Thursday, 26 November 2020
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Mexican journalist shot moments before going live on air

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A Mexican journalist was shot Monday as he was about to go live on air and died in hospital later the same day.


Media Have No Intention of Being Tough on Biden

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Establishment journalists and commentators have no intention of covering the incoming Biden administration as vigorously and combatively as they covered the Trump White House.

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Biden's streak of receiving softball questions from journalists continues

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Joe Biden managed to coast through the 2020 election campaign without facing a serious grilling from the press, but even now as the president-elect, his streak of receiving softball questions from reporters continues. 

Police use water cannon against protesters in Paris amid clashes over Global Security Bill (VIDEOS)

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The Eiffel Tower was the scene of the latest unrest in the French capital directed at the law, which makes it illegal for the public and journalists to share images of police officers The rally, which went on amid a heightened police presence at the Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower, was organized by Reporters without Borders, Amnesty International as well as other human rights groups and journalist unions. Opponents of the Global Security Bill insist that it’s a major infringement on the freedom of the press. Activists carried banners decrying the law, chanted slogans,...

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Media obsesses over Antony Blinken's guitar skills after Biden announces him as Secretary of State nominee

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President-elect Biden announced on Monday that Antony Blinken would become his nominee for Secretary of State, but his apparent musical talents are getting plenty of fanfare among journalists. 

Margaret Bourke-White's True-to-Life Gift

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Eighty-four years ago today, a shiny and sophisticated pictorial publication hit the newsstands. The brainchild of Henry Luce and Briton Hadden, two prep school friends who ran the college newspaper at Yale, this glossy magazine would change the way Americans looked at their world. It was called, fittingly, Life.Although Briton Hadden may be an unfamiliar name to you, he was a singular and pivotal figure in 20th century journalism. He and Luce had burst onto the scene in 1923 with Time, the nation's first modern weekly newsmagazine. Its very conception was Brit Hadden's, as was its...

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First vaccines, then chaos: What this medical journalist sees next

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CNET's Now What explores how the COVID-19 vaccines may really roll out.

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The Anger at Cawthorn Is About Smearing Evangelicals

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The investigative journalists over at The Daily Beast report that Madison Cawthorn, the North Carolina Republican who will soon become the youngest member of Congress in American history, "has admitted he tried to convert Jews and Muslims to Christianity."

Acclaimed journalist Maria Hinojosa laid it all out in her memoir—and it's resonating.

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"I had to go through hell to get to the other side," the national radio host says, describing a "snowball effect" from her candid and highly praised book.

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Judge rules Voice of America head curbed First Amendment rights of its journalists

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The chief executive of the agency that oversees Voice of America and his team must stop investigating and interfering with the journalists employed there, a federal judge ruled Friday.


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