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US economic growth sets a path for entrepreneurship, says famed investor Patricof

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Famed investor Alan Patricof tells FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo that the strong U.S. economy is a great setting for entrepreneurs.


Saudi Arabia women in the driving seat as ban is lifted

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The Gulf kingdom will finally grant driving licences to women, but what will it mean for the economy?

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Spotlight: Alejandro Aravena

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As founder of the "Do Tank" firm , Chilean architect (born on June 22, 1967) is perhaps the most socially-engaged architect to receive the . Far from the usual aesthetically driven approach, Aravena explains that "We don’t think of ourselves as artists. Architects like to build things that are unique. But if something is unique it can’t be repeated, so in terms of it serving many people in many places, the value is close to zero." [1] For Aravena, the architect’s primary goal is to improve people's way of life by assessing both social needs and human desires, as well as political, economic and environmental issues.

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Nuclear power shutdowns won't spike power prices

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Despite economic woes that could shutter two of Pennsylvania's nuclear power plants -- which generate 6 percent of the state's power -- power prices will remain steady due to low natural gas prices, according to an associate professor of energy policy and economics.


Two years in, Brexit is hurting the UK

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Britain's economy is stalling. Investment is dropping. Big businesses say they may be forced to leave and take thousands of jobs with them.


Workers' rights transformed: Ensuring social protection

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For most workers in Europe's gig economy, access to social protection is not as simple as it was when full-time jobs were the norm. 'Real Economy' looks at how the system can mature and evolve.


Wall Street banks are healthier than ever

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Wall Street banks are strong enough to withstand the next severe economic downturn.

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Eurozone Finance Ministers Weigh Up Debt Relief for Greece

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At the 20th Eurogroup meeting of Eurozone finance ministers, the Greek economy was on the agenda. They are weighing up the question of debt relief for Greece as well as the surveillance of its economy in the years to come.

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Turkey's currency crash puts economy at heart of election

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan is asking Turkish voters for another term as president. They may say no because of a feeble currency and runaway price hikes.


The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A Twentieth Century History by David Edgerton - review

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A radical new history contends there was steady economic growth and social reform

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