Tuesday, 18 June 2019
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This Is Why You Should Always Wear Your Seatbelt When Flying

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There's always a risk of turbulence when you fly. As our resident pilot has written, it's more common in certain conditions, but whenever you're seated on a flight, you should...

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Gene linked to cannabis abuse

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New research shows that a specific gene is associated with an increased risk of cannabis abuse. The gene is the source of a so-called nicotine receptor in the brain, and people with low amounts of this receptor have an increased risk of cannabis abuse.

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Food neophobia may increase the risk of lifestyle diseases

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Your parents were right: You should always try all foods! Food neophobia, or fear of new foods, may lead to poorer dietary quality and increase the risk factors associated with chronic diseases.

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Poor oral health linked to a 75% increase in liver cancer risk

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Poor oral health is associated with a 75% increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, new research has found.

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When will the Rise of the Resistance ride open at Disney's new Star Wars land?

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Rise of the Resistance, a signature ride at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, is set to open "sometime this year," according to the Disney CEO.

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Shedding light on 'black box' of inpatient opioid use

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People who receive opioids for the first time while hospitalized have double the risk of continuing to receive opioids for months after discharge compared with their hospitalized peers who are not given opioids. The finding sare among the first to shed light on the little-studied causes and consequences of inpatient opioid prescribing.

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How to get rid of ice pick scars

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Ice pick scars are small, deep scars that can develop following severe acne. A person cannot usually treat ice pick scars at home, but a number of professional treatments can help reduce their appearance. Learn more here.

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Cold weather increases the risk of fatal opioid overdoses

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While the precise reasons are unclear, an analysis of overdose deaths in Rhode Island and Connecticut showed that cold snaps raised the risk of fatal opioid overdoses by 25%.

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Managing the risk of aggressive dog behavior

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Aggressive behavior in pet dogs is a serious problem for dog owners across the world, with bite injuries representing a serious risk to both people and other dogs. New research has found that clinical animal behaviorists should focus on helping dog owners to feel confident in the effectiveness of the behavior modification techniques that they recommend and, in their ability, to actually use them successfully.

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