Tuesday, 18 September 2018
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Tackling spider fear and other phobias with VR

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Virtual reality therapy can help people with phobias like fear of heights by exposing them gradually to their greatest terrors. The technology is just now reaching the mainstream after 20 years of research. (Sept 18)

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FYI: Spider-Man, all those Marvel-ous Easter eggs

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In PlayStations Spider-Man you can do whatever a spider can. The best-selling game is full of great action, has a blockbuster movie feel.

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'We should just burn it down': 30 venomous brown recluse spiders found in Georgia house

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A woman in Paulding County, Georgia, says that dozens of venomous brown recluse spiders have invaded her home and she doesn’t know how to get rid of them.

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Insomniac Talks Possibility of Spider Man PS4 Sequel

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Insomniac Games stopped short of confirming a Spider Man PS4 sequel recently but did say that it intends to keep players "engaged" and leave them wondering what may come next.

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Top 10 Most Badass Spider-Man's (PS4) Photo Mode Pictures

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One of the hottest games right now is Insomniac' Spider-Man. Want to see how cool spidey is on this game? Here are the best Spider-Man photo mode pictures that we have right now.

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13 Games Like Spider Man for PS4 [2018]

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The much-anticipated release of the Sonys PS4 exclusive Spider-Man finally happened last week and it received a lot of praise from both the fans and the critics. Lyncconf brought us some of the absolute similar games like Spider-Man that provide us with a huge world to explore and a lot of exciting gameplay elements.

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Artificial skin grown from spider silk could help heal wounds

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Wounds and burns could one day be treated by the material spiders use to make their webs

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See a cosmic spider caught spinning up brand new stars

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Astronomers have use the VLT Survey Telescope to snap the sharpest ever picture of the Tarantula Nebula, the brightest star-forming region in our galactic neighbourhood

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The new Spider-Man game turns the hero into web-slinging Nancy Reagan

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"Spidey takes a limited approach to an issue the comics have handled with care: drug abuse." The Outline says.

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Spider-man: How to beat Taskmaster and his challenges

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The Taskmaster is easily the toughest boss in Insomniacs newest Spider-Man title, both because of his ability to perfectly copy Spideys combat style and because of the numerous challenges youll need to complete to get a chance to truly slug it out with one of Marvels deadliest mercenaries. The challenges themselves fall into four categories, and youll be able to get your standard gold, silver, and bronze rewards based on how you score in each challenge.

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