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We'll soon know if covid-19 can be treated with HIV and Ebola drugs

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The results of clinical trials testing HIV and Ebola drugs in Chinese patients with covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, should be known in the next few weeks

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No 'smoking gun' in wartime archives of Pius XII on Holocaust, Vatican says

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The Vatican will on March 2 open up its archives on the wartime pontificate of Pius XII to allow scholars to probe accusations that he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust, but they will find he helped Jews behind the scenes, Holy See officials say.

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Vatican set to open Pope Pius XII's secret WWII archives

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The Vatican is set to open the secret archives of Pope Pius XII, the World War II-era pope whose record during the Holocaust has come under intense scrutiny.

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New ways of developing treatment of chronic inflammation

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Researchers have found a new way to treat the inflammation involved in chronic diseases such as psoriasis, asthma and HIV. A group of transmitter substances (cytokines) in the immune system, the so-called IL-1 family, has been shown to play an important role in many of these diseases by regulating the body's immune responses.

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Yad Vashem: Remembering victims of the Holocaust

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Cut into a Jerusalem hillside is a striking modern memorial to an unthinkable past. Part museum and part archive, Yad Vashem stores documents and artifacts of the Holocaust, the stories of millions of victims, and the testimonies of survivors who lost family members and loved ones. Seth Doane reports on the efforts made by museum staff and volunteers to identify and commemorate the millions of souls lost to the Nazis' genocide.


How HIV infection may contribute to wide-ranging metabolic conditions

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HIV-infected cells release vesicles that contain a viral protein called Nef, impairing cholesterol metabolism and triggering inflammation in uninfected bystander cells, according to a new study.

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Historic footage gives rare look at WWII Marines

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Film shot by Marine Corps cameramen holds traces of lives cut short or irrevocably altered by war – and now this history can be seen in a digital archive for the first time.

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Japan plans HIV drug trials to fight coronavirus as Diamond Princess cases rise

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Japan plans to start trials of HIV medications to treat coronavirus patients as an increase in the number of cases poses a growing threat to the economy and public health, the government's top spokesman said on Tuesday.


New digital archive shows historic images from Battle of Iwo Jima captured on film

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Seventy-five years after the Battle of Iwo Jima, images captured on film during the bloody World War II assault will be made public for the first time. Thanks to a partnership between the history division of the Marine Corps and the University of South Carolina, a large collection of footage from the Marine Corps’ deadliest battle will be available in a digital archive. Greg Wilsbacher, the curator of newsfilm and military collections at the University of South Carolina, joins CBSN with the details.


Innate protein restricts HIV replication by targeting lipid rafts

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A recent study suggests that the innate protein AIBP restricts HIV-1 replications by targeting the lipid rafts the virus relies on.

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