Thursday, 24 May 2018
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With gratitude, ailing John McCain looks back in HBO documentary

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At age 81, and with a terminal cancer diagnosis, U.S. Senator John McCain is looking back on his life, not with rancor or to settle old scores, but with immense gratitude.


First Detailed Anatomical Study of Bonobos Contradicts Key Dogmas about Human Evolution

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Bonobos (Pan paniscus) and other apes, such as common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and gorillas (Gorilla sp.), have muscles long-believed to be only present in humans and used for walking on two legs (bipedalism), using complex tools, sophisticated facial and vocal communication, according to new research by a Howard University scientist. “Long-standing evolutionary theories are largely based [...]


Hats and fascinators: Style at the royal wedding 2018

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It was all about the hats, dresses and posh tails for guests who attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


STARK warning NATO allies 'UNPREPARED' for World War 3 with Russia as tensions escalate

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A STARK warning that NATO members are not “well prepared” for any potential war with Russia has been issued by a former US military general, as political tensions continue to escalate.

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'Uniquely human' muscles have been discovered in apes

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Muscles believed to be unique to humans have been discovered in several ape species, challenging long-held anthropocentric theories on the origin and evolution of human soft tissues. This questions the view that certain muscles evolved to provide special adaptations for human traits, such as walking on two legs, tool use, and sophisticated vocal communication and facial expressions. The findings highlight that thorough knowledge of ape anatomy is necessary for a better understanding of human evolution.

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Plot twist: Stacey Abrams, trailblazing politician…and romance novelist?

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Under a pen name, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate has published eight romantic thrillers with titles such as "Hidden Sins" and "The Art of Desire."

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Top Senate Republicans ask White House for entry into meeting on classified information

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The Judiciary Committee chairman and two other senators want to be included in the meeting about a confidential FBI source who aided a probe of Trump campaign advisers.

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Anatomy of a Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

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, The New Republic
Why right-wing media outlets are claiming the FBI colluded with CNN to damage the president.

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Senators urge Trump to take hard line in dealings with China

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At least 27 of the 100 U.S. senators, both Democrats and President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans, urged his administration on Tuesday not to soften restrictions on the transfer of U.S. technology to China.


EPA bars three reporters from covering meeting; one says she was shoved by a guard

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Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency barred reporters from three news organizations, allegedly shoving one out of the building, after they had sought to cover a meeting attended by other journalists on Tuesday.
The incident occurred at a summit on water contaminaton at the EPA's headquarters...


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