Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Spiders could eat every human on earth in just 1 year

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A recent study by European scientists concluded the spiders eat between 440 million and 880 million tons of prey per year. (Or every human on the planet.)


Does Spider-Man: Homecoming Have An Iron Man Problem?

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It's fun to see Spidey team with Iron Man, but is Tony Stark's Homecoming presence threatening to overwhelm Peter Parker's story?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Unpacks Spider-Suit’s New Gadgets

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Tom Holland also reveals how Spider-Man: Homecoming's Spidey is different from past versions.

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Tom Holland Went Undercover in the Bronx To Prepare For Spider-Man Role

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In order to prepare to do whatever a spider can, Tom Holland decided to blend in seamlessly in a New York high school.


New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer: What’s a Teen Got to Do to Join the Avengers?

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Ordinary teen Peter Parker wants what we all want: health, food, a home, to fit in at school, and of course, the fatherly admiration of Robert Downey Jr. In the latest trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, your new, baby-faced Spidey Tom Holland, hot off his turn in Civil War, tries ...


Spider-Man Loses His Suit, Teams with Iron Man In New Homecoming Trailer

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Tony Stark has a tense interaction with Spider-Man, leaving the wall-crawler scrambling for a new Spidey suit.

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New Spider Man: Homecoming Trailer Released: 5 Things to Know About the Movie

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Are your Spidey senses tingling? Today the new trailer for Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming was released, and it's got everyone wondering whether Peter...


Spider-Man Gets Personal With Avengers Tower in New Homecoming Poster

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In the latest poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spidey pays Avengers Tower a quick visit.


Spider-Man’s Got a New Look in Latest Homecoming Poster

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In the latest poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spidey lounges just across the river from Avengers Tower -- but that's not all.


Survival instinct, not family bonds, weave massive spider colonies together

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Spiders will live in groups if environmental conditions make it too difficult for single mothers to go it alone, new research shows.

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