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Hackers get chance to target US satellite

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The US Air Force will allow selected hackers try and take over an orbiting satellite.

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Decoding how kids get into hacking

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New research has identified characteristics and gender-specific behaviors in kids that could lead them to become juvenile hackers. The researchers assessed responses from 50,000 teens from around the world to determine predictors of hacking and are the first to dig into gendered differences from a global data set.

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The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others

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The use of cheats is a major problem in video games and it’s becoming increasingly lucrative as esports take off. We meet a teenage hacker’s making thousands.

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The Cybersecurity 202: North Korea’s hackers accused of blurring lines between spies and criminals

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Sanctions highlight more than $1 billion in alleged digital thefts.

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The best password managers of 2019 and how to use them

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Ditch the sticky notes and get peace of mind. Our favorite password managers will be your first defense against getting hacked.

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Edward Snowden tells why he leaked in new memoir

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Snowden, who now lives in Russia to avoid arrest under the US Espionage Act, says his six years working for the NSA and CIA led him to conclude the US intelligence community "hacked the Constitution" and put everyone's liberty at risk and that he had no choice but to turn to journalists to reveal it to the world. "I realised that I was crazy to have imagined that the Supreme Court, or Congress, or President Obama, seeking to distance his administration from President George W Bush's, would ever hold the IC legally responsible — for anything," he writes. The book, "Permanent Record," is scheduled to be released Tuesday. It offers by far the most expansive and personal account of how Snowden...

"Dark web" hackers could target gas pumps

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The burgeoning "Internet of Things" connects consumers to the web through everyday devices — where hackers lurk

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US levies sanctions against North Korean hacking groups

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The hackers are allegedly behind WannaCry, the Sony hack and a major bank heist.

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Hackers interested in compromising internet-connected gas pumps

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Hackers on the dark web have found a new device to target. According to ZDNet, hackers are increasingly discussing how to compromise internet-connected gas pumps on underground cybercrime forums. Danny Palmer, a senior reporter for ZDNet, wrote the article and joined CBSN to discuss.

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Once a target, always a target: If you're hit by hackers you're likely to be hit again

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The number of organisations that have fallen victim to cyber-attackers only to fall victim a second time is on the up.

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