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Saturn's rings shine in breathtaking new portrait captured by Nasa's Hubble Telescope

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Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope has captured stunning new images of Saturn in such detail that even its faint inner rings are visible.

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Piers Sellers, a British-born climate scientist turned NASA astronaut, dies at age 61 - Washington Post

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Piers Sellers, a British-born climate scientist turned NASA astronaut, dies at age 61 - Washington Post

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Brad Pitt's space epic 'Ad Astra' sets 'new standard' for science fiction films, ex-NASA engineer says

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The Brad Pitt-helmed space epic "Ad Astra" sets a new standard for science fiction films, a former NASA engineer who served as a technical consultant for the movie told Fox News.

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NASA took tree seeds into space nearly 50 years ago. Here's what happened to them.

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When astronaut Stuart Roosa boarded for the Apollo 14 in 1971he wasn’t alone. He was carrying a canister the size of a soda can, filled with 500 seeds from various tree species. Almost 50 years later, some of those so-called Moon Trees are still growing across the United States.

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Vikram Moon lander: NASA Orbiter fails to spot Indian probe on the lunar surface

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NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was unable to spot India’s Vikram Moon lander during a flyby of its the landing site on the lunar surface this week.

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Space medicine isn't just for astronauts. It's for all of us

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Fresh from a six-month space expedition, NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor shares how her bioscience experiments in microgravity could improve medicine on Earth.

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Unlocking the secrets of microgravity: What a doctor in space has learned video

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NASA astronaut Dr. Serena Auñón-Chancellor conducted bioscience experiments in microgravity that can improve the health of people living with diseases like cancer and osteoporosis.

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Pitt's talk with NASA astronaut Nick Hague 'really moving'

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Star of new sci-fi epic "Ad Astra," Brad Pitt says he was unexpectedly moved by his video chat with NASA astronaut Nick Hague; reveals why the film's ending was changed. (Sept. 19)


Hurricane Humberto shows off titanic 'tail' in NASA image

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Humberto is really stretching out across the Atlantic as it eyes Bermuda.

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Saturn’s Rings are as Old as Solar System Itself, Study Suggests

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The famous ring system of Saturn may be much older than some planetary scientists think, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Astronomy. Southwest Research Institute researcher Luke Dones and his colleagues from CNRS and the University of Colorado Boulder take a closer look at recent data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that [...]


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