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Leak reveals just how successful Nintendo thinks the Switch will be

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Nintendo was in desperate need of a hit after the company's previous-generation home video game console was an utter disaster. With the Nintendo Switch, it appears as though Nintendo has found that hit. It's obviously far too soon to tell if the Switch can maintain momentum over the long haul, but early signs are outstanding. Nintendo's Wii U successor is in such high demand that the company had to double production. And what's more, those who have managed to get their hands on a Switch already have overwhelmingly positive things to say despite the console's lack of top-tier titles at launch.
So far, it does indeed look like the Switch is a hit. How big a hit remains to be seen, but a new leak suggests that Nintendo is expecting to put up huge sales numbers this year.
The Nintendo Switch debuted on March 3rd, and it's been sold out everywhere ever since. In fact, the only way you can get your hands on a Switch console right now is to and pay a premium. Retailers are expecting shortages to persist for the foreseeable future, even as Nintendo increases production.
So, what does all this mean for Nintendo? According to a new leak , Nintendo expects Switch consoles to continue flying off store shelves for many months to come. In fact, according to multiple unnamed sources who work at Nintendo suppliers, the Japanese gaming giant expects to sell a whopping 20 million Switch consoles during the device's first year of availability.
That's a monster number, and it would go a long way to erase the memory of the Wii U, which hasn't even sold 14 million units in the 4+ years since it launched. Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi recently suggested that lifetime Switch sales could climb as high as 110 million units, which would make the Switch the fifth best-selling video game console of all time, pushing the Wii into the #6 spot with just under 102 million units.

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'Pokémon Stars' Studio's Search for Staff for New Game on Nintendo Switch?

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Game Freak, the developer of "Pokémon" game titles, has recently been spotted opening up several new job positions for a console game, and reports speculate these might be for the earlier rumored 'Pokémon Stars' for the Nintendo Switch.


Altra Mercer 60″ TV Console with Multicolored Door Fronts - $149.00

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Walmart offers Altra Mercer 60" TV Console with Multicolored Door Fronts for $149.00. ...


Time Running Out To Help Bring Narita Boy To Switch And Other Consoles

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Studio Koba's Kickstarter campaign could use a little push to help bring "retro futuristic pixel game" Narita Boy to Switch and other consoles.


'Diablo III' Seasons Mode Release Date for Xbox, PS4 on March 31

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The first "Diablo III" Seasons for the consoles is set to begin March 31, Friday at 8 p.m. EDT.

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10 GameCube Games We Want on Nintendo Switch

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With rumors that the Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console will support GameCube games, Game Rant names the 10 GameCube games we want to see on the service the most.


Masquerada on consoles feels like a perfect fit | SideQuesting preview

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At PAX East earlier this month we had the fortune to be treated to the latest build of Masquerada, now coming to PS4 & Xbox One, and can confirm that it definitely makes the jump to consoles look effortless.


Final Fantasy XV Revealed to Have Changed From XIII Versus in 2012

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We all know the story. Final Fantasy XIII Versus was announced in 2006 and it looked pretty awesome. Ten years and a console generation passed before very little was heard. Then in 2013, an announcement trailer was revealed for Final Fantasy XV. Turns out that XIII Versus would no longer be a side story in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

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