Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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Justice Department asks court to scrap decades-old 'Paramount' antitrust decrees

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The U.S. Justice Department said on Monday that it would ask a court to scrap decades-old 'Paramount' consent decrees enacted to protect movie theaters from powerful studios.

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Meet the mind coach supporting London's top fitness studios

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Zoe Aston is the mental health pro the capital's cult gyms are calling on. Katie Strick meets the head girl

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Painting a bigger biosociological picture of chronic pain

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An integrated approach that unifies psychosocial factors with neurobiology sheds light on chronic pain traits and their underlying brain networks, according to a new study.

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Quickly record a video of your iPhone or iPad's screen

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Screenshots are so last year. You can record a video of your iOS device's screen with just a tap.

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Apple pulls vaping apps, Microsoft kills Cortana on mobile in eight countries video

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In today's top stories, Apple responds to the vaping crisis by pulling associated apps from its App Store, Microsoft kills off Cortana on iOS and Android in eight countries and T-Mobile CEO John Legere reportedly won't be jumping ship to WeWork.

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to Frederich Hipp

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Richard P. Feynman to Frederich Hipp, April 5, 1961

Editor's Note: Frederich Hipp, a high school student, was fascinated by physics ("atomic theory and quantum mechanics in particular") and had built a cloud chamber for his science project. He was concerned, however, that he had little aptitude for math. His question to Feynman: "Can a person of normal mathematical ability master enough math to do work on some professional level in this field?" Mr. Frederich Hipp New Milford, Connecticut Dear Sir: To do any important work in physics a very good mathematical ability and aptitude are required. Some work in applications can be done without this, but it will not be very inspired. If you must satisfy your "personal curiosity concerning the mysteries of nature" what will happen if these mysteries turn out to be laws expressed in mathematical terms (as they do turn out to be)? You cannot understand the physical world in any deep or satisfying way without using mathematical reasoning with facility. How do you know you don't have an aptitude for math? Perhaps you disliked your teacher, or it was presented wrong for your type of mind. What do I advise? Forget it all. Don't be afraid. Do what you get the greatest pleasure from. Is it to build a cloud chamber? Then go on doing things like that. Develop your talents wherever they may lead. Damn the torpedoes—full speed ahead! What about the math? Maybe (1) you might find it interesting later when you need it to design a new apparatus, or (2) you may not go on with your present ambition to understand everything, but instead find yourself a leader in some other direction, such as building the most ingenious rocket-ship control devices, or (3) biological problems may ultimately absorb all your interest and talent for doing experiments and learning about nature, etc. If you have any talent, or any occupation that delights you, do it, and do it to the hilt. Don't ask why, or what difficulties you may get into. If you are an average student in everything and no intellectual pursuit gives you real delight, then I don't know how to advise you. You will have to discuss it with someone else. It is a problem that I have not thought about very hard. Sincerely, R. P. Feynman

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Trinitarios gang bust in Boston suburb nets 79 guns, 32 arrests: feds

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A two-year undercover investigation targeting the violent New York City Trinitarios gang has led to 32 arrests and the seizure of 79 guns in a Boston suburb.

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Cortana app for iOS, Android going silent in UK, Canada, Australia, Microsoft says

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No word yet on the US.

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Bachelor in Paradise's Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Plan to Have a "Super Small Wedding"

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Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour Let the wedding bells ring for these two lovebirds! Bachelor in Paradise's Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour spoke to E! News at the 3rd annual #REVOLVEawards at Goya Studios in...

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