Thursday, 24 April 2014  
GM says facing multiple probes into recent recalls

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Motors is facing five different government probes in connection with its recent recalls, the automaker said in a regulatory filing on Thursday.

Cargo overload cited in ferry sinking

South Korean prosecutors are looking into allegations the ferry was carrying more than three times the recommended maximum cargo weight


E-cig groups light up for extra marketing

Proposed FDA rules, which do not curb advertising spending, are part of efforts to oversee a sector that last year generated sales of $2bn


Obama warns Russia new sanctions ‘teed up’
France vows resolve over budget cuts
Israel halts peace talks with Palestinians
E-cigarettes face FDA regulation
Obama seeks to reassure Japan on security
Ukraine raises pressure on eastern rebels
Israel halts peace talks after Palestinian pact
FCC accused of violating net neutrality
Obama seeks to reassure Japan
Jan Karski and the Awful Truth No One Believed

Carl Cannon, RCP
April 24, 2014, is a date celebrated in Poland and the United States as the 100th birthday of a brave and prescient hero who alerted British and American leaders to the horror of the Holocaust while it was occurring.The patriotÂ#146;s name was Jan Karski. Polish by birth, he was a citizen of the world by virtue of his service to humanity in World War II. Afterward, Karski wrote a memoir, emigrated to the U.S., took a job as a Georgetown University professor, and drifted into obscurity.Forgotten for a generation, his story was resurrected on the eve of the 40th anniversary of HitlerÂ#146;s invasion...


Cliven Bundy Just Ruined His Cause
The Power of Piketty's "Capital"
Is the U.S. Such a Bad Place for Women?
Harry Reid Tries to Pick Republican Candidates
Ted Cruz's Worst Nightmare Is Coming True
What's Next For Google+ Now That Its Leader Has Suddenly Left?

Google+ has never gotten the respect its creator hoped, let alone gained much ground on its supposed target, Facebook. Now, it has lost its leader and chief evangelist, Vic Gundotra, who announced today that he's leaving Google after almost eight years at the company.


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A Guide To The Rana Plaza Tragedy, And Its Implications, In Bangladesh
CEO: Setting Customer Expectations
As Starbucks Bleeds Square, Can Startups Working With Retail Registers Make Any Real Money?
Investment Banker Pressure, Safe Operations Powering Senior M&A Bids -- Brent Cook

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