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Braving dangerous waters, Iranians seek a better life in Britain

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The traffickers told Fardin Gholami that a fishing boat would take him from France to England at midnight, but when he and five other Iranian asylum seekers got to the beach, all they found was an inflatable dinghy with nobody to sail it.


Plants can smell, now researchers know how

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Plants don't need noses to smell. The ability is in their genes. Researchers have discovered the first steps of how information from odor molecules changes gene expression in plants. Manipulating plants' odor detection systems may lead to new ways of influencing plant behavior.

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Unique form of chronic sinusitis in older patients

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Older patients with a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis -- a disease of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses that often persists over many years -- have a unique inflammatory signature that may render them less responsive to steroid treatment, according to a new study.

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Restaurant holding 'funeral' for New Orleans Saints following 'grossly negligent homicide by the NFL'

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“This Sunday, starting at 4:30 p.m., we will host a funeral for the saints, victims of a grossly negligent homicide by the NFL and their officials,”

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Urbanization changes shape of mosquitoes' wings

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Research shows that rapid urbanization in São Paulo City, Brazil, is influencing wing morphology in the mosquitoes that transmit dengue and malaria.


Cards WR Fitzgerald to return for 16th season

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Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has decided to return for a 16th NFL season.

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Causal link between climate, conflict, and migration

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IIASA-led research has established a causal link between climate, conflict, and migration for the first time, something which has been widely suggested in the media but for which scientific evidence is scarce.

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How male dragonflies adapt wing color to temperature

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New research in how dragonflies may adapt their wing color to temperature differences might explain color variation in other animals, from lions to birds. Further, the findings could also provide evolutionary biologists clues about whether rising global temperatures might adversely affect some species.

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