Wednesday, 20 March 2019
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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission 'Feature Video #1: Battle Gameplay'

Added: 20.03.2019 9:20 | 3 views | 0 comments

Bandai Namco has released the first in a series of video features for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

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How Polyslash Approached We. The Revolution's Gameplay

Added: 19.03.2019 23:21 | 2 views | 0 comments

TechRaptor talked with We. The Revolution's director, David Cilak, and discussed the development process of this title's unique and enthralling gameplay.

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Fate/EXTELLA LINK - Rapid Reviews UK

Added: 19.03.2019 23:21 | 6 views | 0 comments

Tony Mortaro writes, "Fate/EXTELLA LINK combines Warriors-style gameplay with an epic storyline of JRPG proportions; with multiple characters to choose from and a branching story path, theres a lot of gameplay time here if you want to invest. For those who, like me, are unfamiliar with the Fate/EXTELLA universe Ill try and summarise as best I can. Technical terms aside it is quite text heavy, and it helps to have a glance at the in-game glossary the developers have kindly included."

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PS4 Exclusive Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gets Plenty of Gameplay Showing Giant Enemies and More

Added: 19.03.2019 21:18 | 5 views | 0 comments

Today D3 Publisher showcased a large batch of new gameplay of the upcoming third-person shooter Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain.

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Turok Review (Nintendo Switch) - Pixelated Gamer

Added: 19.03.2019 17:22 | 6 views | 0 comments

Blasting a laser-guided T-Rex in Turok has never looked or felt better. Nightdive Studios delivers a trip back to the N64 era that preserves the iconic shooter, while drastically improving the visual and gameplay elements for a fantastic arcade experience that is sure to be a massive hit with fans of this franchise.

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Review: Fate/Extella Link offers more ways to connect and fight with Servants | Michibiku

Added: 19.03.2019 16:34 | 4 views | 0 comments

The Fate/ series can be overwhelming. There are different storylines to follow, even though certain characters may appear in multiple installments and timelines. Fate/Extella has attempted to be one of the more accessible spin-offs, at least in gameplay, if not story, and now Fate/Extella Link is here to continue the story that began in Fate/Extra. Fortunately for both newcomers and returning fans, this entry both fixes problems from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star and tries to help people wade into the depths of its lore.

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One Piece World Seeker Video Review - We Are on the Cruise | COGconnected

Added: 19.03.2019 15:25 | 3 views | 0 comments

COGconnected: One Piece World Seeker is a refreshing step into open world gameplay for Luffy, and one that is well suited to the long running manga. For long time fans or newcomers to the series, this is a great place to start gaming.

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Final Fantasy XV Getting Final Active Time Report Livestream Next Week Promising News and Gameplay

Added: 19.03.2019 11:19 | 2 views | 0 comments

Over two years have passed since the release of Final Fantasy XV at the end of November 2018. Square Enix has continued to actively support the game with updates and DLC, but apparently, its time to turn the last page.

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Yoshi is Adorable in Yoshi's Crafted World Gameplay Video

Added: 19.03.2019 11:19 | 3 views | 0 comments

Yoshi's Crafted World looks like an adorable and creative way to explore 3D environments on a 2.5D plane in a delightful side-scroller, with puzzles, eggs, and of course, Yoshi!

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Super Robot Wars T for PS4 and Switch Gets New Gameplay Starring Rayearth; Trider G7, and More

Added: 19.03.2019 9:20 | 5 views | 0 comments

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment showcased a nice bunch of gameplay of its upcoming strategy JRPG Super Robot Wars T.


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