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Tomato concentrate could help reduce chronic intestinal inflammation associated with HIV

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New research in mice suggests that adding a certain type of tomato concentrate to the diet can reduce the intestinal inflammation that is associated with HIV. Left untreated, intestinal inflammation can accelerate arterial disease, which in turn can lead to heart attack and stroke.

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Project ISIS: The KGB Found Mummified Body Of Ancient Alien Astronaut in 1961 [Video]

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The Russian KGB allegedly found the mummy of an ancient alien astronaut in the 1960s. The story of Project ISIS, a secret Russian expedition to Egypt in 1961 to uncover the "Tomb of the Visitor," was first told in a documentary titled The Secret KGB Abduction Files by the U.S. network Sci-Fi in 1998.
The documentary a video purportedly documenting part of the top secret "Project ISIS" KGB expedition to Egypt.
The black and white footage that shows Soviet personnel recovering the mummy of the alleged alien astronaut from a sarcophagus inside a tomb in the Giza area was reportedly obtained through a Russian intermediary, who claimed it came from the secret archives of the KGB.
Although it is not possible to from the footage that the body found inside the tomb was the mummy of an extraterrestrial being, Sci-Fi that forensic experts examined the video and confirmed its authenticity.
Part Of the Report On Project ISIS Obtained From KGB Archives
The mummified body was found to be about 2 meters high, much taller than the average ancient Egyptian. Carbon-14 tests indicated that the body was about 12,000-13,000 years old, predating the Egyptian dynastic period.
The dating raised intriguing questions about the identity of mummified body.
Some sought explanation in Egyptian mythology, which identifies the founders of dynastic Egypt as gods from the stars who taught the Egyptians the knowledge and skills of civilization.
The first king of the first Egyptian dynasty was the god-man Osiris who, according to legend, came down from skies in a "flying boat," a reference to an alien UFO, according to UFO enthusiasts.
However, the Kremlin was terested in the possibility that the tomb could hold ancient scientific documents and artifacts of advanced alien technology that could facilitate scientific and technological breakthrough in the arms race.
Alien and UFO enthusiasts have long speculated that the pyramids could have been navigational beacons for alien ships visiting Earth in ancient times.
Such claims would seem incredible to skeptics and non-believers. But out-of-place artifact theorists and alien-UFO enthusiasts believe that only access to advanced alien technology and science could explain the sudden emergence of a technically advanced civilization, such as the ancient Egyptian civilization, so early in the history of human civilization.
[Images: YouTube via UFO The Truth Is Out There]

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HIV medicines: India patients say hit by drugs shortage

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India's health ministry denies supply disruptions, but activists allege a shortage of essential drugs.

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Terrence Higgins: A name that gave hope to those with HIV and Aids

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Higgins' friends talk about the man whose death was the catalyst for change for people with HIV.

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GM's fast-rising CFO Dhivya Suryadevara leads a high-speed restructuring

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Dhivya Suryadevara has quickly risen through the ranks of GM since starting as a senior financial analyst in 2005.

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Rare documents signed by presidents, historic figures hit auction block

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University Archives is holding an online auction titled “Rare Autographs, Manuscripts & Books,” which starts on Wednesday, Aug. 17. The auction has 537 lots in a variety of categories.

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Trump vs. National Archives: A timeline leading up to the Mar-a-Lago raid

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A timeline of events stretching back to January 2021 has started to crystalize following the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's home on Monday evening.

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Corbyn’s praise for Xi Jinping’s 'remarkable' work during one-to-one meeting — REVISITED

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JEREMY CORBYN once praised Xi Jinping for his remarkable work in China during a one-to-one meeting, archive reports show.

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