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Six-Year-Old Has Brittle Bone Disease That Has Left Him With Over 500 Fractures

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Source: www.newsgrio.com
Source: www.newsgrio.com

A 6-year-old boy suffers from a rare bone condition that has left him with more than 500 fractures already in his short life.
According to the Daily Mail, Reiko Quinlan suffers from Osteogeneses Imperfecta Type Three which is also known as the Brittle Bone Disease.
The agonizing condition left little Reiko with five fractures on the day he was born and before he was 1-year-old.
Osteogeneses Imperfecta Type Three has stunted Reiko's growth with the six-year-old bearing semblance to a 2-year-old child.
In addition, Reiko is unable to walk without assistance. He is confined to a wheelchair because of the extreme fragility of his thighbones which have fractured over 100 times.
Reiko's condition is so heartbreaking that his other siblings cannot hug him out of fear of breaking his bones.

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