Wednesday, 23 January 2019
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New York white supremacist sword attacker pleads guilty

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The 28-year-old white man told police after his arrest he had planned on attacking more black men.

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FRENCH REVOLUTION: Rage against Emmanuel Macron’s national debate - ‘He won’t listen!’

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THE majority of French people think the national policy debate launched by President Emmanuel Macron to quell the yellow vest rebellion is a waste of time and will not lead to policy reversals, a latest poll showed.

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White supremacist pleads guilty to New York sword killing of black man as part of racist plot

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A white supremacist pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing a black man with a sword as part of a racist plot that prosecutors described as a hate crime.


Macron AND Merkel on the brink: ‘Laughable’ deal proves pair are 'in trouble', says MP

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THE latest treaty signed by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which they pointedly reaffirm their commitment to Europe with Brexit looming, proves the pair are “in trouble”, a British MP has said.


EU SELF DESTRUCT: Macron and Merkel’s pacts threatens to tear bloc APART as Tusk lets RIP

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EU chief Donald Tusk launched a thinly veiled attack on Germany and France after the heavyweights renewed their vows of postwar friendship in a desperate bid to seek strength at the top of the bloc.

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A tradeoff in the neural code

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New research suggests that our brains are like modern washing machines -- evolved to have the latest sophisticated programming, but more vulnerable to breakdown and prone to develop costly disorders. Scientists conducted experiments comparing the efficiency of the neural code in non-human and human primates and found that as the neural code gets more efficient, the robustness that prevents errors is reduced.

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Plants blink: Proceeding with caution in sunlight

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Plants have control mechanisms that resemble those in human senses. According to a new study, plants adjust photosynthesis to rapid light changes using a sophisticated sensing system, much in the way that the human eye responds to variations in light intensity. This sensory-like regulation operates at low light intensities, when the photosynthesis machinery is most efficient but also most vulnerable to sudden light increases.

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‘We will WIN this battle!’ Yellow Vests chaos SPREADS to Spain

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YELLOW Vest protests that began in France over President Emmanuel Macron’s crippling 23 percent fuel hike have bled into Spain, making it at least the fourth EU member state to experience the fiery populist revolt.


‘TERRIBLE PRESIDENT!’ Emmanuel Macron CONDEMNED as feud with Italy ERUPTS - ‘Very bad!’

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ITALY’S Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini added fuel to an already fiery war of words between Rome and Paris on Tuesday, saying that he hoped the French would soon remove their terrible president, Emmanuel Macron, from office.


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