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Scientists discover two new species of ancient, burrowing mammal ancestors

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Paleontologists have discovered two new species of mammal-like, burrowing animals that lived about 120 million years ago in what is now northeastern China. The new species are distantly related but independently evolved traits to support their digging lifestyle. They represent the first 'scratch-diggers' discovered in this ecosystem.

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Coral predators exert a much larger influence on young coral than expected

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You might not think an animal made out of stone would have much to worry about in the way of predators, and that's largely what scientists had thought about coral. Although corallivores like parrotfish and pufferfish are well known to biologists, their impact on coral growth and survival was believed to be small compared to factors like heatwaves, ocean acidification and competition from algae.

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Double duty: Gut's immune system helps regulate food processing, too

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The small intestine is ground zero for survival of animals. It is responsible for absorbing the nutrients crucial to life and it wards off toxic chemicals and life-threatening bacteria. Researchers report the critical role played by the gut's immune system in these key processes. The immune system, they found, not only defends against pathogens but regulates which nutrients are taken in.

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Study Finds That Cows Talk And Show Compassion Just Like Humans

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A study found that cows communicate with the herd through their moos and express various emotions Scientists have shown that animals communicate in similar ways to us, and such findings remind us that animals are sentient and intelligent beings that deserve our love, care, and respect. Yet, with their unique characteristics and nature, animals always ...]

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Asthma may heighten flu risk and cause dangerous mutations

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A subtype of asthma in adults may cause higher susceptibility to influenza and could result in dangerous flu mutations. Animal studies have found that paucigranulocytic asthma (PGA) - a non-allergic form of the condition - allows the flu virus to flourish in greater numbers in sufferers.

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Students tackle global issues with innovation

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Using animal scale design to prevent impact injuries on humans, and utilising food waste to reduce the effect of plastic on the environment, are just some ways in which students are tackling global problems.


Tennessee suspends linebacker Aaron Beasley after animal abuse allegations surface

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Tennessee Volunteers suspended linebacker Aaron Beasley indefinitely after animal abuse allegations surfaced Monday.

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Aquatic biodiversity key to sustainable, nutrient-rich diets

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New research shows aquatic species contain distinct and complementary sets of micronutrients -- while animals offered similar amounts of protein, they varied greatly in concentrations of micronutrients that are crucial in fighting hidden hunger around the globe.

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Five animals to spot in a post-Covid financial jungle

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As the world prepares for an economic reset, several creatures have emerged to help you navigate your way.

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