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In El Paso, 'Uncaged Art' spotlights detained kids' memories of home

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“These are children imprisoned for weeks and months. They didn’t know their futures. ... But they still created beautiful art."

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The Energy 202: Here’s why Newark’s lead crisis is different

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Experts say it’s hard to know the damage already done to kids

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Larry King files for divorce from his 7th wife

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The 85-year-old talk show host is seeking to end his 22 year marriage to Shawn King; he's been married 8 times to 7 different women and has 5 kids


Larry King files for divorce from seventh wife Shawn after 22-year marriage

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Larry King filed for divorce from his seventh wife, actress Shawn King, after 22 years of marriage. They share two kids together, Chance and Cannon.


Cardinal George Pell loses appeal of sex abuse convictions

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Australian court upholds unanimous jury verdict that most senior Catholic to be found guilty of sexually abusing kids molested two choirboys in late 1990s


7-year-old defeats New York cop in basketball challenge

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Syracuse Officer Brandon Hanks has been challenging kids to basketball games. After 27 straight wins, he finally met his match. "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell has an update to his story.


This Dachshund Had The Most Adorable Newborn Photoshoot After Giving Birth To Six Puppies!

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Belinda Sol is a photographer who enjoys making great photos of new moms and their kids. Her photoshoots are incredible, and she knows how to capture one of the greatest moments for every expecting mom. But, something interesting happened when her client, Mona, called her to make an appointment and request a photoshoot. Belinda didn’t ...]

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'Grey's Anatomy' star Patrick Dempsey's kids 'make fun' of him for heartthrob reputation

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According to "Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey, being a Hollywood Hunk doesn't make you cool to your kids.


Are dietary supplements safe for kids?

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"A pill isn't going to make you do better on a test... A pill won't help you make the varsity team. Food will, exercise will, studying will."

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TangBao Academy – Community and Civic Center / ARCPLUS · Free Studio

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Project Overview
TangBao (Fort Tang) Academy – Community and Civic Center is situated in the village of Tangzhuang of the town Chenbao, a part of the city of , a city in the contemporary Jiangsu Pronvince previously known as Shaoyang or Chushui. Ancient , a place full of cultural roots, is home to famous Chinese novelist Naian Shi and Banqiao Zhen, one of the famous Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, thus the resulting humanistic affluence is one of the most identifying characteristics and environs. TangBao Academy builds upon the traditional cultural base of the region, seeing the base as a solid starting ground to design and construct a civic center in order to germinate century old humanistic traditions into contemporary daily village life. This unique cultural element requires the architecture to be deeply rooted in tradition, serving the present, and creating an educational and productive rural enclosure for kids, locals, and visitors alike, thus spurring more spatial possibilities for endless modern village cultural activities and events.


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