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The Future of Wine: Very, Very Dry

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Scientists are testing techniques for growing vines in a hot, parched future.

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To Feed a Hot Planet, They’re Making More Efficient Plants

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Australian scientists are part of a worldwide effort to boost agricultural output to meet the growing global food demand.

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Daily rainfall over Sumatra linked to larger atmospheric phenomenon

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Atmospheric scientists reveal details of the connection between a larger atmospheric phenomenon, termed the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), and the daily patterns of rainfall in the Maritime Continent.

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U.S. scientists join effort to solve mysterious vaping-related illnesses

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The U.S. investigation into hundreds of cases of life-threatening lung illnesses related to vaping has turned up a curious abnormality: Many of the victims had pockets of oil clogging up cells responsible for removing impurities in the lungs.


Researchers Sequence Genomes of All Living Penguin Species

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Scientists from the Penguin Genome Consortium have produced 19 high-coverage penguin genome sequences that, together with two previously published genomes, encompass all surviving penguin species. Penguins (Sphenisciformes) are a remarkable order of flightless wing-propelled diving seabirds distributed widely across the southern hemisphere. Approximately 20 extant penguin species are recognized across 6 genera: Aptenodytes, Pygoscelis, Eudyptula, [...]


Researchers revolutionize 3D printed products with data-driven design method

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Scientists have demonstrated a new cost-effective, data-driven approach by designing and 3D printing an ankle brace that has varying degrees of rigidity to provide both comfort and support for the user.

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The next agricultural revolution is here

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By using modern gene-editing technologies to learn key insights about past agricultural revolutions, two plant scientists are suggesting that the next agricultural revolution could be at hand.

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How to help the environment ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit

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Next week the United Nation’s Climate Action Summit will take place in NYC. To continue our climate coverage, CBS News Climate Chnage Contributor sat down with Peter Demenocal, Dean of Science and climate scientist at Columbia University. He joined us to discuss how we can all help the planet.


High-protein bedtime snacks no problem for active women

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In a study of women weight lifters, nutrition scientists showed that protein consumption before bed compared to protein consumption during the day does not disturb overnight belly fat metabolism or whole-body fat burn.

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London scientists go to war with software to beat 'deepfake' hoaxers

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Scientists in London are developing software to check if film footage has been faked.

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