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No that's not a river, that's North Carolina's Interstate 40.

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The North Carolina Division of Aviation flew over Interstate 40 to illustrate how dangerous traveling in that area would be. Both sides are completely impassable after Florence brought heavy rain and deep flood waters.

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Field & Stream Men's E68 Aviation Watch for $30 + free shipping

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Shnoop offers the Field & Stream Men's E68 Aviation Watch for $39.99. Coupon code "FSCHRONO" cuts it to $29.99. With free shipping, that's $3 less than we saw in July and the lowest price we could find by $8. It features a stainless steel case, a Japanese quartz movement, and water resistance. Deal ends August 31.

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Hamilton Men's Khaki Aviation QNE Watch for $399 + free shipping

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Ashford offers the Hamilton Men's Khaki Aviation Qne Automatic Watch for $747. Coupon code "AFFKHAK399" cuts it to $399. With free shipping, that's tied with our January mention and the lowest price we could find by $161. It features a stainless case and band, Swiss mechanical automatic movement, and water resistance.

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One year until Brexit: 7 big issues that must be solved

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The UK must answer difficult questions on climate change, food security, aviation and more as it leaves the EU on 29 March 2019

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Trade tensions shadow annual aviation meet in Sydney

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SYDNEY, June 3- Trade tensions could dampen economic growth and have a negative impact on travel demand, especially for lucrative business travel that drives airlines' profits, aviation industry executives said on Sunday. The Trump administration has renewed tariff threats against China, while key U.S. allies Canada, Mexico and the European Union have been hit...

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www.theguardian.com: Florence: five dead in storm as flooding and surges continue – live updates

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More than 600,000 people without power as Florence, downgraded to tropical storm, continues to lash Carolinas

    Authorities have confirmed five deaths linked to Florence so far:

    I’ve confirmed 5 fatalities with officials in NC state: 2 in New Hanover County, 2 in Lenoir County, and 1 in Pender County.

    Climate scientist Michael Mann has published a comment piece in the Guardian about the “climate change triple threat” posed by Florence:
    An early autumn ocean “heat wave” has brought sea surface temperatures in the western Atlantic to . Just as summer heat waves on land are in frequency and intensity by even modest overall warming, so too are these ocean heat waves becoming more frequent and more extreme as the oceans continue warm. All else being equal, warmer oceans mean more energy to intensify tropical storms and hurricanes.
    But when it comes to coastal threat, it hardly matters how many tropical storms there are over the course of the season. A single landfalling hurricane can wreak havoc and destruction. Think Katrina in 2005, Irene in 2011, Sandy in 2012, either Harvey or Maria in 2017 and now Florence in 2018.

    There is a new flash flood emergency warning for Goldsboro, Smithfield, Selma, Princeton and other municipalities in North Carolina. Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.

    The flash flood threat is just beginning in some areas. As moves slowly, double-digit rain totals will become more widespread. Avoid flooded areas, especially roadways.

    Flash Flood Warning including Goldsboro NC, Smithfield NC, Selma NC until 10:00 PM EDT

    Some of the latest images of flooding and devastation from photographers on the ground:

    Good Samaritans find two dogs stranded on porch amid rising floodwaters in Jacksonville, North Carolina, carry them onto their boat and bring them to safety

    Some more details on two storm-related deaths in Kinston from Lenoir county emergency services director Roger Dail:

    Some new details from the Associated Press about the swift-water rescue teams assisting residents in New Bern, a community swamped by the storm:
    New Bern spokeswoman Colleen Roberts said more than 360 people had been rescued by mid-afternoon Friday, but another 140 were still waiting for help.
    She says crews from the city and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) were working with citizen volunteers to get people to dry ground.

    The current statewide power outage total is 686,304, according to North Carolina officials. Details on the regions with the most problems here:

    Current statewide power outage total is at 686,304, with the highest concentration in Bladen, Brunswick, Carteret, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Duplin, Harnett, Johnston, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender, Robeson, Sampson, Wake and Wayne counties. Get updates:

    An update from Guardian reporter Khushbu Shah, who is continuing to report from Wilmington:
    Officials have confirmed a “medical, storm-related fatality this morning as Hurricane Florence came ashore”. Details from Tammy Proctor, Pender county spokesperson:
    At the height of the storm, EMS and emergency personnel attempted to respond. The roadway was blocked by trees and debris. A front loader was brought in to clear the roadway. A tree went into the windshield of the front loader. Due to the winds and dangerous conditions, operations had to cease at that time.

    Some updates from Governor Roy Cooper’s latest press conference:

    . Cooper: UNC Chapel Hill has agreed to operate a mass shelter on their grounds. We are appreciative to all facilities that have opened their doors to operate as shelters. Efforts to get people long term housing after the storm are already underway.

    Tropical storms are not barrelling along as fast as they used to – and there are consequences. Guardian journalist Kate Ravilious has some useful background about the science and the implications:
    Research published in earlier this year showed that the average speed at which tropical storms track has slowed down by 10% since 1949. Over land, speeds have decreased even further; around 30% for western North Pacific storms and 20% for North Atlantic ones. Changes in atmospheric circulation, caused by global warming, are thought to be behind the decrease in pace.
    Hurricanes that proceed at a trot instead of a canter are not good news.

    Florence has officially been downgraded to a tropical storm, with winds now falling to 70mph. Surges and flooding will as the storm lashes South Carolina.

    JUST IN: downgraded to a tropical storm as winds fall to 70 mph.

    has weakend to a Tropical Storm, but still poses a multi-day storm surge, flood and tornado threat as it slowly moves inland. Feet of rain are expected, don't let your guard down. Our live 24/7 coverage continues.

    Sam Levin here, continuing our live coverage of the hurricane. Here’s the latest:

    Many North Carolina jurisdictions are issuing curfews tonight, and pleading with residents to shelter in place and stay off the roads. So far they include:
    Counties: Wayne, Lenoir, Columbia, Robeson

    NEW: Wayne County, NC under mandatory curfew effective at 9 p.m. Only people allowed past curfew are those headed to work or emergency personnel. Violators will be charged.

    Authorities have reported another two deaths in North Carolina, bringing the death toll from Florence to four.
    One person was electrocuted in Lenoir county trying to plug in a generator, according to Governor Roy Cooper’s office.

    Watch the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s rainfall predictions swell through Friday afternoon.

    Between only one metro area in the US saw a bigger population increase than the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina region currently being lashed by Hurricane Florence. That rapid expansion of both businesses and housing in the costal community has put many more people in Florence’s path than would have been there years ago.
    It’s also a direct driver of flooding during a potentially catastrophic rainfall event like Florence is shaping up to be. All that development means more non-porous concrete, and less soft ground for water to absorb.

    Authorities in Wilmington, North Carolina have confirmed what are believed to be the first two fatalities of Hurricane Florence in Wilmington. A mother and infant were killed when a tree fell on their house. The father was transported to a local hospital with injuries.

    WPD can confirm the first two fatalities of Hurricane in Wilmington. A mother and infant were killed when a tree fell on their house. The father was transported to NHRMC with injuries.

    Nearly 2,100 flights have been canceled because of the hurricane. This is the view from flight trackers:

    certainly making its mark on aviation traffic today.

    The National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina tweets that it’s “not immune” to storm damage. The headquarters lost a tree out front thanks to high winds and rain-saturated soil.

    The National Weather Service is not immune to storm damage either.... No property damage, luckily, just some downed limbs and trees!

    North Carolina governor Roy Cooper said at a news conference in Raleigh that citizens were still in danger.
    “The sun rose this morning on an extremely dangerous situation and it’s going to get worse,” Cooper said. “To those in the storm’s path, if you can hear me, please stay sheltered in place.”

    Florence is practically flying by at 6mph, after slowing down to 3mph earlier this morning.
    Maximum sustained winds of 75mph leave it just above the minimum threshold to still be considered a hurricane, which is 74mph.

    At 1 pm, Hurricane Florence was centered about 30 mi west-southwest of Wilmington NC, or about 35 mi northeast of Myrtle Beach SC. Florence has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, and is moving to the west at 6 mph.

    Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal reports that much of Wrightville Beach is currently under water, which is not surprising. The low-lying beach town, at an elevation of just 7 feet above sea level, was where Florence official made landfall Friday morning.

    Big stretches of Wrightsville Beach NC now underwater

    Myrtle Beach, with its pristine shoreline, fairground attraction and immaculate golf courses, is known as a major holiday destination in the US south. But for the city’s poorest residents – – the prospect of a direct hit from Hurricane Florence served only as a reminder of the city’s economic and .
    For many, evacuating from the path of Hurricane Florence is simply too expense.

    Last year Hurricane Harvey became the most significant tropical rainfall event in recorded US history, topping out at 60.58in. Latest HD modeling now showing Florence could come close.

    40-50" rainfall totals beginning to show up in higher-res guidance as the event begins to unfold. Reminds me of how guidance began to respond in Harvey. Regardless of exact totals, rainfall will be exceptional and flooding catastrophic.

    Information from the National Weather Service about what the key dangers are in times of heavy rainfall. Up to 50in could hit south-east North Carolina between now and Sunday.

    What are the impacts of 15 to 25 inches of rainfall in a short amount of time? Catastrophic flooding is likely across portions of southern/eastern . Have a plan, monitor the forecast, and be ready to implement your plan!

    High resolution model suggesting 50 inches of rain could fall in southeast North Carolina between now and Sunday. This is Harvey.

    From the Associated Press, Florence by the numbers:

    Search and rescue dogs were deployed to North Carolina on Wednesday to help find storm survivors.
    Those deployed include three teams of one dog, one human from

    Morty kept snuggling up next to me as I stood there talking to different people. It just hit me that he probably sensed my stress and anxiety. I’m 12 hours into my shift and there’s 4 more hours before my shift ends. He definitely helped me out.

    SAY HI TO MORTY! He’s with the Disaster Response Canine Unit. caught up with him in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. He's ready to help in . He's a good boy!

    Dramatic scenes from North Carolina, where the south-eastern part of the state is

    This is not a scene that you want to see at the end of your street.
    Massive waves & storm surge overtaking this neighborhood in coastal NC.
    (Courtesy: Don Bowers & LeeAnn0252)

    Harborview Nursing home in Morehead City, NC
    I worked here for about 2 years. It is right on the water and as you can see, the first floor is under water and it's close to getting 2nd floor.
    Laundry, front office, beauty shop, kitchen all on 1st floor.

    Carolina Beach is flooding.

    "A remarkably touching scene in Wilmington, North Carolina as firefighters huddle in prayer for two victims in partial house collapse." -

    that if Florence causes massive damage, North Carolina’s coastal insurance policy may not have the cash to foot the bill. Those costs could wind up being passed along to property tax payers statewide.
    “According to the most recent totals available, from 2017, the state-created insurance plan had access to about in reserves, reinsurance, and contributions from insurance companies to repair and rebuild damaged homes and properties,” according to ProPublica.

    All aboard.

    More storm damage - viewer Sheannon Lilley sent us this shot of a boat from her hotel room window at Courtyard Marriott in New Bern:

    The in the Carolina inland about an increased threat of landslides and debris flows across the mountains and foothills this weekend.
    Florence will bring heavy rain to the western Carolinas Saturday through Monday. The heavy rain is expected to result in significant flooding along creeks and streams.
    Landslides, including fast-moving debris flows consisting of water, mud, falling rocks, trees, and other large debris, are most likely within small valleys that drain steep slopes.
    Landslides are powerful and potentially deadly, capable of washing out roads, bridges, and homes. People living in areas prone to landslides should be aware of the danger and be prepared to act.
    Stay alert. Many landslide fatalities occur when people are sleeping. Be aware that short intense bursts of rainfall are most likely to cause landslides.

    In a new conference, North Carolina governor Roy Cooper says Hurricane Florence is so widespread, “you will find it hard to find a NC resident who has not been impacted. It has just come ashore and will be here for a long time. This is going to be a bad storm.”
    At the same conference, Maj Gen Gregory Lusk said over 500 activated North Carolina guard soldiers and airmen “are already responding to calls over the state. We are standing up a joint task force that has a dual status commander that will be coordinating response efforts.”

    . Cooper: The Federal Disaster Declaration is under review at this time, but we expect it to be approved. The request has been expedited. It will be for recovery efforts.

    In Conway North Carolina, about eight miles north of Myrtle Beach, Rocky Session spent the morning checking on his home, making some last minute adjustments to the wood he has fixed over the windows.
    “I feel a little bit better,” Session said as he drilled the last piece of wood diagonally across his doorway.

    If you have been affected by evacuation orders or by the weather directly you can share your experiences at the link below – one of our journalists may contact you to discuss further.
    You can also contact the by adding the contact +44(0)7867825056.

    Got a minute? Watch Hurricane Florence from its formation on the coast of West Africa, through it’s 4,000 mile journey across the Atlantic, all the way to its collision with the mid-Atlantic coast.

    4,000 miles.
    16 days.
    Florence's incredible journey from Africa to North America. <(a href="https://t.co/PVJEzdVNdg">https://t.co/PVJEzdVNdg)

    The from the National Hurricane Center reports that Florence has slowed off its already sluggish 5mph pace to 3mph. That’s the average speed a person walks.
    Maximum sustained winds are down to below 80 mph which is significant because 74mph is the minimum sustained threshold for a category 1 hurricane.

    Photographs now emerging from the Florence-battered Carolinas paint a scene of devastation, rescue and whole lot of hard work.

    Fun name, serious consequences.
    Florence appears to be shifting in track slightly to the south, a movement that forecasters call a “wobble”. That sounds innocent enough, but it appears likely to bring the storm back over sea causing it to strengthen and reorganize before making a SECOND landfall over South Carolina.

    has started the jog SW and the westward movement will bring SE NC an additional 10-20”. It’s just starting for people inland and the next 24hrs will have stronger winds, especially just south of Harnett Co. Wind map valid 6pm.

    Throughout Florence’s approach and landfall, weather experts have desperately been trying to hammer home the point that storm category isn’t an effective measurement of the total risk of a tropical system.
    “The reality is that these impacts are independent of that category,” said National Weather Service Director Ken Graham “A slow large storm is our nemesis because what it does is it keeps pushing the water ... inland.”
    Even before landfall, many of us were concerned about a tendency that we notice with the public during these storms. Many of the models projected a Category 4 hurricane to make landfall earlier in the week.
    As it got closer to land, it was classified as Category 2. Intensity forecasts still lag track forecasts but that is a different article. This change caused some people to make statements like “it’s just a Category 2 storm” or “it’s not going to be that bad.” It even caused some fringe elements to start hyperventilating and whining about over-hype.

    Alarmist media at it again. Overhyped Florence. Down two notches to Cat 2 already. Soon be Cat 1. They are still trying to hype it

    This is one way to ride out a storm, from the AP:
    With Hurricane Florence barreling toward their home near Wilmington, North Carolina, Allison Hales Jordan and her husband boarded up their house, packed up their car and headed to Walt Disney World in Florida with their two teenage children.

    With power outages now affecting customers in North Carolina and 32,000 in South Carolina, thats over a half million in the dark, and Florence still has plenty more wind and rain to dish out.
    Duke Energy, the primary provider in the region has said no technicians will be sent out to restore power until the storm passes.

    Even though it leaves you exposed to the elements, experts say that people caught in flood emergencies are safer on the roof than in attics or crawlspaces, where they can more easily become trapped.

    For those sheltering in place from , know what to do if flood waters reach your location. Never enter attics or crawl spaces. Preliminary analysis shows that storm surge is approximately 2 feet higher in than during Hurricane Irene.

    With Florence moving at a snail’s pace of 5mph, we’re still waiting to feel the force of the storm here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
    Nonetheless, the rain and wind is lashing at my hotel window with reports of minor damage to property a little further up the road.

    Check out these stunning images from German astronaut Alexander Gerst looking down on Florence’s eye from the International Space Station.

    Donald Trump’s Twitter is, for the moment, all business as it relates to Hurricane Florence.

    Incredible job being done by FEMA, First Responders, Law Enforcement and all. Thank you!

    We have created a rumor control page for Hurricane that will be updated regularly. During disasters, it’s critical to avoid spreading false information. Always check with official sources before sharing.

    Hoy es el último día para desalojar. Si está en la ruta de , escuche a las autoridades locales para órdenes de desalojo. Si necesita encontrar un refugio, envíe un mensaje de texto con la palabra REFUGIO y su código postal a 43362(4FEMA).

    62 people, including an infant and many children were safely relocated from a hotel in Jacksonville, North Carolina after officials found potentially fatal structural damage to the building.
    About 12:45 AM, Jacksonville 9-1-1 received a call about damage to the Triangle Motor Inn at 246 Wilmington Hwy. A basketball sized hole was found in a corner room by an Officer. Firefighters later found life-threatening damage to the structure. Cinder blocks that were part of the structure were crumbling in some places and residents were still in many of the rooms.
    Hurricane force winds were a challenge, and Police and Fire had to force their way into some rooms.
    Portions of the roof were collapsed, allowing rain to flood some of the rooms.

    The from the National Weather Service says maximum sustained winds remain near 90 mph with higher gusts. It predicts a gradual weakening later today and tonight. Other notable observations:
    Track: “The center of Florence will move further inland across extreme southeastern North Carolina and extreme eastern South Carolina today and Saturday. Florence will then move generally northward across the western Carolinas and the central Appalachian Mountains early next week.”

    A tornado watch has been issued for parts of North Carolina until 5 PM EDT

    One thing to remember with large tropical events like Florence is that they are typically multi-stage flooding events. The initial storm surge and rainfall flooding is often followed by swelling rivers and streams in the days ahead as inland inundation eventually finds its way to the lowest ground.
    In North Carolina, Cape Fear River now is predicted to experience record flooding Monday or Tuesday, long after Florence has passed over.

    Record river stage flooding is predicted in Cape Fear River, with river levels forecast to rise to 24.5ft early next week. This is well after pushes out of the area, but impacts are likely still be felt.

    Wilmington has recorded a wind gust of 105 mph, its highest in 60 years and second highest ever observed.

    Wilmington officially recorded its second highest wind gust ever: 105 mph. (135 mph Hurricane Helene, 9 / 27 / 1958)

    Khushbu Shah is in Wilmington where Florence’s powerful eye wall is making landfall.
    She says windows are rattling and rain is pounding in 2-3 minute increments at the hotel windows.
    Nearby, Waffle House employees are putting on rain boots, lighting up the hotel lobby with flashlights and are heading out to serve limited menu breakfasts as Florence makes landfall. They’re saying the one downtown is opening soon.
    2:09a.m. the power went out in the hotel. Around 4:30a.m. A loud pop and the street lights went off. The sign next from Picasso Pawns flew off in the middle of the night.

    Hurricane rips off gas station canopy in Wilmington, North Carolina, as tropical-storm-force winds extending almost 200 miles pound the Carolina coastline.
    The entire city’s out of power ... I’ve lived here all my life. I have never seen a hurricane that is literally going to be with us for two days.”

    The storm officially made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, NC at 7:15AM this morning with gusts near 90mph recorded.

    Half of the eye is onshore, so it's official: has made landfall.

    There are now nearly 380,000 without power in North Carolina now according to the state a number which could skyrocket in to the millions by days end.

    BAM! 380,000+ with no power in North Carolina. And has much more ahead.

    The South East Regional Climate Centre says Wilmington, North Carolina, where Florence will shortly make landfall, has experienced winds of 92mph, the highest recorded there since 1960.

    It’s way too early to assess the dollar damage of Florence, but with the current levels of rainfall and storm surge, it won’t be surprising if Florence ends up among the most expensive US hurricanes ever.

    The number of homes without power appears to be rising every minute, according to a constantly updated ticker from .
    It is now more than 370,000.

    We’re currently in a record stretch for “above normal” hurricane seasons. Due to the intense strength and lengthy duration of Florence, 2018 is already worse than initial expectations.

    Buddy Martinette, Wilmington fire chief has, urged people trapped in their homes in nearby New Bern to stay as high as possible.
    Speaking to CNN he said his advice to those people was to “go high, stay there and we will get to you as quick as we can”.
    Most of the firefighters right now are hunkered down trying to wait this out till they can get back out of the streets.
    But if there is a life to be saved we go do it. When people stay back in a storm they have to have a very low expectation that somebody is going to be able to come and help them. It is very difficult ...

    The National Weather Service reminds us that landfall occurs when the centre of the eye crosses land.

    We're seeing some erroneous info this AM. has NOT officially made landfall. A part of the eye wall has made it on land, but landfall is based on when the CENTER of the eye crosses onto land. Official landfall confirmation must & will come from

    More than 320,000 homes are without power in North Carolina, according to the .

    Several flash flood warnings are in place in North Carolina.

    Flash Flood Warning continues for Washington NC, River Bend NC, Vanceboro NC until 6:45 AM EDT

    Flash Flood Warning continues for Jacksonville NC, Piney Green NC, Half Moon NC until 8:15 AM EDT

    We've just issued warnings for 3 locations in the Cape Fear River basin in response to expected heavy rainfall from . All sites including Fayetteville can expect at least moderate flooding, with serious impacts possible over the next few days. Stay tuned.

    Are hurricanes getting worse? Long-term climate trends paint a worrying picture as and explain.

    The eyewall of Florence is now onshore, and landfall is expected very soon, according to the latest update from the National Hurricane Center.
    Gusts of up to 79mph have been reported and water levels are up to 9ft higher than normal in some parts.

    Hurricane 6 am Update. Florence is about to make landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina.

    Peggy Perry, one of the estimated 150 people trapped in their homes New Bern, North Carolina, has speaking to CNN.
    In a matter of seconds my house was flooded up to the waist. And we’re stuck in the attic. There’s four of us.
    We’ve been up here for like three or four hours. There’s a little window here that we might have to break up (to get out).

    The National Weather Service in Charleston says Florence is about to make landfall in North Carolina near Wilmington.

    5am advisory on still has a high probability of tropical storm winds in the Charleston tri-county area this afternoon through Saturday. Florence is about to make landfall in NC near Wilmington. For the latest go to and

    Footage purportedly from New Bern, North Carolina, where authorities are attempting to rescue 150 people.

    P R A Y F O R N E W B E R N

    Strong winds are hitting the North Carolina port city of Wilmington.

    Wilmington, NC is now getting the eastern eye wall of Hurricane . The strongest winds are occurring now A 71 mph gust was just recorded within the past 15 minutes

    Currently ~150 awaiting rescue in New Bern. We have 2 out-of-state FEMA teams here for swift water rescue. More are on the way to help us. WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU. You may need to move up to the second story, or to your attic, but WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU.

    A tornado warning has been issued for parts of inland North Carolina

    Tornado Warning including Hollister NC, Centerville NC until 3:30 AM EDT

    The US National Hurricane Center has posted its most recent update. Florence has sustained winds of 75mph and gusts of up to 90mph with coastal storm surges reported.

    Hurricane pounding the North Carolina coast. Here is the 3 AM EDT Update.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) has been warning people that Florence will not just affect coastal communities, as warnings come that very few parts of North Carolina will escape torrential rainfall, and that surges will occur along rivers and other bodies of water.
    An example of the impact on inland communities is seen in this tweet from the NWS in Greenville, which is in the north-west corner of South Carolina, about as far from the coast as you can get in the state.

    While the rain from remains to our east, its outer bands of high cloud have begun to spin across our area. You can see one such band over us right now in this infrared satellite imagery from . Rain from could begin late tomorrow in the Charlotte area.

    A buoy off the North Carolina coast has recorded waves nearly 30 feet (9 meters) high as Florence churned toward shore.

    Striking images from the Weather Channel show the impact of the storm surge on a town in North Carolina.
    Despite the fact the storm has been downgraded to category 1, catastrophic rainfall is still expected.

    Significant storm-surge flooding is already inundating New Bern, North Carolina, as of this evening. Here's the latest on :

    Our reporters Oliver Laughland and Adam Gabbatt are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where they have been speaking to people who have evacuated their homes.

    We’re still a few hours from feeling the full force of here in Myrtle Beach, so and me spoke to Rocky & David, some evacuated residents staying at our hotel: (cc )

    Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category 1 storm off the North Carolina coast, with maximum sustained winds dropping to 90 mph (150km/h), according to the National Hurricane Center.

    Well, this is catchy.

    We know it's been a long night and will likely be a long weekend for a lot of you. So we wanted to pass along an important safety message - one that will be very important for you in the coming days - in a fun way. Enjoy.

    A North Carolina TV news station has evacuated its building due to rising waters from Hurricane Florence.
    New Bern’s WCTI-TV NewsChannel 12 posted on Facebook on Thursday night that employees had to abandon the studio for the “first time in history.”

    On air meteorologists in New Bern casually explaining the building has been evacuated due to Florence’s storm surge but they’re sticking around to stay on air and inform the public

    The National Weather Service branch in Newport/Morehead City, which is on the coast of North Carolina and bracing for the full impact of the hurricane, has shared a video of furious rain outside their office early tonight.

    Outside the NWS Newport/Morehead City at 930 pm.

    The North Carolina Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice has evacuated several thousand adult and juvenile offenders and staff from facilities threatened by the effects of Hurricane Florence.
    More than 3,000 offenders have been relocated from facilities in the path of Hurricane Florence. Four county jails have also been evacuated with more than 300 offenders housed temporarily in state facilities.

    The number of people affected by power outages in North Carolina has increased to more than 102,000, according to Emergency Management North Carolina.
    The areas most affected are Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Onslow and Pamlico.

    The governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, has urged people to share a list of shelters that are open across the state. There are more than 130 shelters currently operating in North Carolina, most of which have been set up in schools. That list can be seen .

    RETWEET THIS: Shelters are continuing to open across North Carolina. An updated list of shelters can be found here:

    The Weather Channel has put green screen to pretty extraordinary use, as they attempt to show what it could look like for people who encounter floodwater reaching nine feet, as is predicted in some areas.
    The good stuff begins 40 seconds into the video, skip ahead to that.

    Storm surge will be a huge factor for Hurricane Check out what it might look like with :

    A tornado warning has been issued for parts of North Carolina until 7am EDT Friday.

    A tornado watch has been issued for parts of North Carolina until 7 AM EDT

    This is Kate Lyons, taking over from Sam Levin.
    The National Weather Service are reporting that, as was the case with Hurricane Harvey last year, so much rain is predicted to fall as a result of Florence that they have to use an updated colour scheme in their rainfall graphic.

    Last year, we tweeted this:
    It's alarming that it's become relevant again, but is forecast to bring a large area of rainfall of 20-40" to parts of NC/SC. We cannot overstate the threat of catastrophic flooding this storm will bring!

    Florence is and could cause problems for days in parts of North Carolina, according to estimates from local news station .
    The Northeast Cape Fear river at Burgaw has a forecast crest of 24ft, which could surpass the previous record of 22.5ft.

    Here are a few images from photographers on the ground:

    More than 80,000 customers are without power in North Carolina, according to the major electric utilities in the state. Duke Energy estimated that 1m to 3m of its 4m customers in the Carolinas could lose power due to Florence, the AP reports.
    There are now more than 12,000 people in 126 shelters in North Carolina, according to governor Roy Cooper. He said the demand is expected to increase and the state is in the process of opening more shelters.

    Gov. Cooper has requested a presidential disaster declaration to expedite the process of receiving federal aid for cleanup and recovery.
    The added disaster declaration would go beyond the federal action already in effect, which is already providing Federal Emergency Management Agency funds and assistance as we prepare for the hurricane. The additional declaration would provide federal help with debris removal as well as FEMA search and rescue teams, disaster medical teams, hazardous material clean up assistance, meals, generators, fuel and more.

    Gov. Northam advises Virginians to stay off the road as Hurricane Florence approaches landfall
    The governor of Virginia has now advised residents to stay off the road and stay in place as Florence approaches landfall. From the :
    He says parts of Virginia will likely see tropical storm-force winds, flooding and several inches (centimeters) of rain.
    Although the forecast for Virginia is less severe than earlier in the week, Northam says “now is not the time to let down our guard.”

    Sam Levin here, continuing our live coverage. Here’s a new alert from the National Weather Service, which has noted that the storm surge is also expected to occur in inlets and rivers, in some cases in excess of 9ft.

    Important note as continues to close in on the Carolina coastline, storm surge is not just an "ocean" problem tonight. Significant surge is expected to occur in the NC inlets and rivers, some areas in excess of 9 feet!

    I think this speaks for itself. Union point in New Bern, North Carolina.

    Our freelancer Khushbu Shah is in Wilmington North Carolina where she found a number of folks ready to ride the storm out despite the mandatory evacuation order.
    Even with an increasingly windy rainfall, neighbors Diane Brown and Bruce Pryor we’re sharing a drink and smoke on Pryor’s from porch a street away from the police HQ. Two pubs and the Waffle House are still open in historic downtown Wilmington. Cape Fear’s co-owner Lector Bennett says he’ll stay open to the dozen people outside drinking until he has to go home and feed his dog. Down the block, an Irish pub, Slainte, will have revelers out front all night.

    Bruce and Diane are neighbors and they’re not afraid of Florence as they share a smoke and drink on Bruce’s patio. He says, “I’m not worried. This isn’t my first rodeo.”

    It might seem like counter-intuitive device during a storm when floodwaters are expected, but Fema calls this “critical advice” for those in the storm’s path noting that the combination of soggy, water-saturated ground and hurricane force winds can easily topple even massive trees. Staying in interior rooms on the ground floor reduce the risk that a tree falling on a home will cause injury or death.

    . Cooper: Stay in a secure space, especially when the wind is high, and on the lowest level of your home (especially when you sleep), as trees can fall.

    This video from Weather Nation is a frightening demonstration of how powerful even a few inches of storm surge can be, as it knocks a wall in North Carolina off its frame.

    Storm surge is the deadliest consequence of hurricanes and we're already seeing some effects from Florence. Watch as an interior wall is ripped off a frame from a beach house near the coastline as captured by our field correspondents.

    Don’t focus on the category of the storm. Hurricane will slow down as it approaches the coast & moves inland. This will cause extremely dangerous flooding.
    Make sure you have multiple ways to get local weather alerts— through your phone , weather radio , and TV .

    It its the National Hurricane Center is advising that “little change in strength is expected before the eye of Florence reaches the coast”.
    This means that in all likelihood, the costal Carolinas will receive the full brunt of category 2-force, 100mph winds.
    Well-constructed frame homes could sustain major roof and siding damage. Many shallowly rooted trees will be snapped or uprooted and block numerous roads. Near-total power loss is expected with outages that could last from several days to weeks.

    Currently Florence is pushing out maximum sustained winds of 100mph and moving WNW at a sluggish 5mph – which could inflate rainfall totals and increase the number of areas that experience catastrophic flooding.
    The storm is 100 miles ESE of Wilmington, North Carolina, and 155 miles east of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    Latest WPC guidance has expanded the coverage area for extreme rainfall/flooding as slows down. 15-30" rainfall amounts now likely to expand into parts of SC. A catastrophic event is unfolding.

    I’m here in Myrtle Beach with my colleague Adam Gabbatt.

    Every gas station I’ve passed from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach is completely dry.

    At this point forecasters are expecting at least 9ft of costal storm surge with some estimates as high as 13ft.
    In case you’re having trouble visualizing what 9ft of storm surge looks like, The Weather Channel’s Erika Navarro has this virtual look of what some in Florence’s path could be up against.

    Storm surge will be a huge factor for Hurricane Check out what it might look like with :

    The steady battering power of Florence’s winds are well illustrated in video footage from atop a decommissioned lighthouse off the North Carolina coast. An NBC periscope feed from the Frying Pan Tower steadily picking up over the course of four hours, eventually shearing an American flag.

    Hurricane Florence is continuing to push towards a landfall around the North Carolina/South Carolina border, and is beginning to lash the central Atlantic seaboard with damaging winds and storm surge. As of Thursday afternoon the storm was generating sustained winds of 105mph, as storm surge water has begun to rush into homes and streets along beachside communities.

    Breaking Weather: Storm Surge North Topsail Beach. Sand dunes gone storm surge 4’ into house knocking down walls first floor.

    Storm surge is deadly. Anyone in an evacuation zone in the Carolinas and Virginia must leave NOW if they haven't yet.

    U.S. airlines, officials grapple with looming pilot shortfall

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    Airlines, government agencies and academic institutions must work together to address a potential future shortfall of commercial and military pilots and other aviation employees in the coming years, U.S. officials said on Thursday.

    From: feeds.reuters.com

    Ryan Reynolds' Hilarious Out-of-Office Email Features Blake Lively Divorce Jokes

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    Ryan Reynolds, Blake LivelyRyan Reynolds is "swamped" this week. The Aviation Gin owner, who recently revealed his company email address to the world on The Tonight Show, has been setting up hilarious...

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