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Scientists determine the structure of glass-shaping protein in sponges

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Researchers have determined the three dimensional (3D) structure of a protein responsible for glass formation in sponges. They explain how the earliest and, in fact, the only known natural protein-mineral crystal is formed.

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Basketball on the brain: Neuroscientists use sports to study surprise

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Neuroscientists tracked the brains and pupils of self-described basketball fans as they watched March Madness games, to study how people process surprise -- an unexpected change of circumstances that shifts an anticipated outcome. They found that that shifts in the pattern of activity in high-level brain areas only happened at moments that contradicted the watchers' current beliefs about which team was more likely to win.

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Breaking the skill limit, pianists attain more delicate touch

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Scientists have discovered a training method to further improve the delicate touch of pianists by optimizing the method rather than increase the amount of training. They developed a system that freely controls the weight of piano keys using a haptic device, which enables to control the strength and direction of the force. The results of experiments showed that enhancing the somatosensory function of fingertips with AHT could improve the accuracy of keystrokes.

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A new species of rare phylum Loricifera discovered in the deep-sea surrounding Japan

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The Loricifera is a microscopic, sediment-dwelling marine invertebrate, with a head covered in over 200 spines and an abdomen with a protective shell - known as a lorica. Since it was first discovered in 1983, just under 40 species have been written about. Now, that number is one more thanks to a group of scientists who reported on a new genus and species of Loricifera.

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Scientists Create Hydrogen-Producing Algal Droplets

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An international team of researchers from the United Kingdom and China has created droplet-based algal micro-reactors capable of aerobic or hypoxic photosynthesis at room temperature in air. “Our methodology is facile and should be capable of scale-up without impairing the viability of the living cells,” said Professor Xin Huang, a researcher at Harbin Institute of [...]


Neutrinos yield first experimental evidence of catalyzed fusion dominant in many stars

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Scientists report the detection of neutrinos from the sun, directly revealing for the first time that the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen (CNO) fusion-cycle is at work in our sun.

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Scientists discover a motif that guides assembly of the algal pyrenoid

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Researchers have discovered that assembly of the algal pyrenoid, a structure that mediates the incorporation of carbon dioxide into sugars, is guided by the presence of a particular protein sequence, or motif.

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Plants: Scientists solve the mystery behind an enigmatic organelle, the pyrenoid

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Researchers have discovered how Rubisco holoenzymes assemble to form the fluid-like matrix of the algal pyrenoid, an organelle that mediates the incorporation of carbon dioxide into sugars.

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Darwin's iconic notebooks have been missing for years. Now, Cambridge University says they were stolen.

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The notebooks, estimated to be worth millions of dollars, include Darwin’s celebrated “Tree of Life” sketch that the 19th-century scientist used to illustrate early ideas about evolution.

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For the first time, scientists detect the ghostly signal that reveals the engine of the universe

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Neutrinos from a long-theorized nuclear fusion reaction in the sun have been definitively observed, confirming the process that powers most stars.

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