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Trump halts decision to allow elephant trophy imports after uproar

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U.S. President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Friday he is putting a decision to allow imports of elephant trophies on hold until he can "review all conservation facts."


China sends a gift to North Korea to cement ‘FRIENDLY RELATIONS’ after Trump meeting

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CHINA has sent a gift to North Korea in a move to cement “friendly relations” shortly after Donald Trump visited the country, it has been revealed.


Japan’s PM falls into bunker while playing golf

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Shinzo Abe took a tumble and Donald Trump didn't notice.


Donald Trump Allegedly Rigged 2002 Miss Universe Pageant So Vladimir Putin’s Mistress Would Win

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Donald Trump may have a new tie to Vladimir Putin: a conspiracy theory that claims Trump rigged the 2002 Miss Universe pageant so Putin's mistress would win the title.
Trump's campaign is currently under investigation for allegations of collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential race, with the Russia probe from special counsel Robert Mueller turning in the first indictments, including Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort.
There is still no evidence connecting Trump to Russia, but a new theory spun by a popular independent journalist claims that their relationship is nearly 15-years-old. Seth Abramson, who has shared information from sources close to the Russia investigation and pointed out connections between Trump associates and Russia, claims that sources say Trump rigged the 2002 Miss Universe competition to help Putin's rumored girlfriend.


Trump delays policy on importing elephant parts

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President Donald Trump says he's delaying a new policy allowing the body parts of African elephants shot for sport to be imported until he can review "all conservation facts."
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday that it will allow the importation of body parts from African elements...


Trump to let Americans import ivory and hunting trophies again

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Donald Trump's administration is reversing a ban on the imports of elephant trophies—including ivory—from Zimbabwe and Zambia

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Coal trumps Trump as climate talks villain

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The villain of this year's UN climate talks hasn't been US President Donald Trump, as many expected, instead coal took centre stage.


Melania Trump Is A Man, Claims Internet Conspiracy Theory Video With 17,000 YouTube Views In Two Days

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After years of with claims of "proof" that , trolls are now attacking First Lady Melania Trump with claims that she is a man. The video titled "Melania is Male" is going viral, with the offensive video from the "MrE" YouTube channel claiming to witness certain "facts" via photos of Melania that peg her as a man.
The video points to the underlying skull and bones of Melania being male features, with hair covering half of Melania's face as a shield for her alleged maleness. The anonymous video creator speaks of Melania's caked-on makeup, along with alleged surgery that widened Melania's hips, without any proof. The video's narrator calls Melania just as tall as President Donald Trump, and features photos of a young Melania that he calls a "young boy."


Donald Trump Jr. Posts Superhero Photo Of His Dad — Social Media Whips Out Kryptonite

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Donald Trump Jr. posted a rather bizarre picture of his father, Donald Trump, dressed up like a superhero on the cover of a fake Time Magazine over the weekend, opening up a mocking event across the social media sites. In the picture, which is seen below in the article, the superhero uniform resembles one worn by Superman, with a "T" replacing the "S" on the chest of a Superman-like costume. You can see the beginning of the red cape tucked around Trump's neck in the picture.
Whoever created the embellished photo took liberties with Trump's hair and body. His typical comb-over is present, but it is a flattened-out version, keeping his hair more cropped to his head than usual. His toned body would rival today's bodybuilders.


Pro-trade U.S. Republicans get nervous that NAFTA talks could fail

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Pro-trade Republicans in the U.S. Congress are growing worried that U.S. President Donald Trump may try to quit the NAFTA free trade deal entirely rather than negotiate a compromise that preserves its core benefits.


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