Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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How Poland could unravel EU's legal authority - and what that means for Brexit

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POLAND'S landmark ruling against the EU this autumn has caused havoc for the EU and challenged the heart of its legal foundation.

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[Ticker] More EU states reimpose Covid restrictions

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Some Covid hygiene rules were reimposed in the Czech Republic and Romania on Monday, while Poland and the Netherlands said they were considering similar steps, amid a surge in infections, especially in eastern Europe. "The pandemic is far from over," the World Health Organisation said. "It's mainly unvaccinated people who need care, who have the highest risk of getting infected and infecting others," Dutch health minister Hugo de Jonge said.

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[Ticker] Poland sends thousands more soldiers to Belarus border

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Poland is raising the number of soldiers on its Belarus border from 6,000 to "about 10,000" to stop Middle East migrants being flown in by the Minsk regime, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Monday. Two border guards were temporarily hospitalised over the weekend when a group of 60 to 70 asylum-seekers tried to storm a barbed-wire fence. One guard was hit in the face with a stone, Poland said.

No place for Polish 'war' rhetoric, Commission says

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The EU Commission says war rhetoric has no place between member states, following an interview by Poland's prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who warned the Brussels executive not to "start the third world war" by withholding EU funds.

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Vienna Open: Andy Murray beats Hubert Hurkacz to reach second round

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Britain's Andy Murray beats Poland's Hubert Hurkacz in three sets to reach the second round of the Vienna Open.

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Traces of an ancient road in a lake

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Eight hundred years of settlement history with land reforms, epidemics and repeated wars are preserved in the sediments of Lake Czechowskie in Poland. The key role was played by the so-called Margrave's Road, the 'Via Marchionis', between the Prussian heartland and the Teutonic Order's castle Marienburg (today Malbork in Poland). The road remained significant for centuries.

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'Courage long lost!' Guy Verhofstadt torn apart after calling for action against Poland

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GUY VERHOFSTADT has been torn apart after he called on the EU to take action against Poland and Hungary.

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Have some guts! Guy Verhofstadt urges EU to punish Poland in sly dig at 'failing' VDL

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GUY VERHOFSTADT took a bitter swipe at Ursula von der Leyen as he called on the EU Commission to have the "courage" to act against Poland and Hungary.

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[Ticker] Far-right vigilantes stopped on Polish-German border

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German police stopped some 50 far-right vigilantes armed with pepper spray, a machete, and batons near the town of Guben, on the Polish-German border, Sunday, after the group had gone there to keep out migrants coming in via Belarus and Poland, Reuters reports. Germany recently put 800 extra police on its Polish border, while saying 6,126 people had already entered Germany using that route so far this year.

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