Friday, 18 September 2020
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Hammersmith bridge at increased risk of collapsing into Thames due to warm weather

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Hammersmith bridge was placed on "amber alert" this week as unseasonably high temperatures increased the risk of it collapsing into the Thames.

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Researchers develop simple method to 3D print milk products

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Additive free, multimaterial 3D printing is achieved for milk-based products without temperature control.

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Supercooled Water is Two Liquids in One, Study Shows

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The first-ever measurements of liquid water at temperatures between 135 K (minus 138.15 degrees Celsius, or minus 216.7 degrees Fahrenheit) and 235 K (minus 38.15 degrees Celsius, or minus 36.7 degrees Fahrenheit) provide evidence that it exists in two distinct structures that co-exist and vary in proportion dependent on temperature. Liquid water at the most [...]


Supercool experiment reveals water is actually two liquids in one

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Supercooling liquid water to temperatures lower than ever achieved before has revealed new evidence that water is two liquids in one

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UK weather forecast: Londoners to bask in 30C heat and glorious sunshine as temperatures soar

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Temperatures in London are set to soar to 30C as the south basks in sunshine over the coming days.

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UK weather forecast: Sunny spells to continue after 'limited' heatwave recorded on south coast

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The sunshine is set to continue for much of the UK with temperatures reaching highs of 24C in southern parts of the country.

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Colorado's famous aspens expected to decline due to climate change

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Using computer modeling, researchers simulated how the distribution of quaking aspen, a native tree known for its brilliant yellow and orange foliage in fall and the sound of its trembling leaves, will change amid rising temperatures over the next 100 years.

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A quantum thermometer for measuring ultra-cold temperatures

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In everyday life, measuring temperature is pretty straightforward. But in the quantum world, which deals with the super small and the ultra-cold, determining how hot or cold something is starts to get more challenging. Now researchers have described a quantum process that uses a single atom as a thermometer to sensitively measure the temperature of an ultra-cold gas.

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Liquid water at 170 degrees Celsius

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Using an X-ray laser, a research team has investigated how water heats up under extreme conditions. In the process, the scientists were able to observe water that remained liquid even at temperatures of more than 170 degrees Celsius. The investigation revealed an anomalous dynamic behavior of water, which is of fundamental importance for investigations of sensitive samples using X-ray lasers.

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Can pumping up cold water from deep within the ocean halt coral bleaching?

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Rising ocean temperatures cause marine heat waves, which place stress on living coral animals, as well as the photosynthetic algae on which they depend for energy. A new study is showing potential for the use of artificial upwelling (AU)-- or the application of cooler, deep water -- as a way to mitigate the thermal stress on corals.

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