Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Lampedusa: Italy's gateway to Europe struggles with migrant influx

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Italy appeals for EU help as 2,000 arrivals within days fill Lampedusa's migrant camp.

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Macron ally claims EU needed ‘MORE EUROPE’ to fight Covid crisis despite jabs fiasco

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A FRENCH minister has claimed there was "not enough Europe" during the coronavirus pandemic despite the EU's sluggish vaccine rollout.

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EU could suffer from 'economic long-Covid' hitting Italy and Greece

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THE EUROPEAN UNION could endure an "economic long-Covid", which could strike the likes of Italy and Greece, an expert told

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Profile: Hamas Palestinian movement

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The BBC profiles Hamas, the Palestinian militant Islamist organisation which won the PA legislative elections in in 2006, but is designated a terrorist organisation by Israel, the US and the EU.

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European Aquatics Championships: Great Britain's Jack Laugher wins 1m springboard silver

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Great Britain's Jack Laugher pips Italy's Giovanni Tocci with his final dive to take silver in the men's 1m springboard final at the European Aquatics Championships.

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Pakistani actress quotes Adolf Hitler to 1.2 million Twitter followers as tensions flare in Israel

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Actress Veena Malik from Pakistan posted a quote attributed to the infamous dictator who systematically murdered two-thirds of the European Jewish population in a now-deleted tweet.

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EU stands firm! Macron's letter backfires in spat with Brussels over where MEPs meet

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EMMANUEL Macron has lashed out at the EU in a petty spat over where MEPs meet.

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Brain research gets a boost from mosquitoes

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Scientists took a light-sensitive protein derived from mosquitoes and used it to devise an improved method for investigating the messages that are passed from neuron to neuron in the brains of mice.

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Brain computer interface turns mental handwriting into text on screen

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Researchers have, for the first time, decoded the neural signals associated with writing letters, then displayed typed versions of these letters in real time. They hope their invention could one day help people with paralysis communicate.

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