Friday, 24 March 2017
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GOP lawmakers: House short on votes to pass health care bill

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House Republican leaders were short of the votes needed for their health care overhaul bill hours ahead of a vote demanded by President Donald Trump.
That's the word Friday from GOP lawmakers and congressional aides as Speaker Paul Ryan met with the president at the White House to deliver the sobering...

As deadline looms on GOP health care bill, lawmakers short on votes

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House Republicans on Friday appeared to be short of the votes they need to pass a Donald Trump-pushed bill to overhaul the nation’s health care system mere hours before they were scheduled to vote on the package. The Associated Press reported early Friday afternoon that the bill had yet to obtain enough votes to pass, according to House lawmakers and staffers, with a vote scheduled for late this afternoon. Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., left the Capitol for the White House to brief Trump on his progress whipping votes for the American Health Care Act, which would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a Republican alternative that the House caucus’ conservative and moderate wings have objected to.

Donald Trump does not have the votes to pass his healthcare bill, says House Speaker Paul Ryan

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Senior Republican Paul Ryan has warned Donald Trump there is still not enough support for his flagship healthcare bill to pass a vote in Congress.


White House said to plan to blame Paul Ryan if health care bill fails

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In public, President Donald Trump is standing by House Speaker Paul Ryan over the Obamacare replacement bill.
Behind the scenes, the president's aides are planning to blame Ryan if there is an embarrassing defeat on a bill that has been a Republican goal for more than seven years, a senior administration...


Paul Ryan Rushes to White House to Tell Trump Votes Are Lacking to Repeal Obamacare

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The Republican legislation, called the American Health Care Act, would, in a rare step, roll back a major social welfare program — with a vote planned for Friday afternoon.


GOP's health care bill heads toward climactic vote despite uncertainty over support

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House Speaker Paul Ryan went to the White House Friday afternoon to brief President Donald Trump on the state of play on the GOP health care bill. 
The visit comes ahead of a planned showdown vote on the legislation later in the day.
The outcome was looking dicey with the legislation apparently...


Coulter, Breitbart, Drudge torch health care bill backed by Trump

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With the vote on the American Health Care Act looming, conservative media personalities and outlets that were backers of President Trump throughout the campaign are attacking the Obamacare replacement bill the White House supports. Ann Coulter, right-wing provocateur and an avid supporter of the Trump campaign, has been attacking the bill as “Obamacare Lite” since its text became public, hammering House Speaker Paul Ryan along the way. “Could some investigative reporter write a piece explaining why Ryan is so hellbent on this deeply unpopular healthcare bill?” she wrote earlier this week, before criticizing Trump and Ryan for making tax cuts next on their legislative agenda instead of trade and immigration.

Trump Offers Support to Paul Ryan

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President Donald Trump says, "we'll see what happens" if the vote on the Republican-backed health care bill fails in the House.


As deadline looms on GOP health care bill, lawmakers uncertain about its fate

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House Speaker Paul Ryan delivers very brief remarks and takes no questions following a Thursday meeting of the House Republican caucus. WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Friday morning were hours away from perhaps the biggest vote of the year without knowing whether their modified health care repeal-and-replace legislation will pass. “I don’t think we go to the floor with any certainty of success,” said Rep. Tom Cole R-Okla., after emerging from an early morning Rules Committee meeting where Republicans added last-minute changes to the health care bill to appeal to conservative and moderate holdouts.

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