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Woman Is Trampled By A Stampede Of ‘Berserk’ Herd Of Cattle While Walking Her Dog

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An elderly woman in West Sussex, England has been trampled to death by a herd of cattle while out walking her dog.
reported that Hillary Adair, 87, was knocked to the ground and trampled by a herd of Belted Galloway cattle at Linchmere Common and repeatedly attacked by the animals as she tried to stand up. The cows were grazing when something triggered them, making them go "berserk."
Ms. Adair was airlifted from the scene to St. George's Hospital in London and died a week later without regaining consciousness.
At the inquest, testimony was given that this attack came a day after a couple was attacked on the common in a similar manner, which was reported to the owners of the herd. Adair's daughter stated that her mother would have never walked the dog there if she knew the cows were so easily spooked.
Bryony Dillamore witnessed the attack on Adair when she was walking her own dog.


A Pennsylvania Court Ruled It’s A Crime To Point Fingers Like A Gun

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Be careful if you're pointing your fingers in the shape of a gun in Pennsylvania because a court just ruled that the hand gesture is a crime. According to , Stephen Kirchner pointed gun fingers at his neighbor and an appeals court has found that the misdemeanor offense could have provoked "a dangerous altercation."
Kirchner was outside walking with Elaine Natore when they passed a neighbor, Josh Klingseisen. Natore had a "no contact" order against Klingseisen and the exchange quickly turned south. Kirchner made eye contact with Klingseisen and then raised his arm and "made a recoil motion as if to suggest he had shot him."
Kirchner was charged with criminal disorderly conduct after a neighbor reported the event, saying the exchange made her uncomfortable. Kirchner has been fighting the conviction for more than a year. This week, a Pennsylvania state appeals court ruled that the 64-year-old's hand motion "served no legitimate purpose, and recklessly risked provoking a dangerous altercation."

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A mind-controlled exoskeleton helped a man with paralysis walk again

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A man who has paralysis has managed to walk again using an exoskeleton he controls with his mind. The suit is directed by electrodes that rest on the brain's surface, but it can't yet allow independent walking

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Beyoncé Makes Temperatures Rise in Skintight Red Dress

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BeyonceShe slays all day. Beyoncé always knows how to bring the heat. Whether she's walking a runway, showing off her fierce street-style or on-stage. Luckily, on occasion she chooses...

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Walking Free

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Three murders, three trials, 13 years of reporting by "48 Hours" and a husband and father walks free. David Camm talks to "48 Hours"' Richard Schlesinger in his first network TV interview since his trial.


Trump makes call to first all-female spacewalkers

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President Donald Trump put in a congratulatory call from the White House to the world's first all-female spacewalking team that made history high above Earth on Friday, replacing a broken part of the International Space Station's power grid. (Oct. 18)


Tokyo’s Olympic Marathon Site Moved Because of Heat Concerns

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The 2020 men’s and women’s marathons and walking races are now scheduled to take place in Sapporo, 500 miles north of Tokyo.

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Extinction Rebellion London protests LIVE: Activists carry out 'red handed' march in Westminster after blocking Oxford Circus

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Extinction Rebellion activists are walking through Westminster, spray-painting red hand prints onto Government buildings, in the latest stage of the group's protests.

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Feeling legs again improves amputees' health

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Two volunteers are the first above-knee amputees in the world to feel their prosthetic foot and knee in real time. Their bionic prosthesis, which was developed by an international team of researchers, features sensors that connect to residual nerves in the thigh. The resulting neurofeedback greatly reduces physical and mental strain for users of the prosthesis, as well as their phantom limb pain, while increasing their confidence and speed when walking.

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Female spacewalking team makes history

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The world's first female spacewalking team made history high above Earth on Friday, floating out of the International Space Station to fix a broken part of the power network. (Oct. 18)


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