Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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Boundary of heliosphere mapped

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For the first time, the boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped, giving scientists a better understanding of how solar and interstellar winds interact.

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An unusual symbiosis of a ciliate, green alga, and purple bacterium

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The intracellular purple sulfur bacterium 'Candidatus Thiodictyon intracellulare' has lost the ability to oxidize sulfur and now supplies a ciliate with energy from photosynthesis.

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Attachable skin monitors that wick the sweat away?

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A new preparation technique fabricates thin, silicone-based patches that rapidly wick water away from the skin. The technique could reduce the redness and itching caused by wearable biosensors that trap sweat beneath them.

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McAuliffe doubles down on false budget claim that has been fact-checked three times

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The former Virginia governor, who is seeking his old job again, earns Four Pinocchios.

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Sheryl Crow Recalls Alleged Sexual Harassment From Michael Jackson's Late Manager Frank DiLeo

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Sheryl Crow, SiriusXM StudiosIn a new interview, Sheryl Crow detailed the alleged sexual harassment she faced early in her career at the hands of a powerful music manager, and how it was a "crash course" in the music...

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Help, I can't find my AirPods! iOS 15 comes with a new way to track them down

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Apple is making it even easier to use Find My on missing wireless earbuds and headphones.

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iPhone's buzzy new Apple Wallet feature: How to add a digital driver's license in iOS 15

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With iOS 15, Apple Wallet will start carrying driver's licenses, bringing Apple closer to its grand vision of replacing the physical wallet entirely with a digital one.

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We've seen iOS 15, and there are still a bunch of missing features

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The iOS 15 developer beta was previewed at WWDC, and while it's got some cool new bells and whistles, Apple didn't deliver everything.

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3 reasons you shouldn't install the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone

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You might want to wait a little longer before downloading Apple's newest software to your phone or iPad.

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iOS 15 beta on iPhone not working out? How to go back to iOS 14

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Whether it's too many bugs, poor battery life or some other reason for iOS 15 developer preview regret, the good news is you should be able to restore iOS 14 on your device.

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