Friday, 19 April 2019
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Bacterial factories could manufacture high-performance proteins for space missions

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Nature has evolved protein-based substances with mechanical properties that rival even the best synthetic materials. Pound for pound, spider silk is stronger and tougher than steel. But unlike steel, the natural fiber cannot be mass-produced. Today, scientists report a method in which bacteria produce spider silk and other proteins that could be useful during space missions.


Giant Antarctic sea spiders weather warming by getting holey

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Scientists have wondered for decades why marine animals that live in the polar oceans and the deep sea can reach giant sizes there, but nowhere else. Zoologists went to Antarctica to test the prevailing theory -- the 'oxygen-temperature hypothesis' -- that animals living in extreme cold can grow to giant sizes because their metabolisms are very slow.

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Hold the mustard: What makes spiders fussy eaters

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It might be one of nature's most agile and calculating hunters, but the wolf spider won't harm an insect that literally leaves a bad taste in its mouth, according to new research.

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Giant sea spiders have Swiss-cheese like holes in their exoskeletons

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The realization that giant sea spiders have Swiss cheese-like holes in their exoskeletons has shed light on a decades-old mystery about how underwater creatures living in the polar oceans and deep abysses got so spookily huge.

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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review - IGN

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At first blush, I worried that Iron Rain was a little like EDF lobotomised a little saner, more approachable, but lacking a certain something for the process. But as I played more, began diving into meaty, 15-20 minute battles, kept changing my loadout, and saw how different it could feel with friends, it became clear that this was far more than an experiment in sanitisation. Iron Rain is a true spin-off, a new take on an existing and much-loved (okay, somewhat-loved) idea. It wont have done enough to draw in an audience that wants legibility and good looks. Paradoxically, it might have done too much for some more dyed-in-the-wool fans. But for me, Iron Rain is a more-than-pleasant experiment, a game that feels like it was made by fans of the series with their own ideas. Some work, some dont, but its never short of them and if you cant enjoy new ideas at the same time as shooting a 30-foot spider in its awful face, what are you even playing games for in the first place?


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review - One Hell of a Bug Hunt | COGconnected

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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain goes easy on the narrative and heavy on the fast paced, overwhelming combat against giant bugs, leaping spiders, monstrous robots, and so much more.

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Stomach-churning moment hundreds of deadly baby spiders burst out of egg sack for the first time

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The tiny, venomous funnel web spiders were filmed by staff at the Australian Reptile Park as they crawled out of their egg sack

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