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Batman Meets [SPOILER], Comedian’s Button Mystery Deepens In Flash #21

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Reverse Flash's death points to a classic storyline and a connection to a seemingly unrelated character, leading to the return of a familiar reality.

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16 Things You NEVER Knew About The Batcave

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Batman's Batcave has many secrets, and CBR is going to let you in on 16 of them

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From Superheroes To SuperMaterials: Five Super Materials With The Power To Change Our World

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What's behind our current obsession with all things Superheroes, from the Marvel and DC comics spinoffs for TV and Film, to the more eccentric offerings on Netflix from the Wachowski’s Sens8 to the cosmic supernature of The OA? Critics see the classic superhero expressing the desire to re-establish order in the face of chaos (Batman/Joker) but some of our more recent superheroes are about the power of change, of remaking the world through a kind of ‘superempathy’. The power of the superhero depicted as an eccentric group of people reskilling with new forces and energies – think the aerobics-physics of The OA which invents and designs a new collective body and superpower and the transcultural/transtemporal superempathy of Sens8.


Batman/The Shadow #1

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The Shadow must stop Batman from unraveling the mystery of Lamont Cranston! DC's Batman/The Shadow #1 by Steve Orlando, Scott Snyder & Riley Rossmo.


Batman Beyond #7

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The League of Assassins has launched a full-out assault on the city and Curaré! DC Comics' Batman Beyond #7 by Dan Jurgens & Bernard Chang.


Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Completed Reshoots While Pregnant

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Batman v Superman star Gal Gadot filmed several Wonder Woman reshoots while five months pregnant.


Bale Hasn’t Seen a Modern Superhero Film, Not Interested in Making One

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The Dark Knight Trilogy's Batman, Christian Bale says he hasn't seen any modern superhero movies, nor is he interested in making one.


Greg Capullo Teases First Art from Dark Nights: Metal

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Greg Capullo gives fans a taste of what's to come when he reunites with Scott Snyder for their final Batman epic.

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Finsix Dart-C charger review: Tiny, powerful, and worth the expense

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If you accidentally left your USB-C laptop charger during a layover at Batman Airport (yes, it’s real), consider yourself lucky, because you now have an excuse to upgrade to a much sexier, much lighter power brick, like the Finsix Dart-C (available for ).
I can’t confirm Finsix’s claim that this is “The World’s Smallest Laptop Charger,” but damn, is it small (approximately 2.5 x 1 x 1 inches) and it punches well above its weight.

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The Riddler Arrives in Gotham’s Return – Is Harley Quinn Next?

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"Gotham" cast members talk the show's return, and Edward Nygma's transformation to famed Batman villain the Riddler.

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