Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Iran says new U.S. sanctions target Iranians' access to food, medicine

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Iran's foreign minister on Saturday denounced renewed U.S. sanctions against its central bank as an attempt to deny ordinary Iranians access to food and medicine, and said the move was a sign of U.S. desperation.


Record 12.4 million people reached with food aid in Yemen: U.N.

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A record 12.4 million people in Yemen received food aid in August, the first time the targeted population was reached fully, the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.

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Rolls-Royce sees further delay in Trent 1000 engine overhaul

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British engineering firm Rolls-Royce said on Friday it expects problems with its Trent 1000 engines to take longer to fix, with a target of fewer than 10 grounded aircraft delayed until the second quarter of 2020.

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'My child was worth saving!': Families slam T-shirt that targets opioid victims

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The offending T-shirt made by CafePress reads: "Naloxone Proving Darwin wrong 2 mg. at a time."


Barcelona ahead of schedule in bid to surpass €1bn in turnover

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Barcelona expect to announce an eye-watering turnover in excess of €1billion ahead of schedule in 2020. The forecast is claimed to be "a new record in the world of sport" and is on course to be reached before the club's stated target of 2021. LaLiga champions in four of the past five seasons, Barca's revenue ...]

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Suntanner, heal thyself: Exosome therapy may enable better repair of sun, age-damaged skin

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In a proof-of-concept study, researchers have shown that exosomes harvested from human skin cells are more effective at repairing sun-damaged skin cells in mice than popular retinol or stem cell-based treatments currently in use. Additionally, the nanometer-sized exosomes can be delivered to the target cells via needle-free injections.

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New target regulating mitochondria during stress

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Like an emergency response team that is called into action to save lives, stress response proteins in the heart are activated during a heart attack to help prevent cell death. As part of this process, researchers show for the first time that one of these specialized emergency responder proteins, known as MCUB, temporarily decreases harmful levels of calcium transport into mitochondria, the energy-generating batteries of cells.

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Combination therapies could help treat fatal lung cancers

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Combining a new class of drug with two other compounds can significantly shrink lung tumors in mice and human cancer cells, new research shows. The study looked at G12C KRAS inhibitors, a new type of drug that targets a specific mutation that can cause cells to multiply uncontrollably and lead to fast-growing cancers.

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