Friday, 01 July 2022
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3D-printed NASA satellite marks ‘game-changer’ for space exploration: Michio Kaku

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Michio Kaku, an American physicist and author, argues NASA's introduction of 3D-printed satellites is a "game changer" for the expensive cost of space travel.

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Hubble Spots Glowing Plumes in Tarantula Nebula

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NASA has released a beautiful photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the outskirts of the Tarantula Nebula, which is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud - a small satellite galaxy of the Milky Way approximately 163,000 light-years away. The Tarantula Nebula is located in the southern constellation of Dorado, about 163,000 light-years away [...]


Every Major Space Event in 2022: NASA's Moon Mission, SpaceX Launches, Meteor Showers and More

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2021 marked a new dawn for space exploration. Cue 2022.

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NASA Webb Telescope’s ‘first light’ images nearly bring tears to astronomers’ eyes

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The general public will not get to see images from the James Webb Telescope until July 12, but astronomers who have seen them say they were nearly moved to tears.

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Asteroids: Researchers simulate defense of Earth

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NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission is the world's first full-scale planetary defense test against potential asteroid impacts on Earth. Researchers now show that instead of leaving behind a relatively small crater, the impact of the DART spacecraft on its target could leave the asteroid near unrecognizable.

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NASA Is Outsourcing a Martian Mystery -- You Can Take Part Online

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Attention, citizen scientists. Cloudspotting on Mars needs you.

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How You Can Help NASA Solve a Mars Mystery Online

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Just spot the clouds. Martian clouds.

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NASA testing out new lunar orbit

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NASA's CAPSTONE mission launched into space from New Zealand on Tuesday. It is heading toward a lunar orbit that is intended for the future Gateway space station.

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NASA will use information from New Zealand launch to pave the way for moon landing

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NASA is looking to experiment with a new orbital pattern around the moon to use in the future. The New Zealand test flight will help NASA's ultimate goal of getting back to the moon.

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