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INDIANAPOLIS — Donald Trump all but clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday with a resounding victory in Indiana that knocked rival Ted Cruz out of the race--and cleared Trump’s path to the November general election face-off with the Democrat nominee...

ISIS fighters are making and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria

Evidence of sulphur mustard attacks has been detected in both Syria and Iraq, according to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.


Inside Mexico's Donkey Festival in Otumba where mules are idden around a racecourse

Five of the 24 donkeys competing in costume contest in Otumba, Mexico State, were dressed as Donald Trump (pictured) and one dressed as a Smurf was force fed five litres of beer.


Iran Religious Persecution Increasing Despite Nuclear Deal, USCIRF Reports
Disney star Deleriyes Joe Cramer arrested after robbing Sechelt bank and fleeing from police
Lesedi la Rona diamond the largest discovered for a century set to sell for £50m
Donald Trump says he's vetting 'political' VPs and insists Hillary Clinton 'should suffer' over her classified emails
Lazy Labrador REALLY doesn't want to get out of bed in cute video
Biggest Loser stars speak out about their weight gain AFTER the show ended
Video shows passengers wailing in terror as Jakarta plane is hit by extreme turbulence
Kate Middleton jokes Prince George would be 'scared' of Hampton Court's Magic Garden dragon
NY-based firm's founder sues decorator over $845K yacht bill
BREAKING NEWS: Two dead and gunman down after shooting at a Texas trucking company
Shocking footage shows the moment a man brutally beats his wife on the street for 'attacking his mistress'
Whipped, painted blue as Smurfs and dressed as Donald Trump: Inside Mexico's cruel donkey fair where mules are fed ALCOHOL, ridden around a racecourse in fancy dress and killed for their meat
Tom and Jerry are blamed for ISIS: Head of Egypt's Information Service blames cartoon characters for teaching children that you can blow people up and encouraging extremism 
Ring, check. Cute dog, check. Ax-wielding savages….. Happy couple are 'photobombed' during engagement picture shoot by historical reenactors 
Got room for one more? Clever bear learns to row a boat at a Chinese zoo 
Pig attacks, injures 2 people at Massachusetts farm
Mortified mother is stopped at Oman airport after security mistake her toddler's swimming aid for a SEX TOY
Kenyan toddler rescued 4 days after building collapse
2016 really IS a bad year for celebrity deaths...but 2010 was worse, study revealsO Malley
Gone with the wind! Terrifying footage captures the moment a building is blown away by strong gale
'Knock knock, who's there?': Alligator caught on video crawling up to South Carolina family's home and attempts to ring doorbell
U.S. women face 'motherhood wage gap,' research shows

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mothers in the United States make 73 cents for every dollar earned by fathers, a wage gap even wider than the one between men and women overall, according to research released on Wednesday by a national women's rights group.


U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was part of 'quick reaction force'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy SEAL killed by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq on Tuesday was part of a "quick reaction force" called in after a firefight broke out involving American advisers, a U.S. military spokesman said on Wednesday.


U.S. to boost airport staffing to manage long security lines
Islamic State kills U.S. Navy SEAL in northern Iraq
Wreckage of Captain Cook's ship Endeavour may be in U.S. harbor
SEC charges unregistered brokers with misusing investor money
Powerball jackpot at $348 million, approaching top 10 U.S. payouts
Disgruntled Texas man kills co-worker, then takes own life
Disgruntled Texas man killed after fatally shooting co-worker: TV
At least two killed in shooting at Houston-area company: TV
U.S. auto regulators to make a major safety announcement: statement
U.S. warns of more risks in Iraq after Navy SEAL's death
Closing arguments set in trial of Ohio man charged with killing three women
Obama visits Flint as questions linger on EPA role in water crisis
Trump, the outrageous outsider, now presumptive Republican nominee
University of Iowa, police investigate reported racist attack
California chef brings cannabis to fine dining
Suspect arrested in death of girl on New Mexico Navajo reservation: police
U.S. to end bid to close major California pot dispensary: lawyers
Trump soars from long-shot to presumptive Republican nominee
U.S. prosecutors consider more charges against ex-CEO Shkreli
Six funerals held after Ohio family massacre
Ex-officer in San Francisco text scandal pleads not guilty to unrelated charges
Seven Women Claim Cafe Kicked Them Out for Being Muslim

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The View Ladies Ignore Whoopi’s Emotional Speech on Racism to Play Funny Video
This Love Story Took Place on Snapchat as a Whole Campus Watched
50 Cent Apologizes After Getting Slammed for Mocking Autistic Airport Janitor
Sarah Palin Celebrates Donald Trump Win By Inviting ‘Smart Democrats’ to Join Him
BREAKING: John Kasich to Suspend His Campaign
Roger Stone ‘Confirms’ Rafael Cruz Was Tied to JFK in the Most Roger Stone Way Imaginable
Do Not Blame the ‘Media’ for Trump’s Nomination. Blame His Supporters.
Huckabee Pledges to Go ‘All In’ to Help Trump to Victory
Fox’s Ed Henry ‘Taking Time Off’ Following Report of Affair With Vegas Hostess
Donald Trump Win Isn’t Some ‘Anti-Establishment’ Wave, It’s the Racism Stupid
Mark Halperin Identifies the Favorite For Trump’s VP Pick: ‘He’s the Best Brawler in American Politics’
Non-Muslim Bobby Knight Unfazed by Trump’s Proposed Ban: ‘That Doesn’t Mean Anything to Me’
Mark Levin Rips Fox News for Not Challenging Trump: They’ll ‘Be Rubbing Their Faces In Their Own Feces’
Conservative Columnist Disinvited from Campus Just In Case Someone is Offended
Not So Fast, Ted Cruz’s Delegates Are Still in Play
Donald Trump Refuses to Apologize For Rafael Cruz/JFK Smear: ‘I’m Just Referring to an Article!’
Jimmy Kimmel Reads Poorly Written Negative Comments About His Show
Dem Hero Elizabeth Warren Goes on Twitter Tirade Against Donald Trump and His ‘Toxic Spew’
An Elephantine Eulogy: NY Daily News Declares Death of ‘Once-Great’ GOP After Trump Win
Trevor Noah to Cruz: If You Hate Trump, ‘Where the F*ck Were You’ with That Months Ago?
John Kasich’s Still in the Race, By the Way
Sanders: Clinton team thinks race is over. They're wrong
Sanders defeats Clinton in Indiana
Zika Cases in Florida Reach Nearly 100
West Africa pirates switch to kidnapping crew as oil fetches less
Pope Francis targeted with sickening abuse by Twitter trolls after posting about Jesus
FLORIDA: Foiled robber threatens to blow up bank, claims to be with ISIS
Derivatives Losses Are Mushrooming at Freddie Mac; Now It’s the Taxpayers’ Problem
Teachers Get RAISES, Schools FLOURISHING After Scott Walker Kicks Out Unions
PA bill would require students pass citizenship test
Fox News Media Pundits React to Trump Being GOP Nominee – Their Faces Say IT ALL!
Anonymous takes down Black Lives Matter website to make point that 'All Lives Matter'
ABC’s Quantico Gives Us a Sneak Peak at the Type of Push We Can Expect This TV Season
Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States
Mexico Isn't Sending Us Immigrants, They're Sending Us Colonists
SHOCK VIDEO: ‘Dreamers’ (children) flip off Trump supporters, shout expletives at passing cars
Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get
Scientists discover three 'potentially habitable' planets
Obamacare's November surprise (large rate increases due for the first time Nov. 1)
Merkel Gives “Refugees” Immediate Benefits Forces Europeans To Wait On A List For 5 YEARS
Snowflakes Boo Michael Bloomberg as he rips college 'safe spaces'
FLORIDA: Muslim Hollywood man accused of plot to blow up Synagogue, "ISIS IS IN THE HOUSE"
Tiny Nebraska Town Says No to 1,100 Jobs, Citing Way of Life
Anti-Trump protester charged with trashing CHP cruiser, urging others to vandalize
MARYLAND: ­Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing Father of Two to Death, Ripping Out His Liver
Poll: Donald Trump Takes 34-Point Lead in California
Lynne Patton "The Trump Family That I Know" - A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks
In 6 Months Since Budget Deal: Debt Up More Than $1 Trillion
CNN Poll: Americans agree, Trump and Clinton will Face-off in November
Donald Trump Gains Ground in Unbound Delegate Race and Grassroots Efforts
Sports Authority Files Bankruptcy: 450 Stores Closing, Up to 14,500 Jobs Lost
Four-Year-Olds Being Asked To Choose Gender in Britain
‘She’s pretty!’ Blind son sees mom for the first time
Venezuela Runs Out of Beer
9/11 monuments across America are being defaced and neglected
Miracle in Chicago? Pilgrims flock to see Orthodox icon weeping drops of oil
“We Want Them Dead” — ISIS Releases “Hit List” Of 3,600 New Yorkers
FAKE HATE: Migrant Teen Caught Sending ‘Anonymous Hate Letters’ To Herself
This new Indiana poll is very bad news for the ‘Stop Trump’ movement
Texas youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting at least 3 kids gets beaten up by good Samaritans
Cruz Delegates Waver as Trump Gains Momentum
Obscure Delaware Program Is A Public Housing Miracle
Texas Will Make May 26 ‘John Wayne Day’
Woman chases convicted video voyeur out of Yulee Target (Video)
Carly Fiorina Falls From Stage, Ted Cruz Ignores Her
West Virginia Mayor: The Clintons Are ‘Simply Not Welcome In Our Town’
Gallup : Now Ted Cruz Most Unfavorable Candidate – Down 16 Points to Trump
Americans Haven't Gotten Raise In 16 Years
Boom times for rent-a-mobs
Target Stock Down 5% ($2.5B), Brand Damaged, Public Rebuke for Men in Little Girl's Room
Trump Supporters Beaten, Bloodied by ‘Mexican-Flag Wavers’ (VIDEO)
Muslim Rapes 3 Women in One Day, Judge Grants Bail - He Goes Out, Tries To Rape Again
Like A Boss: Moonbats Block The Street – So Donald Trump Walks In
Colo. Baker Faces 'Re-Education' Training After State Court Refuses to Take Case
Massive Cartel Human Smuggling Ring Busted in Texas
US weighing under-the-radar routes for Syrian refugees?
More U.S. states face risk from Zika
US Concealed Carry

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