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Secret of Mana Remake Review | Twinfinite

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Cringey voice acting, iOS graphics, frustrating gameplay, difficulty spikes, and more beset the remake to the beloved JRPG classic Secret of Mana.

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Why You Should Not Play Giant Machines 2017 From Your Backlog

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BacklogCritic: "I am quite obviously not the targeted audience for this game, but I went into it with an open mind and did my best to get into the simulation genre. Even though its really cool to see all these massive machines and explore what they actually do, I dont think even the most hardened simulator fans will be able to stomach the painstakingly slow-paced gameplay. Everything moves at a snails pace and the repetitive tasks grow tiresome very quickly."

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Why You Should Play Quantum Break From Your Backlog

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BacklogCritic: "The gameplay is extremely fun, and it has one of the most interesting story lines Ive seen too. Although the game has slight performance issues, the positives far outweigh these problems. Fans of Action games such as Alan Wake and Max Payne will thoroughly enjoy Quantum Break."

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Review: The Station - PS4 | Pure PlayStation

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Pure PlayStation: The Station plops the player in an interesting political situation in the reaches of space. What to do when you finally discover an alien species thats borderline barbaric to each other raises some interesting questions. Gameplay may not be as interesting or groundbreaking, but anyone whos played a short adventure game will be right at home. The only problems you have to worry about are a few unclear solutions and a rather short playtime for the games premise. Other than that, fellow sci-fi lovers, welcome to a satisfying journey in space that doesn't include shooting something.

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Fe review - LifeisXbox

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LifeisXbox writes: Visually the game is unique and something you have to see for yourself, the gameplay, sound and atmosphere are all really good. It is not Zoink who should be happy that EA took them for the EA Originals label, but EA should be happy that the Swedish developer wanted to bring Fe on the Originals label.

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Super Robot Wars X Gets Extensive Trailer Showing Plenty of Mechas

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Bandai Namco Entertainment shows off Super Robot Wars X in a brand new trailer that showcases over ten minutes of gameplay.

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Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Pro) review | A life changing experience | One More Level

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Shadow Of The Colossus on PlayStation 4 is third instalment of the same game. First it came on PlayStation 2 2005 and later on PlayStation 3 as remastered 2011 and finally on PlayStation 4 as a full remake. Shadow Of The Colossus is absolutely a exceptional game of its beautiful, lush environments and highend graphics and gameplay and story that will be hard to top.

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[Ticker] MEPs approve anti-smuggling bill on tobacco

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An attempt by left-wing French MEP Younous Omarjee to have the environment and health committee reject a draft bill implementing a 'track-and-trace' system for tobacco products failed on Tuesday. The proposal to veto the bill was supported by only seven MEPs, with 45 MEPs rejecting the veto, and one abstaining. Anti-smuggling expert Luk Joossens recently told EUobserver the draft bill had some flaws, .

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Review - Bayonetta 2 (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

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WTMG's Leo Faria: "Dare I say that Bayonetta 2 on the Switch is a much better choice than the Wii U version, even though both games are basically the same in terms of gameplay and content? Yes, I dare. Not only does the game feature a much more stable framerate and a much friendlier controller than the clunky mess that was the Wii U Gamepad, but the fact you can now play this over-the-top action gem anywhere you feel like due to the Switchs portability is more than enough to guarantee a purchase, even if its a bit expensive for a port of a last-gen title."

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EU taxpayers risk bailing out MEP pension scheme

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An MEP voluntary pension scheme is running a €326 million actuarial deficit. The Luxembourg-based fund, set to manage to scheme, is said to have invested the money in controversial sectors like the arms industry.

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