Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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Ex-Google engineer gets 18 months in prison for stealing files

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Anthony Levandowski transferred more than 14,000 files to his personal laptop before leaving Google and joining Uber to work on self-driving cars.

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New Species of Truffle Discovered: Tuber luomae

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A team of mycologists from Oregon State University, the USDA Forestry Sciences Laboratory and Michigan State University has discovered a new species of spiny-spored truffle in the United States. Truffles are the fruiting bodies of subterranean ascomycete fungi, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber. Some truffle species are highly prized for [...]


Zoom meetings, Uber Eats and home workouts: ‘Lockdown’ life in Dubai

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A potential new weapon in the war against superbugs

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Researchers have shown that a newly discovered natural antibiotic, teixobactin, could be effective in treating bacterial lung conditions such as tuberculosis and those commonly associated with COVID-19.

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‘The Biggest Monster’ Is Spreading. And It’s Not the Coronavirus.

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Tuberculosis kills 1.5 million people each year. Lockdowns and supply-chain disruptions threaten progress against the disease as well as H.I.V. and malaria.

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Experiencing childhood trauma makes body and brain age faster

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Children who suffer trauma from abuse or violence early in life show biological signs of aging faster than children who have never experienced adversity, according to new research. The study examined three different signs of biological aging -- early puberty, cellular aging and changes in brain structure -- and found that trauma exposure was associated with all three.

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Uber Boat launches in London as Uber teams up with Thames Clippers

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Londoners can now book Thames Clipper tickets straight through their Uber app

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World Emoji Day: how we fell in love with emoji over the past 10 years

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It's been 10 years of getting the message across with aubergines and heart eyes. Amelia Heathman salutes a decade of lols

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Uber teams up with Thames Clippers to launch Uber Boat in London

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This is the first time Uber has launched an Uber Boat commuter service

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