Thursday, 04 March 2021
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Money and Time Saving Secrets From A Theme Park Expert

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Seth Kubersky, who is the author of The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando and coauthor of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland and The...

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Ancient DNA reveals clues about how tuberculosis shaped the human immune system

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A new study employing ancient human DNA reveals how tuberculosis has affected European populations over the past 2,000 years, specifically the impact that disease has had on the human genome. This work has implications for studying not only evolutionary genetics, but also how genetics can influence the immune system.

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People of European descent evolved resistance to TB over 10,000 years

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Analysis of ancient DNA shows that a genetic variant that increases susceptibility to tuberculosis has drastically decreased in Europe since the Bronze Age

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Elizabeth Warren Ultra-millionaire tax: What would Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos pay?

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AN 'Ultra-Millionaire Tax' could potentially be put on the incomes and wealth of uber-wealthy people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. What is Elizabeth Warren's Ultra Millionaire Tax?


We Must Be Able To Debate Trans Ideology's Effects on Kids

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Should children be given life-altering treatments to help them transition from one gender to another, including puberty blockers and body-mutilating surgeries? Should doctors be encouraged to allow...

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One Viral Moment: 9 Drama Commentary YouTubers onTheir Breakout Videos

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Online fame often doesn’t occur until, very suddenly, it does.

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Detective work inside plant cells finds a key piece of the C4 photosynthesis puzzle

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An impressive body of evidence published this week reveals the answer to a mystery that has puzzled plant scientists for more than 30 years: the role of the molecule suberin in the leaves of some of our most productive crops. This discovery could be the key to engineering better crops and ensuring future food security.

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Two of America's most powerful economic voices disagree on tax for uber-rich

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Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren faces an uphill battle persuading Washington to back her tax on ultra-millionaires — starting with convincing her own party's Treasury Secretary.


Wrasses dazzle: How fairy wrasses got their flamboyant colors

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With their exuberant colors, fiery personalities and captivating courtship displays, the fairy wrasses are one of the most beloved coral reef fish. Despite this, the evolutionary history of its genus was not well understood - until now. Fairy wrasses diverged in form and color after repeated sea level rises and falls during the last ice age, finds a new study. It employed a novel genome-wide dataset to make this discovery.

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