Monday, 01 June 2020
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Temperature scans, masks and plastic dividers: The ‘new normal’ guests can expect at Vegas casinos

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From temperature scans to masks to plastic dividers, the "new normal" guests can expect when visiting Las Vegas casinos.


Six Flags announces new safety protocols as it looks to reopen after COVID lockdown

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Six Flags Over Texas is preparing guests for new safety protocols as it looks to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. The theme park said there will be temperature and touchless bag checks. CBSN Dallas-Fort Worth has the details.


Astronomers create cloud atlas for hot, Jupiter-like exoplanets

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As astronomers ramp up study of the atmospheres of hot, Jupiter-like planets around other stars, they encounter clouds that obscure study of atmospheric gases. A new computer model looks at the proposals for cloud compositions -- from smog to rubies -- and finds that the most likely, over a large range of temperatures, are silicate clouds: aerosols of silicon and oxygen, like molten quartz or sand. The hottest exoplanets have clear skies; the coolest have hydrocarbon hazes.

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Antidote to pain and negativity? Let it be

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Merely a brief introduction to mindfulness helps people deal with physical pain and negative emotions, a new study shows. The effect of mindfulness was so pronounced, they found, that even when participants were subjected to high heat on their forearm, their brain responded as if it was experiencing normal temperature.

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UK weather forecast: Brits to bake in sizzling 28C heat before 'heavy' thunderstorms roll in

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Britons are set to bask in the sizzling heat as temperatures continue to rise before "heavy" thunderstorms and rain moves in later this week.

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UK weather forecast: Brits bask in temperatures hotter than California and Ibiza as mercury hits 24C

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Parts of the UK were hotter than California and tourist hotspots in Spain on Monday, ahead of what could be the hottest day of the year so far later this week.

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Cold-adapted enzymes can transform at room temperature

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Enzymes from cold-loving organisms that live at low temperatures, close to the freezing point of water, display highly distinctive properties. Scientists have now used large-scale computations to explain why many cold-adapted enzymes stop functioning at around room temperature.

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The Versatility of OSB Panels in 12 Projects

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OSB (Oriented Strand Board) can be easily recognized for its distinctive appearance. This material consists of cross-oriented layers of wood strands compressed and bonded together with resin, applied under high pressure and temperature. As a result, the standardized panels have great stiffness, strength, and stability, and are often used as wall cladding attached to the steel frame of a building or as partitions. Also, they have good soundproofing capabilities, since the panels are uniform and have no internal gaps or voids. It is also worth mentioning that can be fully recycled, thereby being considered eco-friendly.


UK weather forecast: Sunshine set to continue as Brits urged to use 'common sense' after high temperatures draw crowds outside

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Warm weather prompts warnings about overcrowding after crowds flocked to beaches and beauty spots over Bank Holiday weekend

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