Friday, 16 April 2021
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Student's heart failure linked to 'excessive' energy drinks

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The 21-year-old university student spent 58 days in hospital, including in intensive care.

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Acute itching in eczema patients linked to environmental allergens

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New research indicates that allergens in the environment often are to blame for episodes of acute itch in eczema patients, and that the itching often doesn't respond to antihistamines because the itch signals are being carried to the brain along a previously unrecognized pathway that current drugs don't target.

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Seventh clot case involving Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine revealed

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A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) committee learned Wednesday of a seventh woman who developed a rare and severe type of blood clot after receiving the J&JCOVID-19 vaccine, and a man whose occurred during clinical trial, but it could not be linked to the jab at the time.

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Picosecond electron transfer in peptides can help energy technologies

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An international team of researchers has observed picosecond charge transfer mediated by hydrogen bonds in peptides. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second. As short-chain analogs of proteins, crucially important building blocks of living organisms, peptides are chains of chemically linked amino acids. The discovery shows the role of hydrogen bonds in electron transfer.

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Early-life events linked to lung health in young adulthood

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Early-life events, such as the exposure to air pollutants, increases the risk of chronic lung disease in young adulthood, according to new results. The studies add to the growing evidence that chronic lung disease in adulthood can be traced back to childhood.

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COPD linked to heightened risk of lung cancer in people who have never smoked

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COPD, short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is linked to a heightened risk of lung cancer in people who have never smoked.

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Good physical fitness in middle age linked to lower chronic lung disease risk

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Good heart and lung (cardiorespiratory) fitness in middle age is associated with a lower long term risk of chronic lung disease (COPD), suggests new research.

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Cooking with wood or coal is linked to increased risk of respiratory illness and death

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Burning wood or coal to cook food is associated with increased risk of hospitalization or dying from respiratory diseases.

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Physical inactivity linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and death

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Physical inactivity is linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and a heightened risk of dying from the disease, finds a large U.S. study.

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Why 'stay-at-home parent' is a job title

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LinkedIn now gives parents a way to reflect a career gap. Can it help the return-to-work challenge?

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