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Ontario Police Wrestle Escaped Pig, End Up Covered In Mud

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Source: www.simcoe.com
Source: www.simcoe.com

Canadian police in Ontario were called out to wrangle a pig who had escaped near a busy road with little success. South Simcoe Police report that the pig was spotted running along the side of the road and they were concerned about it causing a traffic accident.
According to UPI, South Simcoe Police Sgt. Todd Ferrier said police were concerned that if someone hit the pig or swerved to , someone could get hurt.
"The problem is when people try to avoid these animals that can be just as tragic - trying swerve around a 200 pounds pig - as it can be running into a 200 pounds pig," he said.
The Ontario police underestimated the strength of the pig while trying to get her into the squad car, and Constable Gerry Crane ended up covered in mud.

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