Monday, 20 August 2018
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25 Million Switch Shipments This Fiscal Year Expected by Analyst with Production Increase in Summer

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Prestigious Japanese firm Ace Economic Research Institute expects the Switch to do even better this Fiscal year than Nintendo's own prediction.

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Amazon August Mid-Month Game Sale

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Amazon has just added new video game deals for gamers with its August Mid-Month Game Sale featuring huge discounts on several games for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and 3DS.


20xx Nintendo Switch review - A hard and really entertaining roguelike action/platformer - TGG

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"Batterystaple Games sure hit a jackpot with their roguelike action/platformer "20xx" for the Nintendo Switch. Yes, it's that darn good! So it's a must play for fans of "Mega Man" or action platformers in general." - P Albert, TGG.


Frost Review - The Punished Backlog

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With its pick-up-and-play nature and impressive from-scratch mechanics, Frost offers a unique experience at a relatively inexpensive price point. Unfortunately, a poorly communicated tutorial and heavy reliance on RNG makes Frost an often unforgiving and inaccessible game for its audience. Even in moments when it is obtuse, however, Frost provides a solid enough hook to warrant a purchase, especially for Switch owners hankering for a challenging and methodical game to play in short bursts.

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These Wicked Awesome Deals for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch Will Save You Stacks of Cash

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This weekend there are a ton of amazing deals to be found on a large variety of PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch titles. Read on to see these savings for yourself!


Who Has The Upper Hand This Holiday: PS4, Xbox One, or Switch?

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The three consoles get ready to do battle this Holiday season, but which one will come out on top?


Hazard confirms he is staying at Chelsea this month

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Eden Hazard intends to remain at Chelsea this year but offered no assurances about his future beyond that. The Belgian playmaker hinted he may leave Stamford Bridge after the World Cup, yet while international colleague Thibaut Courtois has completed a switch to Real Madrid, Hazard's mooted move to the Spanish capital has not happened. The Spanish transfer window is ...]


Flipping Death Review (Nintendo Switch) - Punk and Lizard

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Punk writes for P&L: " A few years back, we played a brilliant game called Stick It To The Man. It was brilliant, bizarre and bonkers and if I could demand a sequel for a game it would be high on my list. But thanks to the super talented people at Zoink, Ive got the next best thing. Flipping Death is their new one, and it tows that perfect line of being different enough to Stick It To The Man that its great in its own right, but its similar enough that you will be in heaven here if you liked that game."


Review - Red's Kingdom (Switch) | Way Too Many Games

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WTMG's Leo Faria: "Far from being a complex game but still a lot deeper than its simplistic gameplay makes it look like, Red's Kingdom is a neat evolution of the sliding puzzle genre, adding some simplistic combat and a cute story to the mix."


Snake Pass Limited Physical Release Slithering Its Way to Switch

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Snake Pass was previously exclusive to digital stores, but that is about to change. Sumo digital has announced that it is partnering with Super Rare Games to bring a physical release of the game to Switch.

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