Tuesday, 18 December 2018
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Yemen cease-fire underway in crucial port city where food aid travels through

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A major cease-fire is underway in Yemen following U.N. peace talks. Fighting between the Saudi Arabian-backed Yemeni government and Iranian-backed Houthi rebels has mainly stopped in the key port city of Hodeida. CSBN contributor and Signal newsletter writer Alex Kliment explains why this is so significant.

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'Look at BRITAIN!' Dutch leader says don’t rebel or you will end up in Brexit ‘CHAOS'

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DUTCH Prime Minister Mark Rutte has cited Britain’s Brexit “chaos” as as example of what happens when a nation fails to work together for the common good and ”forgetting what they have achieved together” .

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Fighting in Yemeni city dies down as cease-fire takes hold

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Yemen's key port city of Hodeida was calm Tuesday morning, hours after a U.N.-mediated cease-fire went into effect between government-allied forces and the country's rebels, Yemeni officials said.

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Cease-fire in Yemen's port goes into force after fighting

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A cease-fire went into force early Tuesday in Yemen's Red Sea port of Hodeida after intense fighting between government-allied forces and Shiite rebels erupted shortly before the U.N.-brokered truce took hold in the contested city, Yemeni officials said.

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Yemen's rebels pin hopes for peace on the U.S. government

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With ceasefire about to take effect, Houthi foreign minister tells CBS News relief for millions is coming, and with U.S. help, peace can flourish

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Colombia's ELN rebels call ceasefire for festive period

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Colombia's largest active rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), on Monday called a 12-day unilateral ceasefire for the holiday period, while reiterating its intention to seek a negotiated solution to the armed conflict.

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Yemen's rebels pin hope for peace on the U.S. government

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CBS News senior foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer asks the Houthi rebel foreign minister why aid hasn't been getting to starving civilians in northern Yemen, and why he hopes a changing U.S. stance and a new ceasefire can finally ease the suffering.

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Trying to save Yemeni children who are too hungry to eat

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A ceasefire in Yemen is set to go into effect Tuesday in a key port city. Fighting between a Saudi-led coalition and Iranian-backed rebels has pushed millions to the brink of famine. Elizabeth Palmer traveled to a makeshift camp deep in rebel territory.

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US conducts 6 airstrikes against Somalia extremists, 62 dead

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The United States military's Africa Command says that it has carried out six airstrikes in the Gandarshe area of Somalia which killed a total of 62 extremists from the al-Shabab rebel group.

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Pro-government forces unleash airstrikes in Yemen ahead of ceasefire

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Despite a ceasefire to begin Tuesday, there was more fighting Sunday in and around the port city of Hodeida in Yemen. Pro-government forces backed by Saudi Arabia unleashed airstrikes on Houthi rebels backed by Iran. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

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