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Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases

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Nearly 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases -- such as malaria, West Nile, Zika and dengue fever -- each year, resulting in more than 1 million deaths. Today, researchers report a new class of mosquito repellents based on naturally occurring compounds that are effective in repelling the bugs, including those that are resistant to pyrethroid insecticides and repellents.

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Strawberries could help reduce harmful inflammation in the colon

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Inflammatory bowel disease is a set of painful conditions that can cause severe diarrhea and fatigue. Researchers are now reporting that a simple dietary intervention could mitigate colonic inflammation and improve gut health. In this case, a strawberry -- or rather, less than a cupful of strawberries -- a day could help keep the doctor away.

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E-cigarettes can damage DNA

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The popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow worldwide, as many people view them as a safer alternative to smoking. But the long-term effects of e-cigarette usage, commonly called 'vaping,' are unknown. Today, researchers report that vaping may modify the genetic material, or DNA, in the oral cells of users, which could increase their cancer risk.

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Simple score to diagnose heart attacks is safer, faster than current methods

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An international team of researchers has developed a simple laboratory score that is safer and faster at diagnosing patients who visit the emergency department with heart attack symptoms. The score can also identify patients at risk of subsequent heart issues after discharge.

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Techniques for reducing sugar content in dairy products show promise

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Dairy foods are popular among consumers, and sales gross more than $125 billion per year (IDFA, 2017). With dairy product popularity comes new demands from consumers for healthier, low-calorie products that taste the same as their higher calorie counterparts. Researchers now review the options available to the dairy industry to reduce sugar in products such as ice cream, yogurt, and flavored milk without sacrificing flavor.

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Number-Theory Prodigy among Winners of Most Coveted Prize in Mathematics

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The Fields Medals have been awarded to four researchers who work on number theory, geometry and network analysis

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Caffeine affects food intake at breakfast, but its effect is limited and transient

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A new study found that after drinking a small amount of caffeine, participants consumed 10 percent less at a breakfast buffet provided by researchers, but this effect did not persist throughout the day and had no impact on participants' perceptions of their appetites. Based on these findings, the investigators have concluded that caffeine is not effective as an appetite suppressant and weight-loss aid.

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3-D structure of 1918 influenza virus-like particles created

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Virus-like particles (VLPs) are protein-based structures that mimic viruses and bind to antibodies. Because VLPs aren't infectious, they show promise as vaccine platforms for many viral diseases, including influenza. Since details about influenza VLPs are scant, a team of researchers developed a 3-D model based on the 1918 H1 pandemic influenza virus.

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Symptoms of osteoarthritis may be lessened with simple changes to the diet

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One gram of fish oil a day could help reduce the pain of patients with osteoarthritis, a new study finds. Researchers also found that a reduction of weight for overweight and obese patients and the introduction of exercise tailored to mobility could also help ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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Could statins ease deadly heart condition in rare neuromuscular disease?

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Decreased HDL and ApoA-l levels in the general population are associated with an increased risk of death from cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Researchers found the FA patients had serum ApoA-I levels lower than healthy control subjects. In preclinical studies using cell models that mimicked liver cells of patients with the rare disease Friedreich's ataxia (FA), a widely used cholesterol-lowering drug increased a precursor of HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

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