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Bamboo Branch Academy / Archermit

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Regional culture and architectural purpose. "Bamboo Branch Academy" is located in Yongjiang Village, Zhuhai Town, Changning County, , Sichuan Province, near the famous Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area. The project, situated in a small village in Huangjuetan, Yongjiang Village, is surrounded by bamboo forests, paddy fields, vegetable fields, and hills. The Yujiang River is babbling in the west and the south, and Shunan Bamboo Sea in the north rolls like a large green screen. "Bamboo Branch Academy" was developed as China implemented the "rural revitalization" strategy. Mentally, its architectural purpose is to "develop the bamboo industry in accordance with local conditions, and landscape Sichuan villages with bamboo forests" and "make bamboo of an ecological gateway to introduce southern Sichuan to the world." Physically, its architectural purpose is to build the Music Workshop under Bamboo, Paddy Field Academy, and Guild Hall for Buddhist Meditation.


[Ticker] US: Lebanese group hoarding explosives in EU states

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Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has stored caches of ammonium nitrate, the chemical in the recent Beirut blast, in Europe with a view to future attacks ordered out of Iran, US counterterrorism coordinator Nathan Sales said Thursday, The Guardian reports. "I can reveal that such [Hezbollah] caches have been moved through Belgium to France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland," he said. "This activity is still under way," he added.

Paris Hilton's sister Nicky calls her 'greedy,' says she needs to take a vacation

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Paris Hilton's sister Nicky is getting real.

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Strong 'Medicane' takes aim at Greece, alerts issued for cyclone-like storm

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A rare type of storm system known as a "medicane" is taking aim at Greece on Thursday, according to forecasters.

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Abco Sport Golf Putting Green Mat with 3 Golf Balls - $59.99

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This Abco Sport Golf Putting Green Mat is a portable synthetic turf mat. It is for Outdoor and Indoor. ...

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There's only one name left on the 2020 list of hurricane names. Next up: The Greek alphabet.

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After the National Hurricane Center assigns the name Wilfred to the next tropical storm, it will be out of names. Up next is the Greek alphabet.


Hurricane season has been so active, the NHC is almost out of names. So what now?

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This year's Atlantic hurricane season has been so active, forecasters are almost out of names so now they will be moving on to the Greek alphabet.


PIE House / Greenbox Design

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This ‘Pie House’, with its own specialty, belongs to two ladies who want to start building a family together. Therefore, this is the beginning for the new architecture interpretation. We try to leave the housing typology behind and then figure out the relativity of the behavior, area and time until this house has a combination of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

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Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton sweetly perform ‘Happy Anywhere’ at their own Bluebird Cafe for the 2020 ACMs

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The loving pair performed their duet from a studio with a green screen.

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Keith Urban, Pink perform ‘One Too Many’ for the first time at 2020 ACM Awards

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The virtual performance in front of green screen backgrounds drew praise from many on social media who felt the song married their voices perfectly.

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