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It's never been more dangerous to be a journalist in Mexico

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In Mexico, crime reporters are sure to always be busy. But they are also at extreme risk of becoming a victim of the same crimes they are covering.

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New Christmas campaign for Canadians held in China

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The campaign is based on efforts around a similar case involving a British journalist fifty years ago.

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Wang Yi backs improving HK electoral system, urges U.S. reset, rejects Xinjiang 'lies'

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Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday said improvements to Hong Kong's electoral system were necessary to ensure stability, urged U.S. President Joe Biden to make a "clear departure" from his predecessor's approach to the Taiwan region and dismissed allegations of genocide in Xinjiang as "a lie through and through." Speaking via video link from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Wang covered a wide range of hot button issues as he answered questions from journalists of the global media on the sidelines of the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC). COVID solidarity The backdrop of the press conference was the...

Mexican reporter fatally shot; 12th journalist killed in country this year

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A journalist was shot to death Wednesday in northeastern Mexico as he was leaving his house with his 23-year-old daughter, who was seriously injured,

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Texas migrant deaths ‘a result of the police state,’ Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico policy,’ MSNBC guest says

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Journalist Maria Hinojosa suggested Border Patrol could be partially to blame for the deaths of over 50 migrants in an abandoned Texas tractor-trailer.

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Everton interested in Tottenham Hotspur’s Joe Rodon

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Everton want to sign Tottenham Hotspur central defender Joe Rodon in the summer transfer window, according to talkSPORT journalist Alex Crook. The well-known and well-respected journalist has reported that Everton manager Frank Lampard has Rodon  on the shortlist of players. Crook said on talkSPORT: “We know that Frank Lampard is keen on at least one Tottenham player ...]

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Speaker Ryan Opposes Protests During Anthem

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House Speaker Paul Ryan told journalists on Tuesday that athletes who protest during the national anthem have the right to do so, but that he believes such demonstrations should not take place during "The Star-Spangled Banner."

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Lee Miller: The Inspiration Behind Jessica May

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As I mention in the Author’s Note at the back of The Paris Orphan, I first heard of Lee Miller when I was researching my previous book, . There was a throwaway line in an article that mentioned Miller and other female war correspondents who, after World War II had ended, had not been able to continue working as serious journalists because the men had returned from overseas and taken all of the available jobs.

It caught my attention. What would it have been like to report on a war and then come home to America and be assigned completely different work? After the war, Lee Miller was relegated to photographing fashion or celebrities during the winter season at Saint-Moritz. She was also an occasional contributor of recipes for Vogue.

That article was the start of my fascination with her. I went looking for more. And I found a story so incredible I couldn’t help but be inspired by it.

Miller the Photojournalist

Miller was a photojournalist for Vogue during World War II. She took some extraordinary photographs: she stumbled upon the battle for Saint-Malo in France and photographed the U.S. Army’s first use of napalm there. She reported from Paris, Luxembourg, Alsace, Colmar, Aachen, Cologne, Frankfurt and Torgau, among other places. She was one of the first to document the horrors of the Dachau concentration camp. And she was the subject of an iconic photograph, bathing in Hitler’s bathtub in his Munich apartment, having left her filthy boots to drop the dirt of Dachau, as she put it, all over the Fuhrer’s pristine white bathroom.

Miller the Model

But Lee Miller started on the other side of the lens. She was discovered by Condé Nast on the streets of Manhattan and became a famous model for magazines like Vogue during the 1920s. I decided to use this as the starting point for my character, Jessica May, as I was fascinated by that transition. How did a woman who was so obviously beautiful manage in the male and often chauvinistic environment of an army during a war?

Just as Condé Nast discovers Lee Miller, he also discovers Jess in The Paris Orphan and Jess is one of his favorite models, as Miller was. However, to suit my story better, I moved time forward to begin Jess’s modeling career in the early 1940s.

Miller’s modeling career ended when a photograph of her was used by Kotex in an advertisement for sanitary pads. It’s so hard to imagine that this could end a career, but it did. To be seen as the “Kotex Girl” was a stigma so dreadful that no magazine wanted to use pictures of Miller again. So Miller moved to France, where she became Man Ray’s lover. He helped her develop her photography skills and she became a well-regarded surrealist photographer.

I used these elements when creating Jess’s character too. Jess has to stop modeling after a photograph of her is used by Kotex, Jess has a French photographer as a lover, and solarization is a trademark of her work, as it was Miller’s.

The Intersection of Fiction and Reality

Miller actually reported for British Vogue during the war, although many of her pieces appeared in American Vogue too. For ease of the story, I have Jess working for American Vogue in The Paris Orphan.

Jess follows in Miller’s footsteps in The Paris Orphan, working out of a field hospital when she first arrives in France after D-Day. I have given the room used by Lee Miller at the Hotel Scribe in Paris to Jess, complete with a balcony piled high with fuel cans and an acquaintance with Picasso. Miller is called la femme soldatby the joyful Parisians after the city is liberated, as is Jess. Miller stays at Hitler’s apartment in Munich and is photographed in Hitler’s bath, as is Jess in The Paris Orphan.

After the War

One of the most heartbreaking parts of Miller’s story is what happened to her after the war. She suffered from post-traumatic stress after viewing and recording so many horrors, and she tried to forget that she was ever a witness to war and all its atrocities. So effective was she at excising this from her past that, when she died at age seventy, her son, Roland Penrose, had no idea of what she had done during the war. Her work was largely forgotten.

One day, Penrose’s wife found boxes of photographs and films in the attic at Farley Farm, Miller’s home. They contained Miller’s correspondence with her Vogue editor and wartime paraphernalia. Penrose immediately understood that he had made an incredible discovery, that his mother had been a true artist, and that her words and pictures had—once upon a time, until she let the world forget them—meant something.

He resurrected Lee Miller and her work. She is now widely regarded as one of the world’s preeminent war correspondents and photographers. The idea that she had been all but forgotten haunted me, and this inspired the scenes set in contemporary times in The Paris Orphan, when D’Arcy Hallworth finds an attic full of photographs and an extraordinary legacy that should never have been lost to the past.

Journalists Invited To Tour One Of Yemen's Safest Cities

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The Arab country of Yemen has been devastated by a civil war and famine. The governor of the safest province in Yemen invited journalists to see his boomtown.

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'David has made a bad mistake and Donal Og has made a bad mistake' - Paul Kimmage on those who wrote character references for Tom Humphries

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Sunday Independent journalist Paul Kimmage has said that Sunday Times sportswriter David Walsh and Cork hurling legend Donal Og Cusack made 'very bad mistakes' in writing character references for paedophile Tom Humphries.

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