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Miramar has finally been released for PUBG on Xbox One

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Six months after its initial release and after almost a month on the Xbox One test server Miramar, the second map for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, has finally been released for the Xbox One version of the game.

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Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum patch finally brings PS4 Pro, Xbox One X support

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Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Para Bellum has gone live on the TTS, and with it, confirmation of most of what's coming.

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Want tough? oOo: Ascension is now available exclusively on Xbox One

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Neil writes: "Gamers are a strange breed - more than happy to be on the edge of hurling our controllers out of the window at every opportunity. If that is you, and you're looking for a new super tough experience, then oOo: Ascension is here to test you every step of the way."

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Hyper-caffeinated action-platformer Super Hyperactive Ninja slashes its way to Xbox One

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Neil writes: "You probably don't know it, but you've no doubt got common with Super Hyperactive Ninja than you realise. See, if the coffee runs out in Super Hyperactive Ninja, then it's game over. Just. Like. In. Real. Life."

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Go looting with Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG on Xbox One

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Neil writes: "You may feel like there isn't room for another dungeon crawler in your life - especially one that combines other genres for good measure - but you'd be wrong, because Dungeons Rushers is here and it promises plenty of looting of dungeons, crushing of monsters and crafting of equipment. And that is all we ask for in a dungeon crawler is it not?"

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Summer Console Buying Guide: Should You Buy A PS4, Xbox One or Switch?

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Cultured Vultures: Slightly flusher with cash this time of year and want to figure out which console you should buy? We've put together a quick guide for you.

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Sea Of Thieves First Big Content Update, The Hungering Deep, Further Detailed

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The Hungering Deep update arrives on Xbox One and PC next week, and developer Rare has shared a few more details on the new content it brings to the online pirate game.

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State of Decay 2: Xbox One X looks better than S - but frame-rate is lower

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Exclusive to Xbox One and PC, the launch build of State of Decay 2 is blighted by bugs and mis-steps in optimisation. Tom gives an overview of the console versions, showing the clear benefits of running on Xbox One X - and the penalty that comes with it.

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Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.8 Xbox/PC adds New Player Settings and Improves VFX & Performance

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Rare and Microsoft have rolled out Sea of Thieves update 1.0.8 across all Xbox One platforms and Windows 10 PC.

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The Sinking City Teaser Trailer Released - More At E3 2018

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From GameWatcher: "Frogwares Games has revealed a teaser trailer for The Sinking City, which is expected to be released sometime this year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

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