Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Hotline for grandparents: How to teach your older relatives to use WhatsApp and FaceTime

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They'll be sending gifs and emojis in no time

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[Coronavirus] Lockdown: EU officials lobbied by WhatsApp and Skype

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Some lobbyists are "burning the phones" to EU officials as industry reacts to the pandemic - creating concern on public scrutiny.

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Facebook launches coronavirus fact-checker for WhatsApp users in Italy

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The service lets users run content from the messaging service through a fact-checking tool to see if it's legit.

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Facebook launches fact-checking service on WhatsApp in Italy to fight coronavirus hoaxes

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Facebook Inc. launched a service in Italy to check the accuracy of information on coronavirus circulating on its messaging platform WhatsApp, the U.S. tech firm said on Thursday.

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Jimi Famurewa on restaurant delivery in lockdown London: 'A new frontier of jogging-bottomed gastronomy'

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Even aboard the ever-shifting sands of epidemiological apocalypse — in the age of awkward elbow bumps, houses filled with teetering piles of hoarded toilet roll and WhatsApped vaccine conspiracy theories from someone with 'a friend of a friend in the civil service' — it felt like an especially unusual new development. The Deliveroo rider knocked at the door. I stepped into the porch of our freshly sort-of-quarantined house and, having requested recently introduced 'contact-free' delivery, muttered something through the glass about leaving it outside.

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How to do group video calls on WhatsApp to keep in touch with all your friends

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Catch up with up to three friends via Whatsapp's group video call feature

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WHO Health Alert: World Health Organization launches COVID-19 WhatsApp service

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WHO launches WhatsApp service to help sort fact from fiction in fight against the coronavirus

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[Podcast] Věra Jourová on surveillance and Covid-19

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Commissioner for values and transparency, Věra Jourová, says Brussels will vet moves in Hungary to give prime minister Viktor Orbán scope to rule by decree and urges Facebook and Google to push official health advice to WhatsApp and YouTube.

'Everything I've learnt from homeschooling my kids'

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From the best free resources to why a WhatsApp support group is essential, Rachel Brooks on the lessons she's learned from homeschooling her daughter

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Masks, petri dishes and no more fist bumps — how the pandemic is changing the digital lexicon

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The pandemic is creating a whole new language. According to the experts at Emojipedia, use of that squiggly germ emoji you've been using on WhatsApp all week has increased more than fivefold in less than two months.

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