Thursday, 05 August 2021
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Study identifies DNA signatures linked to heart disease

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A new study identifies DNA signatures associated with risk for cardiovascular disease, a discovery that could lead to opportunities for clinical intervention years before symptoms manifest.

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Standaertsite Park / murmuur architecten + Carton123 architecten + AE-architecten

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The site of the former do-it-yourself shop 'Standaert' is linked to 2 streets of the dense centre of Ledeberg. Apart from this link, the site reaches deep into the inner area, surrounded by garden walls and outbuildings. By removing a part of the site’s surroundings, an opening is made in the city, and suddenly a perspective appears. 


Cryptic transcription, a novel phenomenon in mammalian stem cells, linked to aging

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Researchers have discovered that a cellular phenomenon called cryptic transcription, which had been previously described and linked to aging in yeasts and worms, is also involved in mammalian aging. They also discovered a mechanism that triggers the phenomenon in mammals.

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Biden nominee linked to tree-spiking plot unanimously opposed by American Loggers Council

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The ALC sent a memo to the Senate obtained by Fox News noting they “do not generally weigh in on the nominees or the confirmation process” but that Tracy Stone-Manning’s nomination to lead the BLM was a different case.

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Legal lead levels in US tap water may harm people with kidney disease

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Even very low levels of lead in drinking water may be linked to negative health effects in people with advanced kidney disease, a study of people in the US has found

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CDC investigating after cake mix linked to E. coli outbreak in 12 states

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The CDC is warning consumers not to taste or eat raw cake batter, whether it's homemade or from a mix, because it could contain harmful bacteria.

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Acute itching in eczema patients linked to environmental allergens

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New research indicates that allergens in the environment often are to blame for episodes of acute itch in eczema patients, and that the itching often doesn't respond to antihistamines because the itch signals are being carried to the brain along a previously unrecognized pathway that current drugs don't target.

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Eating whole grains linked to smaller increases in waist size, blood pressure, blood sugar

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A study finds middle- to older-aged adults who ate more servings of whole grains, compared to those who ate fewer, were more likely to have smaller increases in waist size, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels as they aged. All three are linked with increased risk of heart disease.

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Fruit compound may have potential to prevent and treat Parkinson's disease

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Researchers say they have added to evidence that the compound farnesol, found naturally in herbs, and berries and other fruits, prevents and reverses brain damage linked to Parkinson's disease in mouse studies.

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Excess body weight linked with worse heart health even in people who exercise

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Physical activity does not undo the negative effects of excess body weight on heart health, according to a new study.

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