Friday, 19 April 2019  
India's young voters may sway elections


Young people have the power to swing elections in India, where nearly two-thirds of the population is younger than 35 and teens eligible to vote for the first time number 15 million. (April 19)

Brands roll with 4/20 as pot legalization grows


Marijuana enthusiasts have for decades celebrated all things marijuana on April 20. No, Hallmark doesn't yet have a card to mark "420." But the once counter-culture celebration is now appealing even to button-down Corporate America. (April 19)

ďż˝'Live and let live': Florida woman armed with machete uses it to save venomous coral snake
�DNA from an old razor helped police solve 41-year-old rape and murder California cold case
�Vermont moves to drop Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day
�2020 Democrats blast Attorney General Barr, call for Mueller to testify
�Mueller discovered new ways Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election
�Kellyanne Conway's husband calls for Congress to remove 'cancer' of Trump
�No. 2 House Democrat: Impeachment 'not worthwhile at this point'
�What's in the Mueller report? CNN breaks it down
Has Google Become a National Threat?


The idea that Google might be becoming a national threat is what struck me when I read a column by Zephyr Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University. She makes a compelling argument that Google has reached a point where it no longer allows dissent outside the company -- though, given the recent firing of a Google engineer, that may be true inside the firm as well.

�LG Unveils V30 Flagship With Super Camera, Sound Features
�Bodhi Linux With Moksha Is Truly Enlightening
�Pixelmator Pro Whirlwind Appears on the Horizon
�Next US Elections: Open Source vs. Commercial Software?
�Global Cyberattack on Energy Sector Stokes Deep Fears

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