Friday, 07 August 2020
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The best VPN service for 2020

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A virtual private network lets you send and receive data while remaining anonymous and secure online.

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Volunteer hacker army boosts election cybersecurity

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Election-adjacent networks remain "absolutely ripe for a disruptive or destructive attack by a capable adversary"

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Stem cell treatments 'go deep' to regenerate sun-damaged skin

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Some plastic surgeons have been using stem cells to treat aging, sun-damaged skin. But while they've been getting good results, it's been unclear exactly how these treatments work to rejuvenate 'photoaged' facial skin. A new study finds that within a few weeks, stem cell treatment eliminates the sun-damaged elastin network and replacing them with normal, undamaged tissues and structures.

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NASA fine tunes communication link with Mars rover

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NASA's Deep Space Network of tracking stations had some difficulty locking onto signals from Perseverance early in the flight. But officials announced with relief a couple of hours later that a solid communication link had been established. (July 30)


The Wing: how the 'feminist utopia' got it so wrong

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It was styled as a feminist utopia, set up as an antidote to the misogyny of old boys' networks — but now The Wing is reeling from allegations of racism, exclusivity and abuses of power. Susannah Butter and Katie Strick report

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ProtectWise: Product Overview and AnalysisProtectWise: Product Overview and Analysis

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PRODUCT ANALYSIS: The ProtectWise Grid is a cloud-delivered network detection and response (NDR) platform that unifies network detection, full-packet forensics and integrated response in an on-demand platform for any environment—enterprise, cloud or industrial.

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How Dell’s OEM Group Is Connecting the Edge, Data Center, CloudHow Dell’s OEM Group Is Connecting the Edge, Data Center, Cloud

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IT BUSINESS ANALYSIS: A strategic initiative that Dell calls the “compute continuum” emphasizes OEM solutions that can be effectively deployed, managed and supported from the edge of the network to on-premises data centers to the cloud, regardless of complexity, environmental or scale challenges.

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Hackers target ad networks to inject cryptocurrency mining scripts

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It's the latest way for hackers to make money — by fooling unsuspected website visitors to mine cryptocurrency in their browser's background.

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Underdeveloped brain network after 30 may impact mental health

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People who are underdeveloped in the brain region that is linked with inhibition after age 30 may be more likely to experience psychological problems.


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