Returns
GMA Says It’s The Last Season of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes Tweets ‘I Never Said’ That!
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Segregates Reporters by Race, “White media get to the back!”
Julian Assange: 'A lot more material' coming on US elections
DNC builds TALLER wall overnight to keep out protesters (UPDATE - Second Wall Built !!)
DNC Blocked Challenge to Tim Kaine By Denying Paperwork to Bernie Supporters
No Matter Your Position You Gotta See This: It's Amazing in an OMG Kind Of Way
Sanders hedges when asked if he trusts Hillary
Two South Carolina Soldiers Killed Defending Woman at Bar, Suspect Charged
Terrorist Who Murdered Priest In Normandy Was Under House Arrest For Terrorism
Trump Team Woos Sanders Supporters at Dem Convention
Trump's Ban on Muslims 'common sense' says Barack Obama's Muslim Brother
Day One: No American Flags Visible at the DNC
Normandy: Jihadist Mosque Next Door to Beheaded Priest’s Church
Democrats Erect Wall Around DNC Convention Stage
Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one killed last week
Leaked Emails Show DNC Pushed Narrative Against NC's Bathroom Law
The Hill: Dems Stunned At Trump's RNC "Bounce"
ISIS Knifemen Behead 86-Yr-Old Catholic Priest During Service, Take Nuns, Worshippers Hostage
Furious Sanders Supporters, Angry Media, Blistering Chaos Marks First Day Of Democratic Convention
I am at the DNC in Philadelphia and I cannot find a single Hillary supporter
'We trusted you!?!': Elizabeth Warren repeatedly heckled, booed during DNC speech
Police hunt suspects after Texas sheriff's deputy shot, killed in his home
Trump's Convention Bounce Biggest This Century - Race for POTUS Now a Dead Heat
Bernie Sanders supporters chant 'HELL NO DNC, WE WON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY!' in Philadelphia
Trump's Favorability Skyrockets to 83% After GOP Convention
Oh My: California Sanders delegates pound on tables, chant ‘Bernie!' (VIDEO)
Wikileaks Reveals Sale of Presidential Appointments by the DNC
CBS Morning News cast laughs after Hillary Clinton claims she can't be bought
'60 Minutes' Doesn't Air Hillary Dodge About DNC Interference (Updated)
Clinton: Benghazi Security was ‘not my ball to carry’
Good Daddy: Donald Trump Jr Wears Pigtails for Young Daughter's Daddy Date Night
DNC Emails: The Biggest Scandal In A Generation
THISCLOSE: Washington Post and DNC's Relationship Exposed by Wikileaks DNC Email Dump
Bernie Sanders Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ in Philadelphia Protest Against Clinton
OHIO: Gunman or Gunmen open fire in packed nightclub, multiple victims, one dead
Explosion at German Bar -- One person is killed, at least a dozen injured
PHOTOS: Wall Around DNC Convention
Hillary's New Girl: Debbie Wasserman Shultz Fired and Hired on the Same Day
Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump (so far)
Protesters prepare to flood Philadelphia for convention
AP Poll: Americans Believe Gun Ownership Makes Us Safer
Obama: Honesty Is ‘Absolutely Necessary’ Trait for a President
Syrian ‘Refugee’ Machetes Pregnant Woman To Death, Injures Two More
Philadelphia police organization unhappy with Democrats’ choice of speakers
Tracking the Race for POTUS: Check Out the New USC/LA Times Daily 'Daybreak' Poll
Al Qaeda Calls: Knife an American! Knife an Israeli! Join the Jihad in Rio!!
COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Chuck Todd Interviews Donald Trump On "Meet The Press" 7/24/16
Suing Debbie: Wasserman Schultz Served with Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primaries
FBI Nabs 3 Palm Beach County Men Trying to Join ISIS - Used Code Words Like ‘Soccer Team’
Tim Kaine Addresses Crowd in Spanish, Promises Amnesty Plan ‘In the First 100 Days’
Sanders Campaign Chief Says 'Someone Must Be Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show
BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Employee Arrested in Cairo… Chilling Past Exposed
Philly Warns Businesses: Batten Down Hatches During the Democrat Convention
Massachusetts Gun Ban Backfired - 2,251 Armalite Rifles's Sold in One Day
How The Trump Family Became The New Camelot In Four Days
America Responds to Trump’s Speech: ‘That Was Me Up There Speaking’
Hungary's Orban likes what he hears of 'valiant' Trump's security plans
Donald Trump calls, thanks Cleveland police chief personally for keeping RNC safe (video)
Donald Trump's Policy Book: Crippled America

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