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Google hit with €4.3 billion fine from EU for abusing market dominance

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The EU has fined Google 4.3 billion euros for using its Android mobile operating system to "cement its dominant market position in internet search"

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6 ways the first Android phone changed absolutely everything

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10 years after Google's T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) launched, it's clear how Android challenged the iPhone from the very beginning.

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Console Games Arent Dead Yet

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We all remember headlines about how console games are dead or dying. Mobile games, PC games, Android settop boxes, virtual reality, and cloud gaming were all going to kill off consoles. Does the console game business face any long-term threats? Sure. The consoles are by their nature proprietary machines, and they will face the threat of open standards espoused by rivals such as Android and the Windows PC, which can embrace new technologies at a more rapid clip. But its not much to worry about.


The first Android phone was an ugly thing, and I loved it

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Looking back on my contrarian T-Mobile G1, the anti-iPhone, a decade later.

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Watch Android Auto and Apple CarPlay slug it out in a Mazda CX-9 - Roadshow

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YouTubers "The Straight Pipes" sit down to find out which platform is better now that Apple CarPlay supports Google Maps.

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Toyota to finally support Android Auto, report says - Roadshow

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Toyota is one of a handful of automakers that only supports Apple CarPlay for now.

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T-Mobile G1: The first Android phone never looked so good

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The innocence! The horror! Seeing the ten-year-old T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) now is like staring at your embarrassing yearbook photos.

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Google experiments are turning Daydream into a big-boy VR headset

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Every Android app could potentially come to VR, plus reach-out-and-touch controls and see-through superpowers.

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Android turns 10: Google's fierce iPhone rival had a stumbling start

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My, has Google's mobile operating system come a long way since Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1.

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Fortnite is coming to Android, but players risk downloading malware

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When blockbuster game Fortnite hits Android phones, gamers will be able to get it outside Google Play, which could leave them vulnerable to scams

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