Monday, 08 March 2021
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Scientists read 300-year-old sealed letter without opening it

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"Virtual unfolding" allows researchers to look inside intricately folded historical letters without damaging them.

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Unsolved mystery: FDA continues investigation into dog heart damage linked to diet

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Since the first warnings about canine heart failure possibly associated with grain-free pet foods, scientists are still trying to figure out the cause.

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Genes identified that increase the risk of obesity but also protect against disease

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Scientists have identified 62 genes that lead to both higher levels of body fat but a lower risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. These genes may help to keep body fat healthy, and open a new avenue for developing drugs that lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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New 'split-drive' system puts scientists in the (gene) driver seat

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New research describes novel achievements designed to make the implementation of gene drives safer and more controllable. The new split drive and home-and-rescue systems address concerns about the release of gene drives in wild populations.

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'Zoom fatigue' is apparently a real thing, and there are 4 main culprits

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It's not your imagination: All those hours of video calls take more of a toll on your brain and body than regular office work. Now scientists say they know why -- and what to do to avoid it.

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Hormone helps prevent muscle loss in mice on high fat diets

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A new study suggests that a hormone known to prevent weight gain and normalize metabolism can also help maintain healthy muscles in mice. The findings present new possibilities for treating muscle-wasting conditions associated with age, obesity or cancer, according to scientists.

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Researchers Find Organic Matter and Water in Sample from Asteroid Itokawa

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An international team of scientists has studied both the water and organic contents from a dust particle recovered from the surface of the near-Earth S-type asteroid 25143 Itokawa by JAXA’s Hayabusa mission, which was the first mission that brought pristine asteroidal materials to Earth. “Understanding the earliest chemical reactions involving liquid water provides crucial insights [...]


Team of bioethicists and scientists suggests revisiting 14-day limit on human embryo

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An international team of bioethicists and scientists contends it may be justified to go beyond the standing 14-day limit that restricts how long researchers can study human embryos in a dish. Going beyond this policy limit could lead to potential health and fertility benefits, and the authors provide a process for doing so.

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Newly discovered millipede, Nannaria hokie, lives at Virginia Tech

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Hearing the words "new species discovered" may conjure images of deep caves, uncharted rainforests, or hidden oases in the desert. But the reality is that thousands of new species are discovered each year by enterprising scientists all over the world. Many of these new species do come from exotic locations, but more surprisingly, many come from just down the road, including the newest member of the Hokie Nation, the millipede Nannaria hokie. The newest Hokie -- which has about 60 more legs than the HokieBird ­ -- was discovered living under rocks by the Duck Pond behind the Grove on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus. Since then, the critter has been found at the area commonly referred to as stadium woods and in town in Blacksburg as well.

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Scientists observe a wild space hurricane above Earth for the first time

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Instead of raining water, the plasma hurricane unleashed electrons, researchers say.

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