Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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Google's latest Gmail change? Getting directions to an address with a single tap

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No more fiddling around on smartphones to use addresses, phone numbers, and contact information.

From: www.zdnet.com

Smartphone screens are fuelling an epidemic of short-sightedness

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Peering at smartphones indoors and not playing outside is fuelling short-sightedness among young Londoners, a specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital warned today.

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10 best smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still trumps Apple iPhone X

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Apple recently announced the new 2017 iPhone lineup, but even its best can't surpass Samsung's latest Galaxy Note.

From: www.zdnet.com

LG's V30 smartphone 'leaves gimmicks behind'

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The device has an OLED display and advanced camera features but no second screen or add-on modules.

From: www.bbc.co.uk

Samsung adds option to disable Bixby button on Galaxy smartphones

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The update stops short of giving users complete control of the button, but it's a start.

From: www.zdnet.com

Before the next hurricane: Storm trackers and other survival tools for mobile and desktop users

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Your tablet and smartphone can be invaluable tools to help you stay out of harm's way during hurricane season.

From: www.zdnet.com

To Improve smartphone privacy, control access to third-party libraries

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Smartphone apps that share users' personal Information often do so through services called third-party libraries, suggesting a new strategy for protecting privacy. CResearchers say controlling access to these third-party libraries, which help app developers make money by targeting people with ads or compiling marketing profiles, promises to be an effective way of limiting the unwanted release of personal information.

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PopoloCrois: Narcia's Tears and the Fairy's Flute announced for smartphones

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Sega and Epics have announced PopoloCrois: Narcias Tears and the Fairys Flute for iOS and Android devices. Sega will host an official announcement presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2017.

From: n4g.com

Penn. hospital under fire after staff took photos of patient's genital injury: 'We do pass on interesting stuff'

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It seemed as if the whole hospital was in the operating room. The crowd had gathered with smartphones in hand, snapping photos and recording video, the object of their fascination a patient's genitals with a protruding object.
It was "a ton" of staff, one staffer said.
"At one point when I looked...

From: www.sun-sentinel.com

BMW says car keys may be replaced by mobile phone apps

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Smartphones may replace old-fashioned keys.

From: feeds.foxbusiness.com

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