Monday, 12 April 2021
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IRS tax refund and 2020 return: How to track the status of your return

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How do you know if the IRS processed your tax return yet? It could make a difference for stimulus check money as well as any tax refund you're waiting to receive. Here's when and how to track your refund after filing your 2020 tax return.

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Who qualifies as a dependent for the child tax credit 2021? It's complicated

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Your child will need to meet qualification requirements for you to receive the new payment of up to $3,600 per kid.

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Revised child tax credit rules are a messy number jumble. Here's how much money you'll get

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Our child tax credit calculator cuts through the confusion to calculate your family's total and how much money to expect, when.

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Christianity's holiest site closed in protest

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Leaders of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - believed to be the crucifixion and resurrection site of Jesus Christ - are angry at proposed tax plans for church-owned properties.


Child tax credit for $3,000 or more: When the first payment could arrive, overpayments, other details

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If you're eligible for the child tax credit payments, you'll receive half this year and half next year. Here's what else you should know about CTC checks.

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How much was the first stimulus check? Your tax return may need that total

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Before you file your 2020 tax return, use this handy stimulus payment calculator to estimate how much your household should have received with the first payment.

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Jeff Bezos endorsed higher corporate tax rates. But it won't cost him much

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A year ago, Joe Biden, then the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, was picking a fight with Amazon over how little it paid Uncle Sam. Now Biden is president, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on a lonely island supporting the White House's plan -- to raise corporate taxes.


What the Rolling Stones Can Teach Us About Taxes

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With Joe Biden in the White House, we're about to embark on another national experiment to see how Americans react to tax increases.

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Republican Attacks on Corporations Are a Hypocritical Sham

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The deal between big business and government - donations in return for low taxes or none - remains absolutely unchanged

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