Wednesday, 16 October 2019
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NASA's first all-female spacewalk will now take place this week

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Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will perform an urgent repair to the International Space Station’s power system.

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How to watch the first all-female spacewalk with NASA on the ISS

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Tune in later this week to witness two women stepping out into space together for the first time.

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NASA moves up first all-female spacewalk to fix space station power issue

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NASA has decided to move up the first all-female spacewalk to this week to tackle a power issue on the International Space Station.


Did NASA find life on Mars in the 1970s? It's still up for debate

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Former NASA scientist Gilbert Levin reminds us of a Mars mystery from the 1970s Viking mission.

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NASA unveils new spacesuit prototypes for missions 

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NASA on Tuesday showed off two new spacesuits tailored for future moonwalking astronauts, signaling development of a crucial component to the space agency's accelerated drive to return to the moon by 2024.

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NASA shows off patriotic new spacesuits for moon and Mars astronauts

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If you like the colors red, white and blue, you'll love NASA's new moonwalking look.

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NASA shows off new spacesuits for moon mission

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The new spacesuits offer improved mobility and flexibility over NASA's shuttle-era suits


NASA unveils new next-generation spacesuits video

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Watch NASA reveal its new modular and more flexible spacesuits, which will be used for the Artemis moon mission in 2024.

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Soil on moon and Mars likely to support crops

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Researchers have produced crops in Mars and moon soil simulant developed by NASA. The research supports the idea that it would not only be possible to grow food on Mars and the moon to feed future settlers, but also to obtain viable seed from crops grown there.

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Watch NASA unveil the spacesuits astronauts will wear on the moon, Mars

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The suits are designed to outperform those used during the Apollo program.

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