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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Does stylus spell end of the Note?

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The S21 Ultra's support for an S Pen will fuel speculation that the Note range's days are numbered.

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Capitol Violence Underscores Need for Political Reforms

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A week ago, our nation was sorely tested as a deadly insurrection fueled by self-interested politicians and partisan disinformation aimed to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election.

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Conspiracy theories collide online as Parler goes dark

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Is it a pro-Trump rally? Or a trap? A reliance on encrypted chat apps fuels conflicting messages and a splintering of right-wing groups online.

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Kyrgyzstan's Japarov: From prison to presidency

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BISHKEK: Just over three months ago, populist Sadyr , who on Sunday claimed victory in &'s presidential elections, was languishing in jail, mourning his parents and a son who all died while he was in prison. But an October crisis over a disputed vote saw him sprung from his cell by supporters and a court overturn his sentence for hostage-taking, as local power-brokers lined up to back his overnight leadership bid. Japarov&'s rise was so remarkable that it appeared to catch even Kyrgyzstan&'s key ally Russia off guard and fuelled speculation over the role that organised crime may have played in the high-speed events. Yet it was also typical of ex-Soviet Central Asia&'s most...

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Copper-indium oxide: A faster and cooler way to reduce our carbon footprint

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Emergent e-fuel technologies often employ the reverse water-gas shift (RWGS) reaction to convert atmospheric CO2 to CO. While efficient, this reaction requires high temperatures and complex gas separation for high performance. However scientists have now demonstrated record-high CO2 conversion rates at relatively low temperatures in a modified chemical-looping version of RWGS using a novel copper-indium oxide.

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How will we achieve carbon-neutral flight in future?

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Carbon-neutral aviation is possible, but in future, aircraft are likely to continue to be powered by fossil fuels. The CO2 they emit must be systematically stored underground. This is the most economical of various approaches researchers have compared in detail.

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Conspiracy theories collide online as social media crackdown continues

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Is it a pro-Trump rally? Or a trap? A reliance on encrypted chat apps fuels conflicting messages and a splintering of right-wing groups online.

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Catalysts: Why do metal oxide surfaces behave differently?

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Metal surfaces play a role as catalysts for many important applications - from fuel cells to the purification of car exhaust gases. However, their behavior is decisively affected by oxygen atoms incorporated into the surface. This phenomenon has been known for a long time, but until now it has been impossible to precisely investigate the role of oxygen in complex surfaces point by point in order to understand the chemical background at the atomic level.

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Denmark says it will stop new oil and gas extraction from the North Sea

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Fossil fuel extraction will stop by 2050.

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