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The Rock / Atelier Général

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Built on the slope of Mount , the residence bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other.

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Biomechanical model could reduce wobbling of pedestrian bridges

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The dangerous wobbling of pedestrian bridges could be reduced by using biomechanically inspired models of pedestrian response to bridge motion and a mathematical formula to estimate the critical crowd size at which bridge wobbling begins, according to a study.

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Dunlop Guitar String Winder for $2 + free shipping

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zZounds offers the Dunlop Guitar String Winder for $1.95 with free shipping. (Musicians Friend charges about the same.) That's the lowest price we could find by $2. It can also remove bridge pins.

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A ‘magic number’ of people walking across a bridge makes it sway

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We thought walking in lock step made bridges sway, like London’s Millennium Bridge when it opened. But it turns out crowd size matters more than rhythm

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Biocatalysts are a bridge to greener, more powerful chemistry

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New research is building a bridge from nature's chemistry to greener, more efficient synthetic chemistry.


Bridging the gap: Potentially low-cost, low-emissions technology that can convert methane without forming carbon dioxide

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A potentially low-cost, low-emissions technology has been designed that can convert methane without forming carbon dioxide.

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William Kaven Architecture Reveals Proposal for Portland's Tallest Building

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William / Kaven and Kaven + Co. have unveiled plans for a bridged mixed-use development that, if built, would become the tallest building in , Oregon.


Putting the spotlight on art

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November 21, 2017 5:00 AM
Italian artist Richi Ferrero's installation "Bwindi Light Masks" - with 40 light masks from the African interior and traditional music of the Tuva tribe - is part of a festival in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on Sunday. The Staro Riga light festival features 35 artworks and installations illuminating buildings, squares, bridges and monuments in the city.


Cut off after bridge collapsed, Puerto Ricans cross river with cable

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Puerto Ricans in the town of San Lorenzo were forced to ford a river using a cable wire after Hurricane Maria destroyed the bridge connecting it to the rest of the countryside.


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