Friday, 05 June 2020
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Remote working: How cities might change if we worked from home more

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Our homes, transport and city-centre spaces would change if we worked from home for good.

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Watch This Black Hole Blow Bubbles

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A black hole was seen shooting electrified gas and energy into space. Each blob contained about 400 million billion pounds of matter.

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Only a fifth of ice-free land on Earth has very little human influence

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Only 21 per cent of Earth’s ice-free land has very little human influence, a new map of the planet's unoccupied or sparsely populated areas shows

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Shoots of recovery: shrubs for tiny spaces

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Feng-shui your flat withsome greenery

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Ryanair bookings surge as boss Michael O'Leary calls UK quarantine plans "unenforceable"

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"There will be movement, because people are just going to ignore it. We have seen a big surge in bookings on our flights out of Ireland and the UK to Spain, Portugal and Italy over the weekend, and that seems to be continuing this week."

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Tourists to be welcomed to Spain 'as soon as possible'

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Spain's lockdown is expected to lift in June

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Turkey could ban layoffs for three more months, Hurriyet reports

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Turkey could extend a three-month ban on layoffs that was imposed in April to offset shuttered businesses and unemployment in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Hurriyet newspaper reported on Friday, citing unnamed officials.

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Jake Paul: YouTuber charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly

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The 23 year old is charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly at a Scottsdale mall.

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Get your knee off our necks: Reverend Al Sharpton delivers searing eulogy at George Floyd memorial

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Leading civil rights activist said activism sparked by Mr Floyd's death would become a movement to "change the whole system of justice"

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Bureau's Office / Daniel Zamarbide

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In the past years, we have learned about mobility. Commuting and professional nomadism. We have been around, working everywhere, hurting our backs in bad chairs, home, cafés, construction sites, all sorts of transports. Micro-scale travelling in a reduced European perimeter, still quite intensively on the move. It does feel good to find, at last, a generous resting base-camp in the heart of our beautiful . A space from the past that allows us to see further in the future, to project ourselves into something else, something we are not yet and that we might become. A good space is a space where one can project oneself, individually and collectively.

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