Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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Sorry, Macron! French plot to ban English from EU backfires as top court snubs plea

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THE EUROPEAN Court of Auditors today held its first press conference in English only following a recent vote to prioritise the language.

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Computational evaluation of drug delivery reveals room for inhalers improvement

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Increased air pollution in recent years has exacerbated health risks for people who suffer from pulmonary diseases and these dynamics underscore the importance of increasing the efficacy of drug delivery devices that administer active pharmaceutical ingredients to treat respiratory illnesses. Researchers describe developing a computational evaluation of drug delivery through both pressurized metered-dose inhalers and dry powder inhalers to determine how the process can be improved.

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New research may explain severe virus attacks on the lungs

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In some cases, immune cells in the lungs can contribute to worsening a virus attack. In a new study, researchers describe how different kinds of immune cells, called macrophages, develop in the lungs and which of them may be behind severe lung diseases. The study may contribute to future treatments for COVID-19, among other diseases.

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Apple launches faster chips, MacBook Pro laptops and cheaper Airpods - what are the upgrades?

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Apple launches faster chips, MacBook Pro laptops and cheaper Airpods. Here's what the new products looks like.

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Apple is expected to unveil new MacBook Pros with its more powerful 'Apple Silicon' chips

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The new chip, along with a general rise in laptop sales, prompted a boom in Mac sales during the COVID pandemic.

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Novel advanced light design and fabrication process could revolutionize sensing technologies

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Engineers have developed a novel approach to design and fabricate thin-film infrared light sources with near-arbitrary spectral output driven by heat, along with a machine learning methodology called inverse design that reduced the optimization time for these devices from weeks or months on a multi-core computer to a few minutes on a consumer-grade desktop.

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Condoleezza Rice and America's White Supremacy Problem

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Toure writes, we are debating whether we should teach children real American history or lie to them and protect their fragile white hearts.

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New MacBook reviews are in, plus AirPods 3 and Google Pixel 6 phones video

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In today's top stories, Apple's new MacBooks outstrip last year's M1 Macs, AirPods 3 outperform on sound and Google's new Pixel 6 phones are the best Androids out there.

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EU-Australia trade deal on brink: New Zealand open to join AUKUS pact in blow to Macron

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NEW ZEALAND has said it will be open to talks to join the AUKUS defence deal with Australia, the UK and the US - in a blow to France and the EU.

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Take that, Macron! French President humiliated as Liz Truss outsmarts Paris AGAIN

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EMMANUEL Macron has been blindsided by Brexit Britain once again with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss preparing to sign a groundbreaking trade agreement with Greece, a pro-Brexit think tank has suggested.

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