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American Influencer Awards 2019 Red Carpet Fashion: See Every Look as the Stars Arrive

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Patrick StarrrIt's time to break out your eyelash curlers and roll out the pink carpet! The 2019 American Influencer Awards is officially underway. Your favorite social media stars, beauty gurus...

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Kaepernick's NFL workout debacle shows teams never really cared about hiring him

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Donning a Kunta Kinte T-shirt, the former quarterback held his own quasi-audition because he didn't trust the league to do right by him. Why would he?

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Senior Trump admin official Mina Chang resigns after NBC News report

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Mina Chang resigned Monday, six days after an NBC News report about her resume inflation and hours after NBC asked her about newly discovered false claims.

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In Georgia, Democrats find turning the state blue is easier to predict than pull off

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An influx of new residents has boosted Democratic chances of taking over the state — if they can be registered and turned out against the Republican machine.

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How The Ben Stiller Show Influenced a Generation of Sketch-Comedy Writers

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SNL senior writer Bryan Tucker explains why the show is worth a rewatch.

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Money spent on beer ads linked to underage drinking

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Advertising budgets and strategies used by beer companies appear to influence underage drinking, according to new research. The findings show that the amount of money spent on advertising strongly predicted the percentage of teens who had heard of, preferred and tried different beer brands.

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Protective mediators can help heal injured tendon cells by attacking inflammation

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Tendon tears, both to the rotator cuff and Achilles heel, are common injuries, especially in aged individuals. Painful and disabling, they can adversely impact quality of life. New approaches are required to help patients suffering from chronic tendon injuries. A novel study identified mediators that promote resolution of inflammation as potential new therapeutics to push chronically injured tendons down an inflammation-resolving pathway.

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New approach to pain treatment in diseases of the pancreas

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One of the worst symptoms associated with inflammation or cancer of the pancreas is severe chronic pain. Pancreatic pain is difficult to treat, because many painkillers prove ineffective in pancreatic patients. In a recent study, medical researchers discovered the cause of this phenomenon for the first time: a particular neuroenzyme in the body is present in the nerves of the organ in high concentrations.

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New AI method may boost Crohn's disease insight and improve treatment

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Scientists have developed a computer method that may help improve understanding and treatment of Crohn's disease, which causes inflammation of the digestive tract. The study used artificial intelligence to examine genetic signatures of Crohn's in 111 people. The method revealed previously undiscovered genes linked to the disease, and accurately predicted whether thousands of other people had the disease.

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Sex and height might influence neck posture when viewing electronic handheld devices

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Sex and height appear to influence how people flex their neck when viewing handheld devices, according to a new study.

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