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Skin cancer risk in athletes: The dangers of ultraviolet radiation

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The dangers of ultraviolet radiation exposure, which most often comes from the sun, are well-known. Researchers discuss how broad its effects can be, from premature aging to cancer, and how this can be influenced by different skin tones and the use of sunscreen.

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Short-term radon test kits are not effective in measuring radon gas exposure

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A new study finds the only reliable way to measure exposure to radon gas is with a long-term testing kit, 90 or more days. Researchers placed two test kits, a short term (five-day) and long term (90-day) in the same homes. Tests were conducted during summer and winter months. Findings showed the short-term kits were imprecise up to 99 percent of the time when compared to a long term test.

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Bio-inspired hydrogel can rapidly switch to rigid plastic

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A new material that stiffens 1,800-fold when exposed to heat could protect motorcyclists and racecar drivers during accidents.

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New study hints at complex decision making in a single-cell organism

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In an effort to replicate an experiment conducted over a century ago, researchers present evidence confirming at least one single-cell organism -- the trumpet-shaped Stentor roeselii -- exhibits a hierarchy of avoidance behaviors. Exposed repeatedly to the same stimulation, the organism can in effect 'change its mind' about how to respond, indicating a capacity for relatively complex decision-making processes.

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California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change

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The state's unusual decision exposes the insurance industry’s miscalculation of the cost of climate change.

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Iran OPEC envoy says Tehran would back majority decision to cut oil output: SHANA

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Iran would support a majority decision by members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to cut oil production, the country's OPEC envoy said on Thursday, according to Iranian oil ministry website SHANA.

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[Ticker] Irish content moderators plan lawsuit against Facebook

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A group of Irish content moderators are preparing to take legal action for personal injuries caused by exposure to "disturbing content" during their employment by third-party company CPL in Dublin, on behalf of Facebook, the Irish Times writes. Facebook said in a statement that it is "committed to providing support for those that review content for Facebook as we recognise that reviewing certain types of content can sometimes be difficult".

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Body-positivity blogger exposes the reality behind the 'perfect' Instagram photo

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Sara Puhto, 23, from Finland, is poking fun at social media’s impossibly flawless standard in a series of Instagram photos.

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Environmental toxins impair immune system over multiple generations

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New research shows that maternal exposure to a common and ubiquitous form of industrial pollution can harm the immune system of offspring and that this injury is passed along to subsequent generations, weakening the body's defenses against infections such as the influenza virus.

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New vaccine prevents herpes in mice, guinea pigs

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A novel vaccine protected almost all mice and guinea pigs exposed to a new herpes virus. This may lead to the vaccine being tested in human studies.

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