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Hackers want Google accounts; give yours this security check now

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Here are some expert technology tips for Google users. They are simple steps to insure your Google account and your important documents are safe from hackers on the internet.

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Innovation in Sustainability is Driving Green Building Trends in the Construction Industry

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Global management consultancy in 2016 noted that the construction industry was ripe for disruption. Considered one of the world’s largest sectors, the forced advancement and adoption of innovative technologies have allowed the engineering and construction (E&C) industry to persevere in the last two years. In fact, a more recent report, also from , noted that the construction industry is more likely to emerge from the pandemic leaner, more digitised, and with a greater eye toward sustainability.

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3XN/GXN and IB Selected to Design a New Ecotope for the EPFL Campus in Switzerland

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The has selected | and to design and build a new "ecotope", expanding the university's Science Park and Innovation Square to a new site, west of the main EPFL campus in , Switzerland. The Ecotope is set to be a vibrant and innovative marketplace for ideas, serving as an "ecosystem in which policymakers, researchers, investors, executives, students, and citizens can come together for open dialogue or debate.” The concept of the project not only brings together leaders in business, science, and technology, but also puts a high priority on access to green spaces and biophilic principles.

We must accept we won’t meet 1.5°C climate target, says report

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Social, political and technology inertia mean the Paris Agreement’s temperature target is likely to be missed

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'Soft' CRISPR may offer a new fix for genetic defects

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Scientists have developed a new CRISPR-based technology that could offer a safer approach to correcting genetic defects. The new 'soft' CRISPR approach makes use of natural DNA repair machinery, providing a foundation for novel gene therapy strategies with the potential to cure a large spectrum of genetic diseases.

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Ukraine war: President Zelensky's 3D projection asks tech sector for help

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The Ukrainian president has been outlining his vision for the technology sector in his country.

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How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?

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As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology?

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Qatar 2022 World Cup to implement semi-automated offside VAR

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FIFA has confirmed it will utilise semi-automated VAR offside technology at the Qatar 2022 World Cup later this year, says head of refereeing Pierluigi Collina. The move to introduce further advancements in the VAR process for this year's showpiece tournament has been ongoing over the past few months. Following trials at the Arab Cup and Club World Cup, ...]

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Laser writing may enable 'electronic nose' for multi-gas sensor

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Environmental sensors are a step closer to simultaneously sniffing out multiple gases that could indicate disease or pollution. Researchers combined laser writing and responsive sensor technologies to fabricate the first highly customizable microscale gas sensing devices.

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Scientists engineer synthetic DNA to study 'architect' genes

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Researchers have created artificial Hox genes -- which plan and direct where cells go to develop tissues or organs -- using new synthetic DNA technology and genomic engineering in stem cells. Their findings confirm how clusters of Hox genes help cells to learn and remember where they are in the body.

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